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Approved Starship A/FN Swarm Starfighter

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Angelus Hafey

Second Generation

  • Intent: Create a set of swarm attack craft.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: Magenta Permission
  • Primary Source: N/A
Life Support

  • Target Locked, Firing: The turrets actually aim and focus for the pilot when using the Overseer-Pattern Neurocrown, as it is the only function is to keep on target. These helmets can also focus fire in group linking if required, making it extremely difficult to shake these starfighters. In other words, below it and behind it, it can focus through the cameras of them and fire at almost any angle, save for the top.
  • Move, Move, Move!: It is made to get to a location fast with SLAM MK. II before engaging with the enemy or in some cases, escaping.
  • Compact and Movable: It can fold up the wings and bottom half for easier storage, making them easy to fly out when required.
  • Emergency Break, Never Use!: Emergency Braking without slowing down, will tear the starfighter apart. It is recommended to slow down first!
  • Anti-Capital Problem: It is not designed to fight capital ships, forcing it to attack smaller targets.
  • Weapon Issues: If one of the turrets get disabled, the Neurohelmet becomes disabled and forces the pilot to use manual control.
A/FN was a unique concept that was deprived towards old Firespray designs and those of Nubian designs. Combining the two together was probably not going to end to well, but there was some liberties taken to ensure these would work in conjunction properly. For starters, it had to be more compact, using the Firespray body for a basis and created a way for the wings and the main bottom half to fold, making storage much easier. The next step was to create the sleek design of the Nubians, pushing forward with smoothing edges and using turrets that were unique to them, then a moment of brilliance hit.

Using Psuedosonic Beam Cannon Turrets were great but they can go off on target, what if they were used as turrets itself with a Neurocrown being used to help aim them? That is when the entire design was in place, using the weapons like turrets in a swarm tactic, in efforts of taking down starfighters or freighters one at a time. This would make them very dangerous and for the SLAM MK. IIs installed, an excellent response patrol starfighter as well when required.
Not open for further replies.