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Darth Maliphant │ Hierophant of The Void

Darth Maliphant
A Harbinger of Darkness

Little is known about who, or where Maliphant came from, appearing from Bastion with record of his supposed graduation from such an academy. The man simply appeared, with the daunting task of becoming one of the greatest Sith to be known within not only Sith Space, but the galaxy at large. Although less interesting than his unknown alter ego, Maliphant still demands a certain level of unrequited respect.
Rumors still surround the man, talk of his association with an underground cult known as The GenoHaradan have taken place, putting him anywhere from one of its associates to its leader; though no proof has been able to tie him to such an identity thus far. This relatively unknown fact of the Sith seems to pale when compared to what is a known fact, that which surrounds him to this day.
Maliphant has risen in the ranks of The Sith Empire at an almost astonishing rate, from the lowly academic graduate of yesteryear to the dominating alchemist sought after by the many. Everything from his sudden acquisition of a home on Barbatos, to the seemingly sudden and perplexing rate at which he has grown in Sith Knowledge; the man is a mystery to the few and the many, both near and far, even his apprentices knowing full and well whatever goes on in his head an odd cryptic mystery none of them wish to break.
He is not known for much else, not at the moment, but all who know of him fear what he might do, of what enemies he will make. The galactic playing field once held the monster of a man bound by hedonism and slavery, yet by eating his wings they made a more tame and concentrated danger in everything he was. His face still strikes fear into strangers who recognize him for the unbridled terrorist he once was, unknown to Maliphant himself.
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│ Basic Information │
  • │ Name │ Unknown
  • │ Alias │
    • The Slave
    • Dorian Harper
    • John Doe
    • Tai Fa
    • Akos
    • Tiamat
    • The Black Alchemist
    • Son of Sidious
│ Titles │
  • Darth Maliphant
│ Species │ Near Human - Half Arkanian
│ Allegiance │
  • InterGalactic Banking Clans
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Srina Talon Srina Talon
│ Homeworld │ Unknown
│ Force Sensitivity │ Yes
│ Voice Sample │ Pain

│ Physical Information │
  • │ Age │ 28
  • │ Gender │ Male
  • │ Height │ 1.85m
  • │ Weight │ 95.25kg
  • │ Eye Color │ Gold
  • │ Hair │ Silver
  • │ Complexion │ Caucasian, Pale
  • │ Distinguishing Marks │
    • Small scar behind the ear.
    • Large scar across his chest, almost directly over his heart.
│ Appearance │

Darth Maliphant.
A man who’s looks make him as iconic as his actions. From head to toe, he is wears dark and fashionable clothing when able, a sith tome in one hand and an artifact often in the other. Perhaps one of the gracious abilities he has is his uncanny good lucks despite a life of hardship and deplorable conditions; something he could no doubt give credit to his epicanthix mother for. Still, he never fails to bring this beauty to full bore at any and all occasions.
From the sultry look in his molten electrum eyes, to the way his ashy lips curl into a predatory grin, The Slave’s emotions are plastered upon his face like a mural meant not for mankind, but the ascended and chosen so graced with his presence. A faint wink, a cock of the brow, each enough to melt the walls so many build to combat such a presence. A robust jaw line, carefully sculpted cheekbones, he is what many consider to be a magnum opus of the god’s creation; with every ounce of their effort made to make him the beautiful specimen he is.
Hair of alabaster, Maliphant keeps it unkempt yet trimmed. Ranging anywhere from shoulder length to faintly cropped allows him the gracious flexibility to both impose and cater to many’s traditional looks on beauty. Some even consider his features to be slightly effeminate, likely adding to his genderless attractiveness. Neither the most testosterone filled man, nor the effeminate lady boy some may hope, he has filled a gap between the two as a well adjusted, well appreciated specimen one would prefer to hang on their wall as a piece of art than wander from battlefield to battlefield.
And yet, his body is sculpted just for that; War. While his face seems perfect, flawless to the love flustered audience that views him, his body was once scarred and formed not by love and tenderness, but the likes of slave drivers and masters of old. Scars had lined his back and chest, arms and legs with little reprieve for his age, undone by numerous cosmetic surgeries imposed by The Sith Empire to hide his past. Perhaps one of the reasons he’s turned so dark with his freedom, the man once known as The Slave held onto his scars to tell a story from shoulder to ankle, with even the barefoot bottoms of his feet once covered in lashes and wounds. Yet it holds strong with its well muscled, defined presence; an obvious sign to his fit nature and dedication to the art of war.
In this, Maliphant finds a balance of startling pain and disturbing beauty; a figure so steeped in appearance that everything from his smile to his shoes declare him the greatest in any room he enters. There is nothing he backs away from, especially when given the chance to fully perform to any audience; many even declaring him faintly reminiscent of a certain bird sith he’s neither met, nor cares to.

│ Personality │

As Sith often go, their most common features often reside in power projection. The act of domineering over lesser beings, to express supremacy in all regards to anything with enough thought to recognize you as such. This eternal struggle of the juggernaut drives many Sith to the ends of the galaxy in search of what will make them stronger, faster, more dangerous than every Sith around them; and this often can be the greatest weakness of any of them. This unending search, this war path that never ceases until every knee is bent and every tongue praises a new king; it is nothing if not eternal.
Maliphant is not this Sith, not publically. His movements are subtle, careful political alliances and machinations that make him the exact person those of the warpath seek out in their onslaught. He does not direct, only leading from the shadows as the incarnate manipulations in the great game. He does not appear as a man of such great strength that one should fear, what Maliphant carries is harbored, made tangible and solid in assets and holdings, artifacts and knowledge. Maliphant is not the Sith of the Old Republic, but a Sith founded on the teachings of a thousand years of the greatest of what the Sith ever produced.
The man known as Dorian Harper hides much of this behind his calm demeanor however, as his gaze is questioning and his looks piercing. Carrying himself with confidence, he holds an unbelievable loyalty to the Sith as a whole, yet carries a strong sense of self determination from what he has begun to learn from eons of Sith before him. He is not the torturous sith who seeks the sundered lives of millions, sending lines of refugees to the slaughter for nothing more than a symbol, but the embodied perfection of a scalpel. There is not so much cruelty in his heart that he cannot feel love or pride, but there is a certain protection to his internal thoughts at all times.
Understanding how dangerous public weakness is, Maliphant doesn’t allow those who he unfamiliar with to see him falter, never to gaze upon the turbulence in his heart. Instead, even when bothered, he strengthens his ever present visage of apathey, or predation if he so wishes. The man is a myth to anyone but those very few he chooses to let into his mind, and fewer still to see into his heart. Despite all the mongering and power grabs, the man is still but a human, with everything but the strongest emotions of charity to weaken his grasp on the Dark Side as a whole.
At the end of the day, he is not a man to be trusted. He believes himself alone in this galaxy, and holds everyone at odds with that mentality. To get something from him, you must give; and to gain his trust in next to impossible but for a few careful individuals.
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│ The Force │
│ Only Highlights Noted │
│ Subject To Change │
{ ││││││││││││- }

{ Apprentice - Lower Knight - Upper Knight - Master - Apex Mastery }
│ Sensory Force Powers - { ││││││││││││-│ }│

Force Sense │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

Just as many others sensitive in the ways of The Force, The Slave too finds a prowess in it just as many others. Able to not only sense the force in a near second nature status, he too finds the ability to enhance his other senses with it with relative ease. Able to see great distances, hear conversations at distance, or even understand languages he wouldn't otherwise be able to off no more than simple intentions, he's well above the standard for his prowess in senses but no where near the mastery.

Force Empathy │ { ││││││││││-│ }

In league with Force Sense, The Slave too finds power in his ability to deduce someones intentions not only through his natural charisma but through the enhanced nature of the force. Where his charisma may fail, The Force never does, letting him see even the darkest desires of his would be conversationalist. This serves especially well when considering his overseeing of clubs and drug dens across the galaxy.

Precognition │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

Vague, but mentionable is his ability to see into the future through what The Force has in store. Although not a powerful practitioner, especially in long distances into the future, he is able to sense an opponents next move in combat with some ease. A feign, a flurry, he can often tell where the next strike is to come, only limited by what his reactions allow.

Drain Knowledge │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

A lesser known skill among Sith, the ability to drain knowledge from other users of the force or artifacts within the force. The Slave is a natural user of the ability, and often pulls knowledge from the depths of otherwise solid safes in others minds. He is however, unable to brute force it, and often relies on drugs and induced behaviors to drag the subjects in question directly from their minds.

│ Alter Force Powers { │││││││││││-│ } │

Telekinesis │ { │││││││││││-│ }

To manipulate the position of something with nothing more than his mind; The Slave is able to lift objects many time his own size and weight. Once a natural in the ability, he has since learned how to further increase this through the artifact of another Sith Lord long passed. His ability to perform in this regard is not limited, but a shining example of what force users should strive to be able to do.

Art Of The Small │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Perhaps his most innate ability is the Art of The Small; an ability that focuses on two things. First, the manipulation of the force, most notably his presence in such; allowing his entire presence in such to be compressed into nearly nothing. A molecule to be sensed by others, if not less, and one of the first things taught to him by Bestia's Holocron. The second thing she taught was the ability to manipulate the molecular structures of any number of objects and beings.

Force Lightning │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Relatively weak in the form, The Slave is able to conjure a red lightning that is rife with power. Still, his ability to maintain the electricity is limited to his emotions and even then is minimal. Primarily, it is not one of his focuses despite it being an almost staple symbol of power for most sith across the galaxy. As his powers in the force increase, so too shall his ability to perform the ability.

Force Destruction │ { │││││││││││-│ }

The abiliity to disentigrate the earth beneath your feet, the walls that stand to serve as barriers between homes, to destroy the very foundation of many peoples securities if not their very form. The Slave has a relatively low ability to perform the ability, a strict single time before having to take a break and certainly not in combat, but something he strives towards day by day. Performing the ability is extremely taxing on the form, and as such The Slave continues to move to protect his body and endurance from its double edged blade.

Teleportation │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Perhaps The Slave's most sought after ability, is the nature of teleportation through The Force. Although one of the more common 'Rare Force Powers' seen throughout the galaxy, he doesn't simply intend to use it as a mode of travel, but of combat as well. As of current, The Slave is only able to perform the ability a short few meters, and has no applicable combat applications. Right now, it is a flashy symbol of power he leaves exclusive for creating an aura of intimidation.

Doppleganger │ { ││││││││││-│ }

A power taught to him by the long dead corpse of Mythos, The Slave is able to produce a number of illusions that in every way appear to be reality besides physically. They do have a limited range, and the amount of said illusions is restricted to a dozen at most. As of now, The Slave finds the ability too taxing to be efficient for most operations or intentions, so his goal in the future is to make it into something that serves not only as a sensory expansion, but a form of combat.

│ Control Force Powers { │││││││││││-│ } │

Force Body │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

Being a slave, The Slave finds a certain natural affinity in his ability to avoid the force. Although neglected in the use of The Force as a child, his affinity was so great that he often found himself utilizing it without so much as a thought. The Force allowed The Slave to survive a number of otherwise lethal punishments in his servitude to others by reinforcing his body's ability to not only heal, but survive the damage in the first place.

Force Reflex │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

Realistically simplistic in its use, The Slave has the ability to enhance his reactions with The Force as well. Although not extraordinary, he is often able to surpass the more natural means of nervous system response through the metaphysical, allowing him to perform more complicated move sets and even defend against otherwise impossible attacks. This includes deflecting blaster rifle fire, or the incoming swing of an enemies sword or saber.

Force Augmentation │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

In the same train of thought, The Slave's body is used to utilizing the force to better allow him to move, attack, and even defend from a various amount of assaults. Increasing his speed, jump height, even striking force and strength is one of the iconic features of many a Jedi and Sith, and with The Slave it is no different.

│ Sith Magic │ { ││││││││││-│ }

Qâzoi Kyantuska │ { │││││││││││-│ }

The ability to dominate ones mind is something The Slave actually learned from the sentient nature of the Darkstaff, as it had utilized the feature through him a number of times. Forcing the sentient, or even non sentient, to behavior to his whim alone is one of the more proud things hes capable of. Even faintly, he is able to influence the thoughts of many an individual to either take a drug he offers, or simply abide by every command he would wish. Almost ironic a man known as The Slave would seek to domineer people's minds.

Sith Alchemy │ { ││││││││││││- }

His most powerful ability, to create and destroy on a whim. Manipulation, embodiment, expansion, all things he is able to create and perform using nothing more than his affinity in the force rather than the technologic masses most entities attempt the same with. This passes over to his ability to create weapons, from the ever leaking toxin on his blade known as Ishtar, to his creation of the Sith Artifact known as The Darkstaff; there is an almost limitless potential in his ability to create. An artisan of the forge, it would seem.

Waves Of Darkness │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

To spread fear and blindness, The Slave has performed the art a number of times when undergoing a massive amount of stress. Able to force the victims to flee and experience his emotions, he has yet to master the ability past the accidental use after a bad drug trip; but should he actually be able to perform the ability on command he would see it used in full power.

Darkshear │ { ││││││││││││-│ }

Something else taught to The Slave through the Darkstaff is its uncanny ability to create pure embodiment of the dark side on a moments notice. Darkshear is strictly the ability to form these dark entities into something ranged and invisible; the destructive force of a spear made through nothing more than sheer force of will. There is no limit to the destruction one can cause so long as the accuracy is present.

Dark Side Tendrils │ { │││││││││││-│ }

The formation of the dark side into the physical reality we know. The Slave has practiced, using The Darkstaff as a crutch, to create dark side tendrils capable of decimating opponents through nothing more than touch. A number of these can be formed, each a semi-fluid lightsaber to be used against anyone the user wishes, whenever they wish. There is almost nothing that can stop a dark side tendril from reaching out, and even less that can stop The Slave's will if he chooses to back such a thing.

│ Lightsaber Forms │

Shii-Cho │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Makashi │ { ││││││││││-│ }

Soresu │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Ataru │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Shien │ { ││││││││││-│ }

Niman │ { │││││││││││-│ }

Juyo │ { │││││││││││-│ }


- │ Possessions │ -
│ Armor │
│ Weaponry │
│ Starships │
│ Artifacts │
│ Misc│
│ Agents │
│ Locations │
│ Holobook & Holocrons │
│ Companies │

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