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Approved Tech FAE/SW-11 Hybrid Beam Cannon - Medium

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  • Manufacturer: First United Astral Engineering
  • Affiliation:
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: FAE/SW-11 Hybrid Beam Cannon - Medium
  • Modularity: Yes
    • May be Installed on Vehicles, Small Craft, Ground Turrets, and Similarly Scaled Platforms+
    • Single, Twin, Triple, Quad, Sextuple, Octuple, and Dectuple Emplacements
      • Vehicle / Ship / Emplacement Size Dependent
    • Mountings May be Fitted with Shields, Additional Sensors, Defensive Equipment, and Other Misc. Systems/Equipment
      • Vehicle / Ship / Emplacement Size Dependent
  • Production: Minor
  • Material:
  • Classification: Hybrid Maser Beam / Cryogenic Beam / Solarized Particle Beam / Particle Beam / Ion Beam Cannon - Roughly Comparable to a Medium Laser Cannon in Class
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Ethaerium Gas Cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: Small
    • Ethaerium Gas Cell - Supports 50 Seconds of Fire Time per Cell / Cannon
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Average
    • 1:1 Ratio - 1 Second of Firing Requires 1 Second of Recharge and Cooling
    • Maximum Dwell Time: 3 Seconds
  • Damage Output: Very High
  • Recoil: Average
  • Versatility - A hybrid beam cannon, the FAE/SW-1 can be switched on the fly from one firing module to the other. A pilot or gunner might drain a target’s shields with the ion beam, before finishing it off with the particle beam module. Another tactic, especially with multiple cannons, is to set each of them on different modules. A clever gunner or pilot might set one cannon to the solar module and the other to the cryogenic module, which could result in the target shattering under fire, due to the violent shifts in temperature. Alternatively, the governing computer brain might select or recommend the best module for the situation, after analyzing a host of factors and conditions.
  • Underwater Weapon - The FAE/SW-11 is capable of firing underwater.
  • Solar Fury - The solarized particle beam module is capable of bypassing conventional deflector shields.
  • High Power - The FAE/SW-11 is a hard-hitting, powerful weapon, its power quotient being close to the limit of what a cannon of its size and class can support. Within its effective range when deployed against small craft and vehicles it has moderate overkill potential, though that is not to say that such targets would ever be unable to withstand a direct blast.
  • Chain Reaction - In the event that the weapon sustains damage to the power systems or the Ethaerium gas cell, a fantastic explosion will likely ensue that has a very high chance of outright crippling the host vehicle. While the FAE/SW-11 has safety systems that work to prevent total annihilation from such an event, in the heat of battle, even these measures can fail.
  • Surged - EMP and Ion discharges with a large enough power quotient and a close enough proximity can overload the FAE/SW-11’s system, rendering it unable to fire for some time, especially if the host vehicle lacks adequate EMP/Ion defenses.
  • Follow the Line - The FAE/SW-11 fires steady, coherent beams, rather than condensed bolts. Given this characteristic, they are almost laughably easy to trace back to the source, meaning that firing the weapon is very likely to reveal the host vehicle’s position.
  • Heat Management - In the heat of battle, the FAE/SW-1 needs to be kept cool. As such, a failure of its cooling systems will put the weapon out of commission for quite some time, in order to avoid catastrophic overheating. It should also be noted that the cryogenic beam module carries this risk as well, via the power systems.
The third in the Hybrid Beam Cannon production series produced by First United Astral Engineering, the FAE/SW-11 Hybrid Beam Cannon - Medium came last, but is likely to be used more heavily than the light and heavy variants of the same series. Analogous to a medium laser cannon, the FAE/SW-11 can be mounted on a wide variety of host platforms. Like all weapons in the series, the weapon is noted for its versatility, with five different firing modules that can inflict a variety of effects on targets.

All in all, the FAE/SW-11 Hybrid Beam Cannon is the height of the series and is hoped to become a mainstay on future designs.
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