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Codex Denied Directorate Irregular Fleet

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Director of the Directorate



  • Fleet Name : Directorate Irregular Fleet
  • Classification : Rapid Response Task Force
  • Affiliation : Directorate , Grayson Imperium
  • Fleet Symbol : Here
  • Description : The Directorate Irregular Fleet is a Large Fleet operating within the Grayson Imperium established shortly prior to the Battle for Kuat. It mainly serves as a Rapid Response Task Force for Defensive Operations within the Grayson Imperium.


  • Headquarters : Anaxes
  • Ports of Call : Anaxes , Kuat , Brentaal IV , Had Abbadon , Corulag , Coruscant
  • Goals : To Create a Rapid Response Force for the Grayson Imperium
  • Reputation : The Irregular Fleet is generally seen as the bulk of the Directorate’s Military and it’s main Fleet. Too many within the Imperium the Directorate is praised as a Patriotic Faction and their fleet as a symbol of the Directorate’s Patriotism. However to outside powers like the Republic they grow suspicious of the Irregular Fleet seeing it as a potential threat to the Republic.



  • Maracel Yorkell II Maracel Yorkell II : Director of the Directorate. Has overall Command of the Irregular Fleet
  • Lucius Fendam Lucius Fendam : Supreme Commander of the Directorate Military and Head of Battlegroup Alpha
  • Adam Versili Adam Versili : Former CIC Admiral and Head of Battlegroup Delta
  • Darren Jarok Darren Jarok : Ally of the Directorate and Head of Battlegroup Zeta


The Directorate Irregular Fleet takes it’s roots from the early Fleets of the Directorate and Adam Versili’s Imperial Fleet. Shortly after revealing itself in 858 ABY the Directorate was quick in it’s move to begin the construction of ships for a Private Fleet vastly expanding their Fleets during their time as an Organization of the Grayson Imperium. By 859 ABY the Directorate had hundreds of ships at it’s disposition many being kept a secret hidden in the Unknown Regions while only a small portion of the entire Directorate Navy remained known to the public.

When a Political rift began between the Grayson Imperium and the Directorate in 860 ABY , the Directorate briefly broke off from the Grayson Imperium only to rejoin them after a private correspondence between the Lord Imperator Cedric Grayson and the Director Maracel Yorkell II. Maracel was offered a chance to regain Grayson’s trust if he helped the Graysons take Kuat and soon Maracel mobilized the majority of the Directorate’s Naval Forces organizing a portion of his fleet into the Directorate Irregular Fleet.

Using elements from Adam Versili’s Imperial Fleet and Directorate Fleets active within the Core Worlds , Maracel assembled a fleet consisting of over 50 Warships into one single Fleet dubbed the Directorate Irregular Fleet due to the fact that most ships within this Fleet were not produced by the Directorate and were mostly of Imperial and KDY design. Despite this , this Fleet would be deployed to Kuat in order to aid the Grayson Imperium in securing the planet as well as moving forth to serve as a Rapid Response Task Force for the Grayson Imperium
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