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Approved Starship Imperial V-class Star Destroyer

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Travis Caalgen


Image Credit: Ansel Hsiao
Intent: To create the next iteration of the dreaded Imperial Star Destroyer.
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source:
Manufacturer: Imperial Manufacturing Bureau, The Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research (designer)
Model: Project 2410 - 'Empire Six'
Affiliation: The Core Imperial Confederation
Modularity: N/A
Production: Minor
Material: Alusteel Hull with Turadium Internal Reinforcement, Carbon-Nanofilament Armor Plating, Glassteel and Transparisteel where appropriate. Internal AR-03 Damage Reduction Component plating.
Classification: Star Destroyer
Role: Assault/Naval Superiority, Planetary Bombardment, Small-Scale Command
Length: 1,600 m
Width: 900 m
Height: 400 m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: ISD 6th-Generation Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.0
Minimum Crew: 5,000
Optimal Crew: 37,085
Passenger Capacity: 9,700
Consumables: 6 years
Speed Rating: Average
Maneuverability Rating: Low

Armament Rating: Average
  • 2 x Octuple-Barbette Long-Range Megamaser Batteries
  • 50 x Megamaser Batteries
  • 30 x Heavy Megamaser Batteries
  • 20 x Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 30 x Variable Warhead Launchers (PRO|A.CON|FLE|D.BOR|CLU)
  • 80 x Point Defense Maser Cannons
  • 40 x Flak Cannons
Defense Rating: Moderate
  • Military-Grade Ray Shielding
  • Military-Grade Particle Shielding
  • Military-Grade Molecular Shielding
HANGAR: Moderate
  • 6 x Squadrons of strike craft
  • 2.5 x Squadrons of strike craft

Standard Electronics Warfare/Countermeasure Package

Internal Defenses

  • Defensive Autoblasters

  • Labyrinth Interior with natural chokepoints


  • Excellent Weaponry - Featuring several dozen megamaser batteries of various size and function, as well as miscellaneous ion cannons and point defence weaponry. The Imperial V excels at ship-to-ship combat, being capable of overpowering a handful of frigates at once. It also serves as a perfect tool for coordinated orbital bombardments of celestial bodies, its armament able to vaporize entire buildings.

  • Spectacular Shielding - The shielding itself is standard in the terms of capacity and energy/projectile absorption, but this class differs slightly from other Imperial vessels in the fact that it has two full layers of standard shielding; meaning if one went down, there would be a fresh deflector shield waiting for the enemy.

  • Pride of the Fleet - Imperator-class Star Destroyers are the premier warship of the Imperial Navy and serve as a symbol of both the Confederation's might and that of the empires before it. Loyal Imperials everywhere will know that they're in good hands if an ISD is present.

  • Knife Tang - Ironically, on a destroyer that can obliterate smaller warships in seconds; the amount of weaponry able to cover the aft section, where the large ion drives are located, is laughable. A trace amount of maser cannons, as well as the shielding and a handful of launchers, are the only defences present on the exposed stern.

  • Slow Maneuverability - A trait that has become commonplace in most Imperial vessels; the Imperial V lacks manoeuvrability, with a complete about-face taking up valuable time that could be better spent firing. This can allow smaller, nimbler enemy ships to get behind the vessel, where there are barely any weapons.

  • Pride of the Fleet - Despite popular belief, Imperial Star Destroyers are not immortal. It would be quite a demoralizing sight during a battle to see one of these warships be destroyed. Not to mention the fact that each destroyer is an investment of tens of millions of credits.
The Imperial V-class Star Destroyer is the third instalment in the V-class line of ships, after the Mandator Siege Battlecruiser and Praetor Star Battlecruiser, and the sixth iteration in the Imperator-class. It is the same size as its predecessor, although sleeker and more refined, and constructed out of the same materials that go into the production of all warships in service to the Imperial Starfleet.

Like its cousins in the V-class, its normal turbolaser armament has been removed in lieu of much more exotic Chiss-made megamasers, supplied from several respectable arms dealers in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy. Several key modifications have been made to its arsenal, such as the replacement of heavy turbolasers on the octuple-barbette dorsal mounts with the long-range variant of the megamaser, the complete removal of the quad heavy turbolasers on the dorsal section, and the addition of thirty variable warheads to reinforce normal weapon sections.

The warship was ordered by the grand admiral himself and set as the priority of the Imperial Department of Military Research while the Advanced Weapons Division continued work on the nearly-completed Mandator dreadnoughts. Around ten of the warships were ready for active duty at the outbreak of the Second Imperial Civil War, with all ten of the prototypes hidden in deep space before revolutionary forces could steal them.
Directorate Officer
This looks pretty solid.

Travis Caalgen said:
Defences: Moderate Standard Warship Deflector Shields Redundant Warship Deflector Shields Reinforced Hull E-WAR

If you could expand somewhat on what this E-WAR is in the description or list its components (sensor jammers, missile deactivators, slicing tools, etc), we should be all set.

Travis Caalgen

Gir Quee said:
This looks pretty solid.

If you could expand somewhat on what this E-WAR is in the description or list its components (sensor jammers, missile deactivators, slicing tools, etc), we should be all set.

Travis Caalgen

[member="Srina Talon"] - Ready to move to the Factory

  • Updated overall format and brought it up to date with current factory standards (hangar/support craft)
  • Changed manufacturer and affiliation to the Core Imperial Confederation
  • Changed materials, added Carbon-Durasteel armour under advanced systems
  • Revamped special features
  • Added molecular shielding under advanced systems, reflected under 'defences'
  • Replaced third strength/weakness
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