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Val Drutin

The Maladjusted Jester
Koushou Mito Koushou Mito

As Val approached the mouse, he couldn't help noticing that it had, well, noticed him. It remained in its spot on top of a beam, not paying him much heed. Perhaps it thought he didn't pose a threat. Not that he did - he would never hurt such a cute little creature. But he was more than capable of making his way up onto that beam...

Just below the mouse, he suddenly leaped up, scattering bits of scrap on the mound beneath his feet with the motion. His training as a dancer meant that he could already jump quite high, but this required the use of the Force to buoy him up to the height of the beam. He landed gracefully near where the mouse was perched, crouching on the metal beam with his hands extended for balance. His impact hardly made a sound.

It did, however, cause the beam to groan beneath him.

Val froze, his eyes wide. He hadn't factored in his weight! The beam was strong enough to hold the mouse, but a five-foot-four musclebound human male...

The sound had most certainly drawn the attention of a Verpine down below. In addition, the growling and snarling seemed to have gotten slightly louder. Val, still crouching perfectly still on the beam, faded out for a moment as he felt around their immediate vicinity with the Force. He was already getting the usual danger sense, but the additional feeler made his expression contort in alarm.

"Mouse!" he whispered. "They're going to eat me, and then you! We've got to get out of here!"

Having said that, he started to creep forward across the protesting beam, intent on grabbing the tiny creature and whisking it away to safety.

Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm
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Moira Connell

Future Perfect
This Reaver was clearly different from the others, besides being much bigger. He was armored from head to toe and in his hand he was spinning up a rotary cannon. Moira’s immediate future was full of perforations, which wasn’t ideal. She turned and ran down the hallway that she came from, putting distance between her and the minigun. The hallway became a cacophony of light and sound as the cannon started to fire. Moira managed to find cover in a maintenance shaft closeby. She wasn’t going to win this in a fair fight.

She stared intently at the Reaver, in every future she saw of him he’d either shoot her to pieces or her saber would bounce right off his armor. He did a pretty good job of checking his surroundings, missed some shafts but that was to her benefit. She also was sure he had some sort of scanner or tracker in his helmet. Whether he could still use them was another story altogether. His armor looked like the joints were covered by something her saber couldn’t penetrate either. She paused a moment, clearly putting too much thought into this. The only logical plan was to do the illogical thing. She pulled out her Stormburst and checked the Monofilament reserve. There was enough for one more line. A smirk stretched across Moira’s face, “this wasn’t going to end well”

She crept out of the shaft behind the behemoth and fired a round at the back of his head. The 12mm hollow-point plinked harmlessly off his armor, though it wasn’t supposed to penetrate. Just for a moment the world seemed to slow down, the armor he was wearing didn’t fit perfectly. As if he stole it from a larger creature. She could see a light come from the back of his neck, the beast did have a weak spot! Moira took off running as the cannon started to spin up. She had only a moment before she became paste, there was no time for hesitation. She wouldn’t make it in time on foot, good thing she wasn’t running the whole way. Her sidearm raised, she fired the ascension gun. The wire went out and connected right on his chest. The motor came to life as it pulled Moira off her feet and sent her first-class straight for the Reavers chest.

The weight of the girl hitting the Reaver in the chest caused him to stumble and fire off a spray of blaster bolts into the corridor walls. She was face to visor with him now. Pulling out the shotosaber, Moira jammed it into the opening in the neck. For good measure she cut the line and smashed it home with the grip of her handgun. She flicked the saber on, the blade sliding into the torso with a hum. As he bellowed in pain she looked ahead, this was most certainly a fatal wound. A shame it wasn’t lethal faster as the Reaver managed to grab a hold of the Blue-haired Rogue and throw her back down the hallway.

She bounced once before coming to a stop on a wall as the path intersects. The impact forced the breath from her lungs. She tried to sit up as the Reaver took a step, and collapsed, her saber sticking out of his chest. Moira tried to force oxygen into her lungs as she stood up, and took a few shaky steps towards the corpse of this monster in front of her. She took a moment to catch her breath and collect her gear. Her first few steps unsteady, she made her way back down the hallway they came from, leading her closer to the origin of the Dark Energy.



"We were not aware we were trespassing private property." ...... "Mhm Mhm No ma'am!" The boy squeaked in arrogant agreeance, and despite how he was turned slightly sour by someone else speaking for him ,(His ego sure didn't need anyone else standing up for him, being treated like a kid rly wasn't anyone's piece of pie) he was grateful for the Jedi and his attempt at getting them both out of this - surely Fish wouldn't be helpful in making the situation better. I suppose he should've seen it coming, as the Jedi were know for their moving charisma. Similarly to Lily Daine Lily Daine the news of those disappearing was most definitely old news - but the argument that there were bloodthirsty ravagers in their wake was a bit more difficult to swallow. Fish hadn't heard anything of that liking from the actual locals...nor had he experienced anything of that nature. Then again he hadn't encountered anyone in the junkyard until now, he'd been pretty dead set on scooping up some extra pieces of decayed ship to sell. He wasn't on the look out for bloodthirsty loons. Then again, the way Sigi of Teta Sigi of Teta threatened them both with the good ol' 'There are forces here in play beyond your grasp' caused his spinal cord to mighty tingly, and fish concluded that he was open to the Jedi's persuasion. He didn't NEED that much persuasion to leave in the first place, but now he was stuck here with the gun wielding blonde asking questions. He snorted at her "Him? Oh no...I don't do anything for anyone but myself, I assume no other kid my age would act any differently" Fish made himself giggle just a little, perhaps just a bit flattered that she would associate him with a JEDI. "You'd think, if I worked for him maybe I'd have some nicer clothes!" Fish pondered aloud, his lips spreading into a smile defined by its crooked teeth.

He did not feel completely helpless in this situation despite his visible fear and discomfort. Fish was talented in sword play, in close corridors and face to face - jaw punching brawls. If needed he could quite possibly whip out a weapon of choice (As they spoke, Fish had around a dozen knives in all shapes sizes and sharpness that he had fabricated himself. The current pride and join of his rather tunnel visioned life) but that wasn't feasible until one of these characters was eradicated from the reactor room entirely - by death or by simply leaving - but at this rate I doubt that was bound to occur soon or anytime in the distant future. Fish was useless in a multiple person 'battle' , his overwhelmed little mind wouldn't be able to handle the concept of multitasking.

Hmmm...maybe HE could be the one to run. Beady eyes darted from the floor to the ceiling, noting cracks and crevices alike. He could hop into the ceiling and scurry like the bloody devil was chasing him as the blaster bullets undoubtedly would follow...or he could puncture a hole in the outer layer of wall and simply roll out of the destroyer like no big deal! These were both, impulsive and rash thoughts that clouded his train of thought. The other two in his company seemed more threatened by the other - Anyone who found the boy to be something of destructive properties would be just as naive as he - and therefore left him somewhat to his own devices. He was in tune with their conversation, and yet something else seemed to tug at his attention. The thumping of bodies, of metal echoed softly through the destroyer. The soles of boots slapping against the Ship's flooring reverberated down the hallways leading to the reactor. Something was coming. Maybe that was the real warning behind his quaking antennas. His gut was telling him something, he felt a horrible feeling bubbling up from his stomach. His nerves grew on end, his body stiffened - Fish appeared vastly more uncomfortable than before. "Wait...wait you guys. Listen" He urged, the lilt of the words growing quieter and loosing their meaning towards the end of his phrase. Shortly after this comment, the clang of a massive amount of metal bounced from the walls. It was close. And then they heard a delightful tune being whistled. SOMEONE was close.

( Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall Lord Venari Lord Venari Haro Lergo Haro Lergo )

I'll probably do the same thing as Koushou Mito Koushou Mito , only list the people that are in Fish's immediate location. So many scenes are happening it's hard to keep track RIP
Incoming guests who may or may not be friendly: Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall Lord Venari Lord Venari Moira Connell Moira Connell Lily Daine Lily Daine Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais
Uninvited Guests: Sigi of Teta Sigi of Teta | F I S H F I S H | Val Drutin Val Drutin | Koushou Mito Koushou Mito
OOC: so many people I love it! Will keep tagging folks, since most of them are hunting for the pebble

The Verpine looked around confused.


Looked up.

They didn't see Mito. Since she was smol and hiding up on the beam, which covered her entirely. Val was another question entirely. A human-sized shape vaulting from beam to beam? Hissing to ... someone ... like a mad man? That was difficult to hide. A moment later they were screaming, a high-pitched panicked screech that served as an alarm.

A moment later they grabbled with a blaster from their belt. Already taking aim. Once they fired at Val? It became quite clear this wasn't a regular blaster at all. Instead it was a beam of arcing electricity.

Wyrm on the other hand was blissfully unaware of anything.

Right now he was tinkering with the next batch.

"Wait. What are these?" He suddenly asked. Peering into the cage. They were ... hairy, huge and kept whining nonsense at him. "Woo....kie... Wait, it has two e's at the end? Why? What makes you so special you need two e's?! Good Force you mammals." There were less of them. Wyrm wasn't even sure WHERE Lheor got these.

Did they just wander around like a bunch of mon-

Salvatore paused in the middle of his trail of thought.

Something was deeply wrong, but what was it? Brow ridges frowned in response. His hand reached out and the Rennite Orb (name convention still in progress) flew into his open palm. The hum of the Darkside ebbed away ever so slightly. Which opened his own senses. They had been blanked by the whelm of the artifact.

Clouded him.

An unhappy growl erupted from him as he realized there were more presences on the ship. Darkside... yes... who could that be? But also of the Light and that made him deeply unhappy.

Eyes closed.

The orb started lifting up from his grasp. Once more the waves of pure concentrated darkness began to radiate. They immediately effected the wookiees, but now? Now they began to slip forward into the depths of the ship. At first the effect would be subtle. A sense of ... haste. Of doubt. Was this truly the best way forward?

Then it would be followed by urgency.

End this now.

We need to get to the source.

Now let's see who is small and who is big." The Sith Lord growled to no one in particular. It didn't really make a lot of sense. Big? Small? He was a large Feeorin. Nobody had been saying he was small. Except maybe the little voices in his head.
Dark Seeker
Closing in on: Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm Sigi of Teta Sigi of Teta Lily Daine Lily Daine F I S H F I S H Val Drutin Val Drutin Koushou Mito Koushou Mito
With: Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall Haro Lergo Haro Lergo
Nearby: Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Zak of Amroth Zak of Amroth Moira Connell Moira Connell Brie Brie

“You're Vallaro aren't you? Not sure if you remember me we met at the Bounty Hunter guildhall on Taris not too long ago. Need some help with whatever job you're on? Not trying to step on anyone toes here or get in the way just thought I'd offer because of the Bounty Hunters code and all."
Venari's eyes narrowed to a squint. Another hunter and he knew Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall . Has Vallaro turned sides? Would he conspire with the enemy? Venari cast the thought aside. Paranoia was a commonplace among the Sith and he knew it. Venari and the hunter had spilled much blood together. He was a proven ally and earned more than a small measure of trust. Venari's gaze shifted to his attendant as the two spoke.

“He’s a good hunter. But it’s your credits and I’m not accepting a pay cut.”
A smirk crossed the Sith's face, "we walk and talk. Follow me," he said. Venari turned about and crouched through the hole in the bulkhead door he cut loose, avoiding the molten durasteel oozing around the edges. He led them down the corridor toward the nearest secondary reactor. It more than a few to power up the Star Destroyers many engines and systems.

"My offer is one of risk/reward. Should we obtain that which I seek, the source of all these Reavers, I'll pay you several times over your typical snatch-and-grab rate. Vallaro can confirm my word; you will be paid a great sum. Should we fail, there'll be nothing. I need you motivated and as much as I trust Vallaro's word I'd prefer to see the quality of services first-hand before committing to our business venture," Venari proposed, trekking through the crimson halls illuminated by his weapon. He allowed Haro Lergo Haro Lergo his time to consider the proposition.

Engineering was an absolute mess. Somehow the behemoth of a ship had suffered far more internal damage than external. Ruined wall and ceiling panels grew into a jungle of wiring and destroyed framework. The skeletonized corpses of fallen First Order troops lay strewn about in their armor alongside those of Alliance boarders. Death played no favorites among those caught in the halls of the crashed destroyer.

Venari kneeled next to a small cluster of cadavers, hovering his blade above them to inspect their lifeless bodies. Their armors shared many similar incisions. Some of these men had been battered to death, all facing the same direction. Lest the crash alone arranged them in such a way, it'd appear they held a line together. Had the machinations of the Ren took this ship down before the battle had concluded?

The Sith Lord stood unfazed; clearly they hadn't the strength to control this power. He continued down the corridor cutting away obstructive debris and led the trio around a final corner into one of the subsidiary reactors. He scanned the room. There were fewer bodies here and fortunately the supplementing reactor was mostly intact. The coolant pumps were in working condition and the silos hadn't been damaged. He placed his gloved hand on a cold deceased vein that had once delivered the ship its lifeblood. With a side-eyed glance he saw that the main access terminal was in one piece.

"Vallaro, get this thing up and running. Even in death she shall serve the dark side's purposes. This reactor alone won't revive the dead but we'll have a few functioning instruments to work with. I want functioning doors and lights. I want control over whatever subsystems we can power up," the Sith Lord examined the room, rubbed his jaw and continued with a grin, "and perhaps a few surprises for our many guests. I do appreciate insurance."

Venari looked to Haro, "so my friend, do we have an accord?" He asked seething confidence.
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Vallaro Kindall

C:\Mission\Objective: "Unravel the Reaver mystery"
C:\Mission\Location: "Engineering"
C:\Mission\With: Lord Venari Lord Venari | Haro Lergo Haro Lergo
C:\Mission\Approaching: Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm | Sigi of Teta Sigi of Teta | Lily Daine Lily Daine | F I S H F I S H

Engineering was a corpse-strewn mess. The telltale signs of conflict marred the body armor of a few dozen bodies who had chosen this place to make a valiant last stand in a battle long since passed. Looking around Vallaro counted just over forty corpses in all between Alliance and First Order, still locked in the places they held at death. There would have been a reverent silence in the room were it not for Haro’s signature whistling.

Vallaro looked around. Engineering was filled with systems similar to the ones that he’d once studied. There was an odd truth to war and how it never changed. Even this ship in its centuries of age was still remarkably similar to current vessels of a similar class in how they operated. Secondary systems all ran through here and while typically not as powerful or versatile as their mainline equivalents it would still be enough to get some level of operation from the ship.

They continued down the corridors towards the ship’s secondary reactors. The room configuration was typical. Three smaller reactors were linked together with a single line connecting them to the ship's reserve coolant. Several terminals around the room laid dormant without any power to run them.
"Vallaro, get this thing up and running. Even in death she shall serve the dark side's purposes. This reactor alone won't revive the dead but we'll have a few functioning instruments to work with. I want functioning doors and lights. I want control over whatever subsystems we can power up, and perhaps a few surprises for our many guests. I do appreciate insurance."
“On it,” Vallaro said as he began examining the reactors. There was minor damage and a few corroded parts, but the reactors appeared to be operational. Noting out of the ordinary for a system such as this, they were designed to power the ship in case of a catastrophe and frequently outlived their hosts. The cooling system was another matter. The ship's secondary coolant was beginning to run low, enough for a few hours at best. Vallaro was less concerned about that than the insurance he was tasked to come up with. He knew what he had to do; he just didn’t like how the Sith always went for the most extreme solutions.

Vallaro powered the Reactors on. Hypermatter fed into the system and a thrumming filled the chamber growing ever louder as each reactor came online. Around the room, lights flickered a few terminals spring to life and lines of code flashed on their screens as they booted to their regular functions. Errors written in High Galactic flooded the screens.

“Yup, there’s a hull breach in every sector alright,” Vallaro joked as he closed the messages. “Looks like we have a few hours before the coolant runs dry. I’ve gone ahead and turned off the safeties on the reactors, so they’ll run hot once they're dry.” He walked away from the terminal and went to the cooling pumps. Pulling a few
Shiva Knives from his rig he began stabbing them into the top and bottom of the tanks that fed each of the pumps. “And this here is your insurance policy Venari. Hey Haro, mind disabling the reactor controls for me?”
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Koushou Mito

Val Drutin Val Drutin Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm

Okay so the human was quick. If Mito wasn't trying so hard to avoid being seen by the Verpine she probably would have been able to make more distance between herself and the leaping human. Unfortunately, from her position, there was no where to go that wouldn't attract its attention so for the moment she remained frozen in the shadows where the two beams met and just STARED at the human.

Oh great, now it (she?) was drawing ATTENTION TO HER and reaching out.

Mito looked up, down, side to side. Nope, moving would definitely attract attention.

"As far as I see it, if that's the order then they'd take long enough on you that I could probably get away." Mito pointed out. There was no malice in her voice just high pitched matter-of-fact.

As Val's hand got close though?

Mito bit him. Or would if it kept coming- the best way to not get bit in Mito's mind was to not grab her. Wynter Rackham Wynter Rackham had learned that lesson.

Things started to devolve from there. She didn't know if the lightening gun hit the human or not. But it did send a sizzling arc into the metal beam they were both on. Enough to do more than static cling the human's hair? Probably not.

But for a Nezumi?

Mito shot straight up into the air, the energy crackling through her body. Scrambling to find purchase on something- anything- small shriek of pain and then latching into whatever non-metal object was closest- as it happened? Val's sleeve.

Val Drutin

The Maladjusted Jester
Koushou Mito Koushou Mito

The mouse talked.

A high-pitched, squeaky voice greeted Val's pleas for escape. Its words were a little standoffish, but the delivery was indescribably cute.

It snapping at him was less adorable. Val managed to jerk his hand out of the way before its teeth broke his skin. "Hey! I'm trying to--"

His danger sense flared. Below, the Verpine shrieked an alarm. They raised their blaster, pointed it upwards, and fired an arc of lightning--

Get off the beam!

Val leaped straight up, his grasshopper-like legs launching him in the air. The mouse wasn't so lucky, receiving the brunt of the electricity to its tiny body. Shrieking in pain, it managed to catch hold of Val's sleeve as he jumped; his hand curved around its tiny body to hold it in place in case it lost its grip on him.

The Verpine continued to screech down below. Val used the Force to keep himself suspended for a couple of seconds - or tried to - before he fell back onto the neutralized beam.

And that was the straw that broke the bantha's back. The force of his body colliding with the beam caused whatever was holding it up to collapse, taking Val down with it. He gasped, bringing his hand to his chest, determined to protect the mouse as he plummeted to earth.

A quick-thinking use of the Force cushioned his fall somewhat, but he was still left groaning and wincing in pain. Peeling himself off the ground, he sat up, his hair a flyaway mess from the static. Remembering the mouse, he gingerly stroked its stunned body with his fingers in an attempt to revive it, and looked around.

The beam had landed on top of the Verpine's body. Val, remembering a friend of the same species, abruptly burst into tears at the sight. It apparently didn't matter that this particular Verpine had been trying to attack them - it was the association of imagery that triggered the waterworks for the madman. In a way, Val didn't really know why he was crying, but then he rarely did.

But there was still danger afoot. Clambering to his feet, he spread his palm and rubbed the mouse more vigorously with one finger, as if the poor creature was a lamp that held a genie.

"Come on, mouse!" he said, sniffling. "Wake up!"

Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm
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worst jedi
PRIME SUSPECT - Lord Venari Lord Venari (identity unknown)

"What do you know of the Gangs in this sector?"

"What don't I know?" Zak snorted, "This is Pit Runner turf right here, but they're a salvage gang. Mostly harmless. Word is the Black Vulkars have been muscling in on Galak lately but..."

He kicked one of the bodies over onto its side, displaying clearly visible lightsaber wounds.

"I doubt any of the local gangs can afford a Red Blade. This is something else."

The Sheriff of Terminus consulted his broken star compass before moseying inside the star destroyer.

To impress Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Zak swept every corner with both blasters like he was the hero in an action holo. Turned out he needn't have bothered. They came across more reavers inside...dead ones anyway. In fact the bodies provided a very convenient path for them both to follow. Once or twice the kiffar thought he heard las fire but if so it was a distant echo.

"Thing about Terminus," he chattered away at Caedyn as much to keep the silence from spooking him as to make boastful small talk, "Is the place looks almost civilized. Don't let it fool you, Jedi. This world isn't a city its a jungle. If you're not careful it'll eat you alive like it did these poor stoopas."

The Judge kicked another reaver corpse.

Sigi of Teta

flash heal
Immediate vicinity: Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm , Lily Daine Lily Daine , F I S H F I S H
Side passage nearby: Koushou Mito Koushou Mito Val Drutin Val Drutin
Probably near: Lord Venari Lord Venari Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall Haro Lergo Haro Lergo
Further away, I think: Moira Connell Moira Connell Zak of Amroth Zak of Amroth Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Brie Brie @amimissingsomeone

The conversation, the incoming steps, the sound of a scrapped star destroyer suddenly turning on all blurred into a meaningless, background noise. Only one thing mattered - the source. The natural high from the lure of the source's dark side power beckoned him, summoned him, ordered him; and he followed. Without a single word, Sigi of Teta shuffled away from the girl with the gun and the boy with antennae. Answering the call was his destiny, sating this sudden addiction was his need.

Down a small maintenance corridor which had way too many corners for it to be efficient in case of emergencies, the Jedi healer, hypnotized by the enticing summons of the source, arrived at a...door; behind it, he knew, lied the source. The lightsaber, he so reluctantly relied on, snapped immediately in his hand and the yellow blade hissed into existence. With a well practiced stab into the door, Sigi began slicing his way inside.


Nimble and agile as she was, Brie had no problems of finding a way into the star destroyer. Even despite the helmet! One which Rajo Sobek Rajo Sobek had been quick to comment, and one of the first to persuade her to take it off in front of a stranger. This was something else than the trash dumps in the lower levels of Coruscant, the size of it were impressive, she had to admit that it crossed her mind as she spotted it from the air. Though, she had heard of ancient space stations with mighty weapons and super star destroyers that put it to shame. Myths and rumors circling around spacer spheres. She loved to listen to stories told by old smugglers and spacers, stories from the corners and edges of the galaxy, but she prefered stories about something else than wearing down war and pointless death.

She squeezed through an open air-vent, coming to an intersection she turned left towards a dim blink from a flickering light. The vent turned into a slight descent and with some effort she turned around to attempt going feet first. She should not have done that, as the rubber soles of her boots just slided perfectly on the dusty and slippery surface of the vent. With a scuffing sound she crashed through the lattice of the vent and made a short drop onto the floor of a corridor. Her thud echoed somewhat down the corridor. Nothing new under the sun, just jumping from a place to another.

Standing up, she wiped herself off some before glancing once in both directions of the corridor. Situations like these were fun, trusting on your gut where to go and simply try what felt best. Trusting her intuition. It usually never failed her. Flickering flood lights guided her down the direction that felt the most right. She walked with caution, not sneaking but neither going too fast. More like a slow stroll, keeping her eyes and ears open. To Brie, it was much like walking through a museum or an interesting bazaar. The thought of what had been going on outside had completely left her. The mighty vessel still had a slight hum to it, maybe some of the reactors were still alive and idle.

Her keen blue eyes spotted something further down the corridor, something white. Was it a helmet?

Suddenly, the humming became louder and a faint shake could be felt through the star destroyer, before the flickering lights stopped to flicker and lit up properly with some overpowering and blacked out with a bang. She jumped a little and looked backwards and around. Was someone fiddling with the reactors? It could have been made by itself too, like a hiccup? She accepted that the ship were acting weird and proceeded down the corridor.

It was a helmet! A stormtrooper helmet sticking out from under some debris of a collapsed wall. Curious got the better of her and she slowly knelt down beside it. She hesitated at first, but bit her lip and were about to take it up. Her gloved fingers was just touching the helmet before she were blinded by a flash, the fraction of a vision that seemed to be from the star destroyer when it was still flying but in the crews last breathing minutes. She violently fell on her rear and scuffed away from the helmet and hit the wall with her back. The skull were still inside it. The remains of a body! Startled, with thoughts racing what she had seen, she panted and stared at the debris. That was... horrid.

Nearby (I think): Lord Venari Lord Venari , Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall , Haro Lergo Haro Lergo , Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais , Zak of Amroth Zak of Amroth
Further away (I think): F I S H F I S H , Lily Daine Lily Daine , Moira Connell Moira Connell
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Haro Lergo

With: Lord Venari Lord Venari Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall
Near: Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Zak of Amroth Zak of Amroth Moira Connell Moira Connell Brie Brie
Moving Towards: Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm Sigi of Teta Sigi of Teta Lily Daine Lily Daine F I S H F I S H Val Drutin Val Drutin Koushou Mito Koushou Mito

Haro followed Lord Venari Lord Venari and Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall through the hole in the bulkhead door as he listened to the job offer, he smiled he liked jobs like these made it more exciting if there was something to gamble on even if it was his pay he stopped thinking to himself when the sith asked the important question
so my friend, do we have an accord?
" Throw in a ride off this rock and I think we have ourselves a deal." He responded with a smile as he followed the pair as they entered engineering walking over the corpses of the once crew members and inspecting the control panels. He turned as Vallaro called his name
Hey Haro, mind disabling the reactor controls for me?
" Sure no problem." Pulling out his Protector Revolver Custom with a spin handling the large revolver like it was part of his own body, he fires a shot into the console blowing a huge hole through the entire thing and continuing through the floor beneath it as well, the wires now exposed by the massive hole begin to spark and short as the screen of the console turns black once more and this time likely for good. He turns to the sith reloading his revolver the large empty casing hitting the floor as he says " I don't want to be rude or anything but I don't think I caught your name and since I'll be working for you for a bit thought it would be good to get the name of my employer."

Moira Connell

Future Perfect
As Moira moved further into the Star Destroyer something happened that even she couldn’t predict. The Ship came to life and the red emergency lights flickered on, the ship groaning from the effort. She came to a stop, partly to rest a moment and partly to get her bearing. She’d been wandering around after getting thrown down a hallway. It was starting to have an effect on her, parts of her body definitely were rebelling against her right now.

She took a moment to lean against the wall, still not sure what brought her here in the first place. Maybe it was the mystery of the “Ights of Ren”, maybe it was the thrill of following someone. Whatever it was, she was in the middle of a Ship multitudes older than her that was being held together by hopes and prayers. Whoever turned the ship on had to know that was a mistake, right? Surely this ship can’t be on for that long. She made a note of the red lights, typically used as a backup because they drew less power or something. She might’ve slept through that lesson. She threw her hand onto the wall next to her. The next few hours of this ship were fine until it exploded. That didn’t seem so...IT EXPLODES? Why doesn’t whoever turned it on turn it off? Surely you can just hit the off key or force close the console. Maybe it was a scavenger who did it by accident?

She peeled herself off the floor. She had to get to engineering and turn off the reactor. There were several problems with her plan, like she didn’t know where engineering was, or how to turn off a reactor. Those seemed like future Moira’s problems at the moment. For the moment she had to stay calm. As far as she knew, she was the only one who knew it was going to explode. And she saw how big the crater was, She would probably be in the crater. She made a guess on where the reactor could be based off the Red back-up lights and where the explosion would start. Her mind forgetting the Dark Energy waves for the moment she took off as fast as she could towards her destination.

House Arenais
Location: Base of the Destroyer's exterior.
Present Company: Zak of Amroth Zak of Amroth .

"Lately I'm discovering that less and less of the Galaxy's as civilized as I once thought" Caedyn admitted, sounding as though Zak's warning hadn't discouraged him much. Caedyn had thus far been hunted by Sith, by remnants of the First Order and a large bounty put out on all Jedi by the will of the Sith Emperor. Truth be told, the threat of Non-Force Users was a comfortable threat, if there ever was one.

...-No such thing existed.

"These Pit Runners don't sound so bad" Caedyn remarked as Zak began to make his way on into the Destroyer, Caedyn close behind in tow; "The Black Vulkars less so, but then as you said, a red lightsaber isn't exactly standard equipment for brutes and bandits".

"I've got to admit, I'm far less familiar with the people of the Outer Rim than I'd like to be" Caedyn continued as them moved quietly through bowels of the fallen Destroyer, "I know most people aren't fond of Jedi, but I've not been active long so my knowledge isn't what it should be for someone of my position".
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"I know those codes and law books mean a lot to you," he told the Jedi, "But out here a man settles his own problems. Frontier's a harsh place. That's why there are Judges like me."

Zak lowered himself down another deck through a cavity in the destroyer's bulkheads. Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais was not far behind him. He could appreciate what Caedyn was going through. Restlessness was why he'd abandoned his own Jedi training. Or at least that's what he told people. In truth the Jedi Academy Network had their own criticisms of his padawan career. Maybe even a few outstanding arrest warrants.

"This looks like the reactor up ahead," the Sheriff inspected some dusty wall etching, "Hold on. You feel that?"

He sensed something strange. Almost as if there was an invisible force tugging on him weakly. The small piles of empty beer cans next to his stripped landspeeder outside had endowed him with a kind of resilience to the effects of the dark artifact's siren song. Zak looked at Caedyn uncertain if the Jedi Knight was also experiencing something or if this just meant he was about to be sick.
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Location: Destroyer's Engineering Deck.
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As Caedyn pursued his companion down through the derelict Starship, the bulkheads torn asunder in the crash and impact with the Galak Scrapyards, there followed a rather dense and discomforting presence, ephemeral, yet distinctly ominous to the senses of the living. "Others have died down here..." Caedyn muttered, though it was a statement of the obvious. A destroyer such as this, having crash landed (presumably); it was only natural that the crew had suffered...-Yet they were closing in on something now and it was becoming more and more apparent that they weren't the only ones interested nor aboard the broken husk.

The Force remained vibrant throughout the halls and beaten up wreckage of the Destroyer, the final moments of the crew and whomever else had been aboard during it's lasting moments seemed to have left a residual presence, the wake of the dead still lingering long after they had been left behind. Caedyn shuddered, his predisposition to the Force, a proclivity to the sensations of the living and those lives lost in vein made him all too sensitive to places such as this. Zak had witnessed this back on Mustafar, where Caedyn had been momentarily taken back by the fallen Knights of Ren whom had been slain in their preemptive defense.

"I do...There's a Darkness in this place" Caedyn swallowed, giving Zak a nod of affirmation, "Keep going..." he added. Whatever was giving off these sensations, he was only all the more curious now. If there was something dangerous within the great vessel, it needed to be destroyed or rid of, least others of a more violent capacity where to discover it and use it for the wrong reasons. If that was possible.
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Her head turned in the direction of the noise, there was too much noise for it to be the Pit Runners at work, besides they had work to do in locations at the other end of the ship. So, this was trouble and by the reaction of the young man, the Jedi guy, it confirmed it. It was time to get out of here. Lily holstered her gun and ran toward the far wall, near where the young boy with the antennas had been hiding, to her escape route. “You want to live, follow me”.

She pushed open a panel, which opened into a narrow shaft purpose made so if ambushed by other gangs, she had a way out. It was narrow and did not run for a long way, but they were out of danger for the moment. It opened into what was a maintenance room, would have housed parts and tool for the rector but he had been stripped of anything of value.

Where the Jedi guy had gone, she had no idea or why, but he had left them to fend for themselves, it did not matter, she did not like relying of others to survive. Lily had learned to do that for herself from a very young age. Having lost the light in the reactor room, it was harder to see, and she relied on the light from a small torch. She entered the bulkhead at the opposite end where two people had entered although she did not know of their presence until a voice bounced off the walls.

Whoever it was, was feeling something. Why was there so many strangers in the Pit Runners claimed ship? “Who are you and what do you want?”, she yelled out, her gun in hand. This was starting to get intolerable. “Just back out of the way and no one needs to get hurt”. She added, by now all she wanted to do was get back to head quarters and away from this mess.
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In the distance the ship groaned.

Forced out of its long lasting slumber. Its pipes and wires and metal abused for years, but now they had to work once more. Several decks crumbled by the vibrations of the reactor spinning back into operation. Luckily for Wyrm's blood pressure he wasn't aware of this. No, far too focused on the machinations of the Orb and the corrupted Wookiees around him.

While he worked?

A piece of equipment in the corner of the room whirred into existence. It looped. Around and around. Then? A door hissed open within it, before ...... a Verpine shuffled on through. See, Darth Wyrm was a mad scientist. As such it was only prudent for him to carry the Duplicator around. A design of his own making that carried the imprint of his servants. If one died? Well, that didn't matter at all! A new one would be printed out easily.

It gasped.

Large beam, SPLAT, I was dead... again... It clicked to itself in Verpine, before shuffling closer to Darth Wyrm. "M-Master, I must tel-"

"Ah, yes, good, Lheor, you are back. We have a-"

"No, no, Master, I am no-"

"Lheor, what did I say about interrupting me?" A baleful glare send to the Verpine, before the Feoorin's ridges furrowed in confusion. "What happened to your clothes? You are nude, Lheor." The existence of clothes was a mystery for the insectiod, but Salvatore insisted. "That's what I have been trying to say, my Lord! Intruders killed.... me. I am not ME. I am ..." A sigh there. "I am another clone, Master. Lheor-283 to be exact."

If the Verpine thought Salvatore would be displeased? He was in for a treat.

The Feoorin smiled brightly. "Oh, yes, good! A powerful opponent then, yes? A mighty Jedi come to challen-" The Verpine was already shaking his head. "Um. No, my Lord. It was... a small human boy... maybe a girl." Verpines didn't really go in for humanoid gender conventions.

Before Salvatore's disappointment could be recognized? Both their attention was drawn to the door.

It was ... hissing. Melting in the middle.

The smile grew positively wolfish now. Already taking out his saber, igniting it as his hand reached out in the air. The Force manipulated. The door that Sigi was trying to force open? It flew open under his ministrations. "Ah, Master Jedi!" Salvatore growled, not realizing the fact that Sigi was a Padawan, but that didn't matter now.

"Come to meet your MAKER, have you?"

The saber hummed as he whirled it in his hand.

Behind him the Verpine chittered to itself. Maker? I don't get it...

Sigi of Teta

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Whether the door suddenly being yanked away startling him or something else entirely, the moment Sigi saw the red blade snap hiss before him in the hands of a bloodthirsty Feeorin he returned to his old self - a rigorous and pious follower of the Jedi Code; and a young scared Jedi padawan.

"Ah, Master Jedi!" the false recognition of his capabilities did not help lift his confidence. The wall of dread summoned by the flashes of the fall of Coruscant was impervious to anything that could boost his spirits. He swallowed audibly and tried to compose himself. It was one thing trying to soothe the nervous girl with a gun and the worried boy with antennae, and a whole lot different trying to pacify what seemed to be as a capable Sith.

I must...stop the source. Stop this engulfing madness. Thus, the Jedi Code wills it.

Salty sweat breaking over his brow filled his eyes, mixing in with the tears conjured by the memories of the shattering of the New Jedi Order and the brutal death of Anais Auraeli. He was willing to do anything to stop that from happening again but to what measures was he willing to reach for? How thin was the line between good and evil?

The padawan shuffled forward and sideways cautiously clutching tightly his lightsaber in a traditional Soresu form.

ENGAGING Darth Wyrm Darth Wyrm

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" I don't want to be rude or anything but I don't think I caught your name and since I'll be working for you for a bit thought it would be good to get the name of my employer."
There was a certain beauty in seeing the vessels return to service, even after death. Emergency lights flickered on illuminating their path with a dim red sheen, "Lord Venari, of The Sith Empire," he spoke, his mind wandering from the conversation as he reached out with the force once again.

The pulsing darkness was just beyond his reach. He could feel the collision course they and all the inhabitants of the shipyards had been set upon. A web spun by the force, one he would seize for himself. Those few specks of light, the thousands of frivolous scavengers, mobs and other trivial lives that called the junk heap their workplace or worse, home, were all collateral. A price he'd happily pay for that which he sought.

"We're close now," Venari said.

The Sith Lord exited the subsidiary reactor room through an adjacent doorway that led them to the rear half of engineering. Old blasters, armored bits and detritus was forced aside, a clear path in the Sith Lord's wake. He trailed the teasing power that called out to all those touched by the force. It was an unstable power but as with the force itself, in his hands it would find itself a worthy master. The hum of the dead vessel was stronger the further to the aft they ventured. The postmortem spasms of a ship desperately attempting to feed smaller Gemon-8 Ion engines with blood... power it did not have.

Overpowering those spasms were the familiar roars of wookiees. These were not the commonplace shouts associated with the hairy beasts' Shyriiwook though; these were infused with a painful fury that put their Madclaws to shame. Venari led the trio down the wide corridor leading to the main reactor.

First there was an echo in the dead air around the group, a singular footfall, then grating claws against metal. In a beat the shadowy forms in the distance revealed themselves to be a stampede of raging wookiees. Venari scanned the hall from left to right, "I grow tired of these obstacles," he growled. The Sith Lord raised a hand and balled it into a fist, collapsing the entirety of the ceiling between his detachment and the Reaver made beasts. As strong as they were they weren't clawing their way through the wreckage, they'd be forced back towards the engine room.

"Come, enough time has been wasted," he said approaching a small maintenance way on the side of the hall, "this will bypass the wreckage, I doubt those animals will know to access it."

The narrow corridor allotted no shoulder space. The First Order had been over ninety-five percent human, there was little point in service ways large enough for other aliens or beasts of burden. It was an effective use of space within an otherwise ineffective military structure. Still, it was mostly intact. A few minutes later and Venari exited the corridor.

"Finally," he said with a low hungering snarl. The source of red and black pulsating strength was just around the corner. Whatever had created the Reavers would soon be his.

Approaching that final corner Venari was met with an odd visage. A ruptured doorway, beyond which was a human Jedi and presumably a Sith Feeorin taking saber stances, preparing for a fight. All of this was irrelevant when compared with the fist-sized orb in the maybe-Sith's other hand. It was a beacon in the force, capable of erasing its victim's minds and replacing them with something ferocious and powerful. Beauty was indeed in the eye of the beholder. Venari activated his crimson blade and entered the main reactor hold.

Ignoring the young Jedi, Venari's attention fell completely on the Feeorin, "so you're the one that's been toying around with that power," Venari said with a grin that was all teeth. He waved his free hand to summon the duo bounty hunters at his flank, "keep an eye on both of them," he ordered.

"There's more than a handful of intruders aboard this vessel, I'm sure you've felt it. I'm not sure who you are and I truly don't care. With any modicum of logic I'm sure you'll find that I'm your best bet out of here. Hand over the relic and I can assure your safety, fellow Sith?" He didn't truly care for the Feeorin's allegiances. If he was just another dark Jedi, securing his minuscule life was little burden in exchange for the power he clutched away. If he was Sith, he could still be an asset to the Empire. The decision was his though Venari didn't expect him to comply.