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Approved Tech Bag of Conjuring

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Mistress Malcontent



  • All Bags of Conjuring must be created in twos. Need a Love Potion right now, or brought along the wrong color lipstick? Are those thing sitting at home doing nothing on your nightstand or storage shelf? Fret no more little witch for the evening is not ruined. You can still retrieve those items you had forgotten, as quickly as it takes you to reach into your Bag of Conjuring. So long as you have its pair set within arms reach of the items required to be conjured through to your empty bag, and the items you seek fit through the diameter of your suede pouch. Sling over your shoulder and walk like a model, or secure around your waste and at your thigh for more stability. Never be without your special items ever again!

  • A witch can retrieve anything she needs without having dangerous Potions carried on her person…but she will anyhow.
  • Anything that fits through the diameter of the bag can be retrieved, so long as its match is within arms reach of the items a witch will need.
  • Distance is inconsequential.
  • To safeguard a witch's possessions from theft, each matching set may only be used to conjure items, by the witch who own's the pair.

  • Water causes leather to shrink, and it must be stretched out again.
  • The matching bag must be set within reach of the items wanted.
  • The witch must know how the item feels in order to retrieve the correct thing.
  • It things fall over, or the bag falls away from the items wanted, then nothing can be conjured until the bag is returned to a useful position and distance from the items needing to be sorted through.
  • If a witch loses one bag of the matching pair from her possessions, then neither will fulfill their purpose and the magick is forever lost.
  • Nobody else can use the Bag of Conjuring but the witch to whom they belong, even if her life depends on retrieving an item through it. If she cannot reach inside and grasp the item, she cannot conjure it.
  • The pouch cannot be made exceptionally large for it is difficult to charm the items without posing risk of being drawn-in to the wearer.
  • Leave your hand inside the bag too long and it will become ice cold and your muscles will stiffen.
  • Living creatures cannot be safely passed through the bag. Terrible physical alterations have been suffered.

For as long as there have been Nightsisters, they have sought ways of bettering the lives of their loved ones, and have always sought to create new magickal things to assist the way of life, sharing with their entire coven.

Nightsisters have a knack for making use of natural things and infusing nature with their magick. This is an animal hide or fur, sewn along a seam to produce a small bag, wide enough to fit the width of one's arm. The bag's depth matters not, for once the witch's arm reaches the end of the bag they carry, their hand protrudes from the matching bag wherever they had intentionally propped it.

Magick is an intricate evolution of ordinary substances becoming infused with energy to bring about the manifestation of one's Will. What a horror were it that you have your hands deep into a brew only to realize that one item of your stash has spoiled and is useless! With your Bag of Conjuring hung at your hip and its match set upon your ingredient shelf, you can grab hold of the item necessary, without even pausing the critical task about your cauldron.

In another scenario, on the battlefield you can instantly grab hold of a potion so volatile but necessary for attack, which you might not prefer to carry upon your person for risk of personal safety! Reach into the Bag of Conjuring and grab the potion with the deadliest outcome you can muster, and don't fear someone breaking the vial over you, because its safely stored away from such peril until the moment you are ready to unleash it's contents. AND no more wasted potions too! No one can break vials that you aren't actually carrying on you! The bag itself holds nothing inside it. It is merely a crude manifestation of a tiny closed porthole.

Whatever you can pull through the set diameter of this bag is game for you to possess at any time you require the item. You can even put things back so you don't lose them, or others cannot steal them from your possession. But don't worry, nobody else can use your bag, unless maybe you're a twin with twin auras who think exactly the same; but its impossible for someone to fool this magick otherwise, as you are unique.
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