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AMBERED ALERT - Board Mini-Event Sign Up!


Rainbow Smurf


Masterra Radio Talk Show-The AMBER: What Is It?

As the Galactic wars are waged around them, Masterra chose to protect itself with isolation and neutrality, having very little contact with other planets and governments. Doing so did protect them from war, but it was also their downfall. An unsavoury crimelord named [member="Terrance Olavi"] took it upon himself to use Masterra for a testing ground for a new product to sell on the black market. It went beyond what mere carbonite could do. In seconds whole cities and their inhabitants could become entombed if he manages to continue to have success with his experiments. It was a great method to control the masses through fear and to get rid of opponents. Even Force Users became trapped. Once the tests on Masterra are completed, the ingredients for this new chemical weapon would become available to the highest bidder at auction.


There are three threads available for this event.

1.THE GOOD (Investigation) - Some startling information about a mysterious AMBER has begun to leak outside of Masterra. It's government, for more reasons than one, had been trying to handle the situation themselves and keep it under wraps. Yet the situation had gotten out of hand.

Players can come to investigate the AMBER and then decide whether to try to stop what's happening, or to side with Terrance and help it along. This thread is open to PvP and there is an inherant risk that your character could become AMBERED. If you're lucky, it won't be permanent. (I accept bribes of Sapir tea!)

2. THE BAD (Research Base Seige) - The recent spread of AMBER has kept many of Masterra's scientists and doctors busy. They've even called in for help from outsiders. One of the Research Bases at Prospect Point believes that they are close to discovering a way to reverse the AMBER. However a traitor in their midst has informed Terrance Olavi, so he has sent his people there to seige the place and get his hands on the scientist close to the breakthrough by any means necessary.

Players here can arrive at the base and either try to help those trapped inside, or join Terrance Olavi's goons and capture the scientist. This thread will be PvE, as well as have some PvP elements. Again there is a risk of being AMBERED.

3. THE UGLY (Anonymous Auction) - Being very happy with the results of his AMBER experiments so far, Terrance Olavi has decided to put it to auction. Although he won't reveal both Catalyst ingredients (unless he's given an offer he simply cannot refuse), he will put up the capsules containing the catalysts for sale. There will also be some AMBER 'art' pieces up for sale, as well as a few weapons.

Players will be able to have their characters bid anonymously as this is a virtual auction taking place on the Holonet on a heavily secured site. The entrance fee is very high, so each character must have considerable funds and/or government or company support. This thread is open to Slicers as well to try to work their way into breaking through the firewalls, security and other means of keeping the bidders' identities a secret, as well as Terrance's location where he has the items to be auctioned off on hand. There is a slight chance for PvP in this thread.


This event becomes LIVE on JUNE 6th (JUNE 7th for some living in the future) and will end no later than JUNE 27th (JUNE 28th)

Players may only use one character in each thread. That character cannot be in any of the other event threads as they are happening near simultaneously. If players are taking part in more than one thread, please sign up in each character account.

The Event Team (Lady Kay, [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] , [member="Kaine Australis"] , [member="Ghorua the Shark"] , [member="Marina DeVoe"] ) reserves the right to ask for edits for posts which are disruptive and/or ignore vital points.

All technology, weapons, vehicles and other items must have been approved by the Factory or Codex before the event begins.

Sign Ups:

Thread: (The Good, the Bad or the Ugly?)
Character Name:(Which character are you using?)
Team: (Which team is your character siding with? Masterra? Terrance Olavi's? Or is your character in it for themselves or their faction/company?)


Team Masterra -
Lady Kay
[member="Beth Australis"]
[member="Skosk Australis"]
[member="Caedyn Arenais"]
[member="Marina DeVoe"]
[member="Zai Avery"]
[member="Petria Breguet"]
[member="Nicair Claden"]
[member="Sebastian Thel"]
[member="Boo Heavenshield"]

Team Terrance -
[member="Tiali Orazio"]

Independant -
[member="Dax Fyre"]
[member="Gatz Duolingo"]


Team Masterra -
[member="Tom Taff"]
[member="Allana Badeaux"]
[member="Stardust Bloodstone"]
[member="Candez Stoon"]
[member="Dr. Jaden Corvello"]
[member="Lisset Australis"]

Team Terrance -
[member="Vili Ozouf"]
[member="Ahani Najwa"]

Independant -
[member="Tathra Khaeus"]
[member="Kaine Australis"]


[member="Adron Malvern"]
[member="Terrance Olavi"]
[member="Darth Morgoth"]
[member="Sor-Jan Xantha"]
[member="Natalie LaForte"]
[member="Zhudah Sakkel"]
[member="Melvand Zrimmir"]

Skosk Fett

[member="Beth Australis"]

Thread:The Good
Character Name:Skosk Australis

"You want to sodding cause more trouble? Hehe thats my Beth! Always learning from the best troublemakers! Shave my back and call my Sally, Im in!"


King of Pumpkins
Thread: The Bad
Character Name: Rex Taff
Team: Masterra/mirdirmorut

Let's save the scientist before it's too late
might be able to get this scientist to join me
Valde of the Vitae
Thread: The Bad
Character Name: Vulpesen Torrevaso
Team: Masterra/VSF

The Vitae Security Forces will certainly be taking an interest in this. This is an anti-freedom weapon.

[member="Lady Kay"]

Nicair Claden

The Iron Heart
Thread: The Good
Character Name: Nicair Claden
Team: Masterra

Some of my weapons are currently under review but should most certainly be done by the time the event comes about.

[member="Lady Kay"]

Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother
Thread: The Bad (Research Base Defense // Researching the cure)
Character Name: Allana Badeaux
Team: Masterra (The good) // The Hapes Consortium (Normally neutral but Good for this event)

Allana’s Sub Plot:

Allana the Queen Mother of Hapes is one of the outsiders that came to help find a cure for the AMBER. Despite the opposing council of those closest to her she has come to help and bring a small team with her. Her personal reasoning may just be for the safety of her own people. Or maybe Allana's judgment has been clouded by her sympathy for others suffering.

Two Hapen scientists accompany her, and a Hapen Royal Marrine to guard each of the.

She will only have two members of the Royal Guard with her.

During the course of the bad people seizing the research base not only will Allana have to try to survive? Allana will have to make a choice if she will reveal a secret about her and personally help the defenders of the research base.