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Janick Beauchamp

To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before

Janick outside her own workshop on Utapau

NAME: Janick Beauchamp (informally called Jane)

FACTION: Outer Rim Coalition

RANK: Witch Elder

SPECIES: Acherin Near-Human

AGE: 30

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 1.88m (6'2")

WEIGHT: 91 kg (200 lbs)

EYES: Green

HAIR: Black

SKIN: White



  • Strong sense of morals: Her own personal code of honor prevents her from committing wanton acts of evil and only to do evil when necessary
  • Organized: she will always keep her personal belongings in order
  • Great hand-eye coordination: very useful for piloting ships
  • Gadgeteer: she knows her way around vehicles, ground and space, and can repair them given the proper equipment
  • Memory: Janick's memory is essentially perfect, so Short/Long-term Memory Enhancement is virtually useless, and also make her nearly immune to Memory Rub when used for alterations or for deletions. Also, if enemies can somehow use Drain Knowledge, they can get higher amounts of information out of her than normal even though her memories won't be erased when Drain Knowledge is in use, while also making Memory Rub much more efficient when used on her for knowledge infusions
  • Intellect: Janick's mind is very fast, nimble, but sometimes such brainpower comes at a cost: make her use her brain a lot and her ability to use the Force is impaired in proportion to the intensity of her headaches. Also, make her use her brain a lot and she becomes easier to spot in the Force. There comes a point where her ability to use the Force will be reduced to almost nothing - but also there are times where rationality can fail
  • Physique: While, of course, having several physical traits that are associated with common beauty standards, as applied to humans and Near-Humans, allows her to get help or favors in the right context, it can sometimes attract unwanted attention and sometimes it can lead her into trouble
  • Selective Scorn: While she respect pragmatism, she has very little respect for people who commit wanton acts of cruelty. This makes getting along with such people, including but not limited to, Sith very difficult at best - she will tolerate that variety of people if she must but would otherwise desire to keep those people at arm's length - or twelve
  • Flashbacks: Sometimes her memory can be playing tricks on her, causing mental distractions - also the frequency of such flashbacks has increased lately, it can paralyze her if a painful memory is somehow triggered
  • Handles failure poorly: if she fails in a mission, she will get angry
  • Idealistic: an enemy can lure and bait her by exploiting her mindset
  • Bound: She will often follow her code of honor to the letter, with few exceptions, even if it gets her killed; however, it's what keeps her from suffering from the more deleterious effects of the dark side
Janick appears to be a pretty slender woman but, for some reason, her density appears much higher (although not quite to Polydroxol-level) which, to normal humans, would make her appear much lighter than she really is. She will usually wear a black, strapless armorweave dress, black armorweave gloves and black armorweave jackboots, although if the situation requires it, she will wear different outfits. In addition, she wears a red tattoo at her upper sternum. When she does fly into dangerous zones, such as Nar Shaddaa, she keeps a Chalacta sniper rifle inside the cargo hold of her craft.

Janick is usually a highly-driven woman for whom the dark side is not an excuse for evil; in fact, she will often use the dark side to catch evil-doers. Unlike most dark-siders she has known in her lifetime, she does not treat power as an asset to be sought for its own sake, but as a means to an end, nor does she seek knowledge as an end in itself. She can usually get along with light-siders so long as the light-siders she interacts with realize that not all dark-siders are necessarily evil or wishing to kill them. Otherwise, because she had few occasions to be accustomed to failure, she can take it pretty harshly upon herself. She will often tend to think through a situation in a rather systematic fashion, and then use the emotions to fuel her use of the Force.

Born in the lower levels of Coruscant to a family of working-class Acherin, Janick evaded the more conventional methods of Force-sensitivity detection, allowing her to live out an otherwise normal life as a child, or as normal as it would be when one's intellect and academic prowess quickly gets someone noticed, making her the envy of the neighborhood, with the jealousy and frustration it carries. Nevertheless, life went on as usual for her with the normal fare of teenagers: parties, dating, hormones, schooling and whatnot. To support her family while she was still in high school (and also in hopes of possibly saving for undergraduate studies), she took on a night job as a fortune teller, which proved to have a surprising amount of Force-users that slipped through the cracks of the detection grid. After graduating with honors from high school, she later proceeded to work as a fortune-teller full-time, while simultaneously majoring in chemical engineering at the Institute of Applied Science.

Directive 12 changed her life forever: the wanton destruction of entire districts on Coruscant's upper levels, with certain city blocks also being affected down to the lower levels, triggered by the One Sith, made her vow to fight crimes and wanton cruelty. The death of several of her childhood friends in the wake of D12 drove her to despair, and even looting in the chaos triggered by the cataclysmic event to get by as all hell went loose at the time. Only when the post-Directive 12 reconstruction efforts are underway would she be able to get access to the regular Force-sensitivity detection grid: it turned out that not only she was a Force-sensitive, she was leaning dangerously close to the dark side of the Force. Which prompted her to become a pilot-for-hire, feeling that she wouldn't be welcome among the Alliance in either GADF or NJO capacity. In that capacity, she learned some of the tricks of the trade working as a relief pilot for a socialite, and later living the spacer life after buying an used T-70 X-Wing under a financing plan and use it to escort VIPs using their personal ships.

In the meantime, she used what free time she had, and also capitalizing on opportunities, when on the ground after flying around Tython, Yutan or the Stygian Caldera, among other planets, to learn what she can about the Force, even though she realizes she makes use of several Force-powers much more than others. At times she accepted to receive Force-training in lieu of credits, even though she can sometimes be left wanting out of such Force-training sessions, due to her accepting to receive Force-training from a wide variety of sources. She had her lucky break on Utapau, learning Sith alchemy as well as getting the seed money to both get the fighter replaced by a Chiloon and the seed money to open her very own alchemy workshop, while there is speculation that her sugar-daddy of a client even attempted to get sexual favors out of her. At this point, she regards herself as a skilled pilot but having not yet had the opportunity to achieve any kind of fame.

For the years to follow, she faithfully served the ORC, dogfighting on several occasions, such as Ancora marking her first official sortie among the ORC starfighter corps, and, for a while, even commanded the starfighter complement of the Verdict in several sorties, such as Asop, Dokkalfarsed, while simultaneously running an alchemy workshop, the Utai Magic Circle, famed fore its rather unorthodox products, such as delirium tremens-inducing mead, lightsaber-resistant mead bottles, and, of course, the infamous Utai Pilot Seat. And, thanks to her contribution to the Asop alcohol drilling, alongside Griet, her executive officer and a mining engineer, she developed a taste for 95% Asobi tihaar, around the same time she was appointed to the ORC Navy Investment Management Board (NIMB), and, from there, widely celebrated as one of the financial wizards of the ORC Navy, and certainly one of the few fighter pilots in ORC service that actually knows anything about investments.

In addition, she even struggled to properly run the fighter-related operations onboard the Verdict, and even in two occasions passing for a GA admiral to the eyes of the GE, Bothawui and Dagobah respectively. After what happened on Dagobah, she made the realization that her memory was essentially perfect, and that it was causing her a load of problems, leading her to be constantly complaining about her own mental accounting books as well as drinking. That, even though she scored more than a dozen kills in combat, including Utapau, the Vergesso Asteroids and Drexel, and she even took part in a covert-ops mission on Shusugaunt, posing as Venefica in an attempt to insert ion bomb filling into photocopiers. It was only after that she made it to flag rank, and given the command of all starfighter forces on Utapau under the ORC flag.

Apprentice-level Knight-level Master-level
| | | | | | | | |

Force-sense/sight: | | | | | | | | |
Telekinesis: | | | |
Telepathy/Comprehend Speech: | | | | | | | | |
Electronic Manipulation/Mechu-deru: | | | | | | | |
Force-lightning: | | | |
Instinctive Astrogation: | | | | | | | |
Precognition: | | | | | | | |

Psychometry: | | | |
Force-cloak: | |

Pyrokinesis/cryokinesis: | | | | |
Force-speed/jump: | |

Detoxify Poison: | | | |
Imbue Item/Sith Alchemy: | | | | | | | | |
Bolts of Hatred: | | | |
False light side aura: |
Mentalism*: | | | | | | | | |

*Here mentalism includes the following: Mind trick, Memory Walk, Memory Rub, Drain Knowledge, Neural Storm, Force-fear/horror/insanity, Qazoi Kyantuska

An Alakaha elite fighter (unalchemized)





As a spellweaver:
As a Witch Elder: