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  1. Ellie Mors

    Silara Kuhn

    I've posted a feedback thread for myself as a writer, so here's one for my main and star character, Silara - also known as Darth Vitium (and previously Darth Sinna[buns]).
  2. Ellie Mors

    The Makings of a Master

    There were times when even the most unwilling of Sith Lords or Jedi Masters found themselves stuck with some sniveling whelp that tugged at their robes and begged to be taught, or begged to be spared in the cases of most Sith. It was rather disappointing when they were generally children, not...
  3. Ellie Mors

    Approved Tech  Silara Vantai's Datacron

    Image Source: Here Intent: A personal encrypted datacron for Silara Vantai/Darth Vitium's private use for recordings and such. Development Thread: Audiolog - The First Night (Blog) Manufacturer: Silara Vantai Model: N/A Affiliation: Silara Vantai Modularity: No Production: Unique Material...
  4. Ellie Mors

    Approved Tech  Advanced Heads Up Display Tracker

    Image Source: Adam Burn on DeviantArt Intent: To create a good, though flawed, visual tracking display. Development Thread: Laravan Corporation : +corporation[Ownership transfer at bottom] Gordian Reach Auction :[Auction results]...
  5. Ellie Mors

    The Divine Retribution

    It had been months since her fight with the terrible beast [member="Dralshy'a"] during the great invasion of Empress Teta, and though she had suffered a crippling defeat against the Akure Leviathan the Sith Lord had managed to survive and escape from its clutches while allowing the higher ups of...
  6. Ellie Mors

    Sins of the Flesh

    Tears streamed down a young woman's face, almost merely a girl, as she awoke beneath the rubble caused by her hopeless duel with the Akure Leviathan, [member="Dralshy'a"]. Blood was pooling about her legs, and the pain in her abdomen was unbearable. She hadn't known, how could she have known...
  7. Ellie Mors

    Who Do I Want to Be?

    Silence echoes across the empty expanse of the lavish room, a small bear-like plush sitting at a girl's side on a large white bed, and nobody says a word. It has been this way for so many days, months, years even. She lost track not long after the two-hundredth day, if that was even accurate on...
  8. Ellie Mors

    Lisette Vantai

    SUBJECT NAME: Lisette Kuhn ALIASES: N/A SPECIES: Human RACE: Vahla AGE: Twenty-Six SEX: Female SEXUALITY: Unknown HOME-WORLD: Prakith FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes EYES: Blue HAIR COLOR: Brunette HEIGHT:1.8 m (5'10") WEIGHT: 58.96 kg (130 lbs) SKIN COLOR/TONE: White BODY TYPE: Athletic GENERAL...
  9. Ellie Mors

    Lisette Vantai (W.I.P)

    Dossier NAME: Lisette Vantai ALIASES: N/A SPECIES: Human RACE: Vahla AGE: Thirteen SEX: Female HOME-WORLD: Rydonni Prime FORCE SENSITIVE: No Physical Description EYES: Hazel HAIR COLOR: Blonde HEIGHT: 1.524 m (5'0") WEIGHT: 50 kg (110 lbs) SKIN COLOR/TONE: White BODY TYPE: Athletic GENERAL...
  10. Ellie Mors

    Silara Vantai

    Dossier NAME: Silara Vantai ALIASES: Darth Sinna, Darth Vitium SPECIES: Sith Battlelord (Sithspawn) RACE: Vahla AGE: Twenty-Five SEX: Female SEXUALITY: Pansexual HOME-WORLD: Sorrus (UNCONFIRMED) FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes Physical Description EYES: Green HAIR COLOR: Blonde HEIGHT: 1.72 m (5'8")...
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