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rose kuhn

  1. Subject 37

    Approved Starship  The Wanderer

    Image Source: Star Conflict Affiliation: Rose Kuhn Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies Model: VT-Nephilim Class Corvette Modularity: Mild Production: Unique Material: Fiberplast, Titanium Classification: Long-Range Corvette Length: 56m Width: 37m Height: 17m Armament: 8 Two VT-Particle Gatling...
  2. Subject 37

    Unknown Paths

    [member="Judah Dashiell"] There were a lot of things in this galaxy that were a mystery to Rose. Her job was uncovering some of those mysteries. She’d spent the better part of the last few months mapping a section of the outer rim that until very recently had been left completely and totally...
  3. Subject 37

    Home Sweet Home

    Empress Teta People had always thought that Empress Teta looked exactly like Coruscant. They were both ecumenopolis worlds, they both had towering skyscrapers, and they both had a history of being economic powerhouses. Rose couldn't really blame people who held those assumptions, she saw the...
  4. Subject 37

    Looking For Threads

    Hey guys! I just brought Rose back for some RP and i'm looking to stick her into some threads. She is pretty flexible storywise, but has been working as an explorer/cartographer for the GUIDE. If you have any interest PM me or post here
  5. R

    Looking Back[Keldabe]

    Keldabe This city had history. It had a past that stretched back thousands of years, through billions of beings and countless events. The walls, the ground, the very air seemed to be filled to the brim with the spirit of the history. Keldabe was colorful, filled with life and nearly breaking...
  6. Danger Arceneau

    Rumor has it

    T A T O O I N E J U N D L A N D W A S T E S So back to the Stronghold they were. Word had it that they were at the very least a few days ahead of Rose, which left plenty of time for Alric and Danger to get settled in again. She had a few things to go over with Flynn and [member="Alric...
  7. R


    "What do you mean you don't know where the map is?" Her voice rang out above the sounds of the jungle, a strain of annoyance and anger hitching through it. "You haaad itttss." The Noghri hissed back at her, his voice stern and his expression as blank as ever. Rose stared at him for a moment...
  8. R

    It's Getting Cold Out

    [member="Lily Kirsche Kuhn"] She shook. Rain cut through air, heavy slashes of water that seemed to press into every nook and cranny available. Thunder and lightning roared behind her, accenting the single bright light that shone on her from the camera that she had place onto the ship. Rose...
  9. R

    Finding Forgiveness

    [member="Lily Kirsche Kuhn"] Home. It seemed better now, less dark, less empty. She supposed that was because dad was home now, because Lily was home now, because people were on the estate again. Rose had run here when she had left the hospital. She had gone out into Coruscant and found a...
  10. R

    Approved Starship  VT-Momentum RK

    Image Source: Gadget-Bot Productions Affiliation: Rose Kuhn Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies Model: VT-Momentum RK Modularity: Yes Production: Unique Material: Duraplast, Agrinium Classification: Speed Ship Length: 3.4m Height: 1.2m Width: 2.3m Armament: GN-40 twin rotating blaster cannon...
  11. R

    Breaking Apart

    A small skeletal hand pressed on a thick wooden door. For a second it didn't budge and inch, then slowly, with a loud creak, the double doors began to push apart. The crack of light struck the dusty interior, followed by the small thud of sneakers. Everything was covered in white sheets. Dust...
  12. R

    Take Me Home

    She had been walking for what seemed like an age. There was a blanket draped over her, a leather jacket under than, and a ragged hospital gown beneath that. The coat was heavy, sinking into her bare shoulders as though it were made of stone, covering her but making her feel like she had been...
  13. R

    Time To Go Home

    She woke up. For the first time in what seemed like weeks Rose woke up. She felt weak, weaker than she had ever felt before. Her head ached slightly, her body hurt, but not the hurt that had been clinging to her, a good dull throbbing ache. She felt worn out, tired, and more than anything...
  14. R

    The Cure

    "That's not a cure. That's a curse." They were the last words she remembered. The last thing that she had heard. What had it been about? What had been said? She couldn't remember. It had been one of the doctors, the one that had spoken to her, that had explained what was going on to her. It...
  15. R

    The Truth

    Pain. She felt pain. It wasn't like being shot, or stabbed, or grazed with a lightsaber. It was a different kind of pain. It was a pain that ran through every single part of her body. Her nerves. Her skin. Her eyes, even her toes. It all hurt. It wasn't a dull aching throb, it wasn't a small...
  16. R

    Ink In The Water

    “Kark!” Rose slammed her fist into the mirror in front of her. Her skin had become pale, her eyes were blood shot and her normally bright hair had all but lost its luster. The young woman looked like death itself, the lines on her face etched deep and the sweat running down her cheek a clear...
  17. Ellie Mors

    Approved Tech  Thorns For a Rose

    Image Source: Intent: A lightsaber for Rose Kuhn, the younger twin of the youngest Kuhn siblings. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Silara Kuhn Model: N/A Affiliation: [member=Rose Kuhn] Modularity: Crystals may be exchanged (Requires re-sub or modification request)...
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