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  1. Tefka

    Question  Do you think pre-determined outcomes for pvp threads are boring?

    Genuine question, but as the founder of Chaos I do obviously and honestly got plenty of biases and ulterior motives for bringing it up, you will go crazy trying to figure them all out so just focus on the subject at hand. Are they? Or do you prefer the gambling machine that is an entity like...
  2. Spek Zhio

    Public  The Pits of Nar Shaddaa

    Welcome to Tonight's Main Event... -- Theme -- source: ArtStation - Jamie Warner -- Nar Shaddaa, Moon of Nal Hutta -- Y'Toub System, Hutt Space On the underbelly of the Smuggler's Moon, the continuous discharge from the power plants and mining operations, shape the caustic and rancid gases...
  3. Spek Zhio

    LFG  Looking for some PvP

    Like everyone else in here, I really like writing stories and developing characters. "Fight scenes" are just a means to an end, in that regard. However, there's something to be gained in a writer-vs-writer action-packed confrontation. And I've just realized how I haven't done that in ages. So...
  4. Tefka

    Staff  New Rule Update: PVP Threads

    We’re adopting a new policy to show good faith towards PVP threads by having Staff members openly announce their recusals from Judgement teams. I like it, but this revisits an old problem from yesteryear early Chaos days - Writers privately approaching Staff members in an attempt to solicit...
  5. E


  6. FlowerPower

    [Guide] Write Fights and Fight Right - Guidelines and Manners in PVP

    A Guide To Slugging It Out and Keeping It Friendly Disclosures first: This guide draws heavily on an excellent thread written by an old, friendly acquaintance - PVP 101: How To Take A Measured Hit So, I like fight scenes. I've been on Chaos on and off (mostly off) since 2016, and I've done...
  7. Tefka

    Staff  Staff No Longer Judging PvP Threads

    The Annihilation was the best focal point to use as a shift in philosophy, so Val and I got to kicking the ol’ ball around and I’m putting some ideas into action. 1. We’re not going to be judging PvP threads anymore. This involves Invasions and Annihilations. However it resolves is up to the...
  8. U

    First Reply  Keldooine Fight-Night

    Keldooine, the Drunken Nerf Cantina There was nothing like Open Cage Night at the Drunken Nerf, most places needed signups and sponsorships and other complicated, useless, contract-y stuff before you got to hit someone for money. But the Nerf let anyone who was willing step into the cantina's...
  9. Kyrel Ren

    LFG  Where the Lightsaber Duels be at?

    Hello Everyone! Looking here for some fun stories involving duels, as it seems these days I can't seem to find what I guess I've been wanting a long time to ignite the good ole Star Wars muse. Character development is great, and even better is to claw and plot ways to achieve power on a galactic...
  10. Lirka Ka

    Private  Classic Smash and Grab

    It had been far too long since Lirka had stepped foot into CIS space, and returning to it now just left her with the sour taste of her weakness when living that past life. They were disgusting, pathetic, creatures. Vermin that festered and grew their hive like a plague, the only comfort to her...
  11. Pierce

    Public  The Ballad of a Disgusting Murderous Lowlife (Character Reintro)

    The Ballad of a Disgusting Murderous Lowlife Part I: The Death of a Saint, and the callous nature of a social outcast. Pierce released the limp corpse of the being, letting it fall to the ground with a large thud. The being, like most who had fallen victim, had simply been at the wrong place...
  12. NPC Treasury

    Public  Looking for FU Fighters to Recruit!

    The Risen Empire is a newly created NFU faction. However FU's are allowed under strict....conditions. They do serve a purpose, both in secret ops, assassinations and hunting. However each FU has a 'handler' that can literally hold their life in their hands. For a 'handler' to be assigned an FU...
  13. Scherezade deWinter

    Faction  Ready... Set... FIGHT! | Agents of Chaos

    Summer had arrived on Eve. In the city center, not too far away from the tower, stood the foundations of a building. There was still no name for what it would be called once it was done, but Scherezade already knew plenty about its contents. In a few months, this location would be her building...
  14. Primal Architect

    LFG  Bryn'adûl Dominion Campaign 2020: Seeking smaller groups!

    Starting 2020 Dominions off the right way! The Bryn'adûl want to try something different this year, building a campaign around Dominions that utilises the Bryn'adûl as an unstoppable genocidal force. Attacking planets as the protagonist try to defend and evacuate as many civilians as they can...
  15. Q

    The Great Hunt

    ORC's Mandalorian Exiles Present THE GREAT HUNT It is a dark time for Mandalorians. The homeworld is occupied. The Empire is broken. The clans are scattered. In the outer reaches this is nothing new. Echoylir, the Mandalorian Migrant Fleet roams Wild Space and the untamed frontier...
  16. Shakti Sweet

    Practice Makes... Practice

    Location: Grendin Waste, Lok Tag: [member="Aeneis Valdemar"] The likelihood that their Master would approve of any extracurricular violence was high... But the redhead wasn't concerned with [member="Adron Malvern"]'s business today. It had been long months of training, followed by longer...
  17. Voices of The Deep

    The Wolfs Arrival [Plotter]

    "The Great Hunt beckons to us all young wolf. Will you answer the call?" The Great Hunt: Referencing the faith in which The Huntress adheres to 'The Great Hunt' is considered the primary focus of this character from a storytelling perspective. She searches the stars for worthy prey that can...
  18. EllieEx

    The Bounty Hunter's League

    Make Bounty hunting fun again! That is the goal of our rag tag band of misfits, killers and vigilantes. we are looking for Bounty Hunters, Information Gatherers, and business partners to aid us in this endeavor! Here is what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you...
  19. Adron Malvern

    The Blood Games {Open to CIS & Allies}

    The Blood Games CIS Sponsored PvP Tournament Tournament Layout: This tournament is open to all CIS writers and our Allies. Sign-up for the tournament will last for one week, starting today. There will be three rounds of combat. The first round of combat will be straight PvP - 1v1. Writers will...
  20. Adenn Kyramud

    All Out War

    Just a little idea that has been spinning around my head for a while now. What if we had a galaxy spanning free for all, everyone vs everyone. No factions, alliances, friends. Just the player, vs everyone else. I know this may seem a tad far fetched, but I'll list some of the rules I thought...
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