Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Djinn Rizzla

    Approval to join no longer needed.

    Anyone can join. Approval not needed. Also, if anyone wants to make a banner and avatar for the faction can go ahead and post it up. You're all awesome. The writing is amazing. I love it.
  2. SivotFars

    The dangers of the empire / just a standard rebel plan gone wrong. Roles needed: imperials, rebels

    The plan was simple. One of you would pull the trigger, and the grenades to the back part of the base would explode and distract the imperials, then your others would sneak in and grab the device that had the info. But you weren’t the only ones who wanted that info, and not all the imperials...
  3. Liin Terallo

    LFG  (Mad) Scientist Needed! (And maybe some test subjects as well, ha ha!)

    Hello! With some of the stories that Liin has partaken in throughout my course on this site, and with drawing inspiration through various sources; I do believe that I'd like to have her go on a bit of a darker turn. In short she has expressed her concerns recently in regards to "Force...
  4. Micheal Nox

    Public  The Tools Needed

    "Is it here?" "Yes." Micheal walked towards the Corellia Digital Building, dressed in a simple white robe. Beside him walked another, though not by choice. The thought dowser he held cared little for whether someone's choice. All would be fine. When the Force was dead, no one would be subject...
  5. Kyrel Ren

    LOA  Much needed Vacation

    Hello there folks! Been one hell of a year, and it has finally come to that time where I go on vacation. Gonna be hitting the road with family to be visiting Tennessee to see some extended family, and overall just to have some fun! I’ll be gone starting tomorrow the 21st all the way through the...
  6. Loxa Visl

    LFG  Micro-Stories: Dreamreader Needed

    It's been several years since I've stuck my head into the public forums of Chaos. My time for roleplaying is generally restricted and it is very difficult for me to keep up with factions or maintain longer/larger group threads. I'm looking for writers who would be interested in micro-stories...
  7. Valery Noble

    LFG  Looking for Artisan — Lightsaber Design

    Hullo! I'm looking for a (Jedi) Artisan who is able to create a double-bladed lightsaber and is willing to work with a Jedi. Valery primarily used one prior to her long time in stasis, and I'm looking for her to finally build herself a new one. I'm not quite sure if people have any characters...
  8. Waka Jawaka

    Sith Alchemist(s) Needed

    I'd like to try writing a character biography backwards: I've got the character created, but now want to start filling in the blanks. He's a creation of Sith alchemy: a unique Force-sensitive creation who's part Jawa, part Ewok, and part Yoda's Species, created for...why? Is he a clone? Is he...
  9. Captain Scarlet

    Lightsaber coloring needed

    Might someone be able to turn the two swords in this picture into red lightsabers? I would greatly appreciate it!
  10. OOM-3 "Captain"

    LFG  Guards Needed for Convoy!

    I'm looking to put together an RP centered around OOM-3's ship transferring cargo from point A to point B. The RP would be open, but the initial joiners would be split between two sides: those protecting the cargo and those looking to steal/destroy it. If you are interested, then just respond...
  11. Menelik

    LFG  Master needed Dark Jedi/Sith

    "Menelik is a young wise-cracking, but deeply intelligent Sith whose philosophy of individualism, application, and experimentation with all aspects of the force has made him not the most sought after young ward among some older Sith. They want one of deep obedience to beck and call, not Menelik...
  12. Edaline Black

    LFG  Talent needed!

    An ad posted on the holonet, taking the form of a voice recording. Contact info included It begins with the sound of someone's throat clearing. "This thing on? Oh my word that sounds terrible!" There's the sound of metal dinging and static as it seems the microphone is being assaulted by a...
  13. A

    LFG  Mercenaries Needed

    Holotape Begins . . . Hey there, is this thing on? *tap *tap All you scourges of civilized society! This is Alliser Roche, Captain-Admiral of the Roche Fleet. We're soon to be docking in the Freehold system for a resting period before our next patrol of forceful business-dealing - if you...
  14. R

    GIF avatar pleaseeee

    I really would like for my avatar to flash back and forth between these two photos, also with a decent red border around it. I would really appreciate help on this!
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