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lfg 1x1

  1. Dired Mieflow

    LFG The mandalorian bounty hunter with a lightsaber

    Hello! I am new to the Chaos server and I am looking for Rp. Dired Mieflow is a mandalorian bounty hunter who just also happens to be a sith knight. He is someone who can really interact with anyone, given the circumstance. I can do whateverr situation you'd like. Can't wait to be rping with...
  2. Jala

    LFG Random Encounters & Greater Paths

    //Hi!! I'm fairly sure Jala's profile is good enough for me to finally begin playing with her! Her history and backstory are looking a bit... blank for now, but that'll be fixed as soon as I figure out something a bit more fleshed out than what I have in mind right now. Anyways, only her...
  3. Darth Maliphant

    Also An Apprentice

    Darth Maliphant has had a long while collecting Sith Knowledge, Techniques, and Power - and it feels about time that he take on an apprentice to the craft. Since Maliphant has been one of the primary patron to the Sith Empire's source of knowledge with things like the Great Sith-Imperial...
  4. Judas of Vahl

    An Apprentice

    Hello boys and girls of Chaos, I'm looking for an apprentice of any sort. Doesn't matter your alignment or fealty to an already established Force Order, but darksiders will definitely have an easier time getting sorted. I've had trouble in the past looking for dedicated pupils for Judas, so I'm...
  5. Amilthi Camlenn

    Darksiders with Doubts?

    If there is any Darksider who has doubts and needs a hand to let go, or if they haven't got doubts but need them implanted, meeting this Jedi could be beneficial to them and/or their story!
  6. Zecl Tuwmizi

    Looking for Master

    My character Zecl is a young bull of an Ithorian, only 18 living on the tropical world of Pantolomin. He's a force sensitive but has no idea what he's doing with it. What I'm looking for is someone, anyone really, who could train him and take him under their wing. It could be Sith, Jedi, Rogue...
  7. Val Aranda

    Matukai Teacher

    I don't think I have seen any on the site recently, but just in case you're out there and in hiding, I would like Val to train to be a Matukao. If there just so happens to be any out there, you are welcome to come to Ensolica and Val would happily be your pupil. :D
  8. Keira Priest

    Been a Bit

    So, I don't think I've written here in...gods, I don't even know how long at this point. The writing bug has come knocking again, and I figure best way to scratch that itch is kick the dirt off my boots and hop straight back into it. Just looking for private threads since I'm still at uni...
  9. Celiana

    Character Dev through a romance

    Sooo kinda self-conscious putting this out here. I'm a dude writer, I started up Celiana on a dare from a friend to write "a convincing female character" Now I'm trying to build Celiana IC wise for some personal development IC but I'm trying to do that as a romance plot. Just giving y'all a...
  10. Carla

    Looking for a Sith Scientist and/or Alchemist

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a Sith scientist and/or alchemist (preferably TSE) for extraction. I'm also looking for a small team to go into Sith territory to extract said scientist. Kay needs the individual for her tea company to 'help' her with a few unique brews. So this thread will...
  11. Zippy Zabelle

    In Search of a Teacher

    Zippy is an off-the-chain, talented Swoop-Bike Racer, and pirate. She's about to win her latest and biggest race on Telos! But she has yet to find out that someone has bet a very large sum on her victory - someone who knows she will win, not because of her history, or even her bike - but because...
  12. Kathryn Foster

    I feel the need... The need for speed!

    Heya all! I'm looking for a wingman with Kathryn, either a former one from her old Republic days or currently with the CIS to cook something up with! Shoot me a PM or reply here. I'm either thinking of Kathy coming fresh and new to the CIS fleet and needs to prove she's not just some rookie...
  13. Carla

    Looking for a Dedicated Employee

    The tea company is growing and I need more help than my (imaginary) friend can provide. Such person should like tea, is a fellow alchemist or an herbologist, or even some muscle to protect the warehouse from thieves, gangs (and possibly law enforcement). ------------- I tend to post daily, so...
  14. Valin Stryder

    Bleed a Kyber Crystal/ Jedi Nemesis

    While Sith have crafted their blades from synthetic lightsaber crystals. The true way is to take their weapon by facing a Jedi in combat and taking their lightsaber. Pouring the dark side into the Kyber Crystal to forge it into a weapon. Looking for a Jedi to take part in this Sith ritual of...
  15. Desmond C'artyom

    Coward seeks Muscle!

    Doing a revamp of Desmond, or more or less he's going to be old cowardly smuggler Desmond. SSo, this means three things. 1. Desmond betrays his Imperial ties 2. Desmond needs some muscle to higher 3. Desmond needs some SPICE BOI!
  16. Gabriel Hynatos Umberhorn

    Looking for Jedi

    Just looking for someone of the light-side persuasion to interact with and potentially train with.
  17. L

    LF Lightsaber Lessons

    Yo, Lynette here is looking for a few advanced lessons in sword fighting from any infamous Lightsaber instructor. Are you a master of your Form? Then I'm looking for you. :p This is a paying job. PM or post below. Thanks! :D
  18. Dominic Shiro

    Achieving balance

    So, i guess a bit of context is in order... Well at the moment, my character is 'training' under a jedi knight, Kahlil Zambrano, and to say that he doesn't like any part of the dark side is an understatement, I'm trying to write this character in a way that he embraces both sides of the force...
  19. Kafh-en-ma-nofre

    Looking for a Thread

    Looking for someone to thread with. Maybe another Padawan or something. Let's go on an adventure.
  20. Gnost Karr

    Looking for a Master

    The title says it all. This character originated as an NPC for my main character Kian Karr. But I've been wanting to get him up to Knighthood and would like to work with another Jedi to do this. I've always liked working from padawan to knight through training but, more importantly, going on...