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  1. Allyson Locke

    Seasonal  Creepy Crawly Contenst (Halloween One-Shot)

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone has an amazing time. This is the start of the One Shot Prompts! A few things before the prompts are revealed. I want everyone to have fun and really explore the character or character(s) they have chosen to write. Stretch the legs and get the creative juices...
  2. Sycorax Laveaux

    Public  Danse Macabre (Hallowe'en on Necropolis)

    As one might expect, Hallowe'en is a pretty big deal for the tomb world of Dahrtag, better known as Necropolis. The planet holds an annual festival to ensure the spirits of the dead remain placated, engaging in festivities all night long. But evil lurks in the shadows, and it isn't angry ghosts...
  3. Spirit of Freedom

    Faction  Paranormal Activity [GA Mission]

    PARANORMAL ACTIVITY EXPANSION REGION All across the frontier of the Expansion Region, otherworldly anomalies have sparked the interest of the Galactic Alliance. Specialized teams have been formed from members of every GA branch to investigate these unnatural occurrences and put to rest any...
  4. Elias Edo

    Seasonal  Fright Night on Endor | Halloween 2023

    Fright Night on Endor Halloween 2023 On the forest moon of Endor, excitement fills the air. The Ewoks have decorated their treetop homes with festive decorations, stitched together spooky costumes, and prepared handmade candies and treats for a very special celebration: Hallowe’en! On...
  5. Valery Noble

    LFG  Horror & Halloween stories

    It's LFG time again but this time with spooky vibes~ The title says it all really — I'm planning on running some horror stories with Halloween vibes. It can be anything from zombies and monsters to creepy 'haunted' places and other unexplainable phenomena. If you'd like to join Valery for some...
  6. Mairéad Solus

    Faction  Halloween at Reveries, Denon

    All Hallows Eve at Reveries Denon Location Reveries Bar and Recall lounge Open to members of the Family and non-hostile criminal types On that fabled night once a year when the veil between the living and the dead becomes thin, people come together to celebrate in a myriad of places and one...
  7. Kyrel Ren

    LFG  The World Eater

    Hello All! Happy Spooky Season to you lot. I come here before you all as I do admit i've been so focused on faction related things I am seeking other story related threads. Something to get the muse boosting as I've reached a very fun time with my character. Kyrel has finally achieved the...
  8. Kyrel Ren

    Faction  Grimly Tales Of The Maw

    Aboard the Devourer Somewhere out in Space. Shortly after the destruction of Panatha by the hands of the Wrath of the Maw. Kyrel Ren walked along the dark corridors connected to the underbelly of the Devourer. Behind him was the dragging unconscious body of Ingrid L'lerim the two had fought...
  9. Ulrich

    LFG  Unhallowed Invitations (Anyone interested in a halloween themed plot?)

    Hey all, October is upon us, and as we all know its the season for things that go bump in the night. So I thought it might be a fun idea to have what equates to a haunted house story, except set in space. Of course this is Star Wars, so the average character is a lot more capable of defending...
  10. Eternal Rapture

    Faction  The Gathering of the Dead | CIS Social

    The Day of the Dead All Hallow's Eve Nether Song Samhein There are many names from many cultures throughout the galaxy where the Living reflect on those or that which was lost, take stock of that which they have kept, and are reminded of what may be yet to come. An opportunity to reflect and...
  11. Jairdain

    To the Heart of the Matter

    Voss, Nightmare Lands Said by Voss and outsiders alike to cause insanity in those foolish enough to venture there, the Nightmare Lands are a dangerous region far from Voss-Ka, overgrown with twisted forests. The weather there is unpredictable, and strange sounds and lights have been reported by...
  12. Zak Dymo

    Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

    ♫ THE PLANET S H R I - T A L THE TEMPLE OF THE DAI LI They were losing the daylight. Perhaps it would have been wiser to have remained in orbit until this side of Shri-Tal was again facing its sun, except that the Jedi had been dispatched with all due haste. So waiting for the sun rise seemed...
  13. Celiana

    Halloween Event/ Group story?

    Hullo Loves! So a thought occurs to me...Connor has had a Rakghoul event that was great fun for what little I did in that event. The Mandalorian Empire also did an event similar but that fizzled out too..That being said I wanted to maybe do an interest check on if anyone might want to do a...
  14. Dunames Lopez

    Year-round Halloween

    ---------------------------------------- THE TUNROTH GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DARK-SIDED FORCE-NEXUS Lesrekta, Jiroch-Reslia In memory of the Reslian Purge, the Tunroth government has announced the construction of a dark-sided Force-nexus. The contract for the Force-nexus...
  15. Grrwunhoooll Agaburry

    Happy Halloween Chaos!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Happy Halloween Everyone :cool: :P :lol: :cool:
  16. Ayden Cater

    SWRP: 31 Days of Halloween

    The terrors of the undead had mostly fallen to stories and rumors. No one wanted to think about such a frightening series of events, much less entertain the idea that they could ever repeat themselves. Afterall, the dead didn't just dig their way out of the ground. Once you were dead, you were...
  17. Ayden Cater

    The SWRP 31 Days of Halloween

    The premise is short and simple. The dead are rising across the galaxy. Shatter ships, ethereal in form and malevolent in aura, are prowling the hyperlanes. The ghosts of the past are unhappy and want their revenge. What this thread is is nothing more than a fun distraction for folks to have...
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