Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Kaleleon

    Private  Parry This Filthy Casual

    Coruscant Jedi Temple Why would they trust me with him? I mean, sure I was a Knight before, but now I am just an apprentice. Someone who needed to go through trials. Yet I had been asked to aid in the training of one, Braze. We had met before. Many times before. However, I have been told...
  2. Aris Noble

    Faction  Casual Fisticuffs (Whatever the Paddy Pack is called now)

    Veridia had become one of Aris's preferred hangouts over the past few months. It was quiet, peaceful. More importantly alive. Coruscant was great and all, but the urban concrete jungle just wasn't a place he liked to stay. Here though, he could enjoy the sounds and smells of nature without...
  3. Elise of House Marr

    Casual sith knight looking for casual sith stuff.

    Elise is a member of the House of Marr. And likely the least ambitious of the lot. She finds all their politics and philosophy to be not only boring for her, but doesn't even see it as a way of the dark side. Not necessarily opposed, but not inherently it's way at least. But, as she lacks any...
  4. T

    Private  A Casual Dinner: The Path Back

    LOCATION: Coruscant, WEARING: Outfit, Force Talisman TAGS: Amani Serys Alicio Organa His first errand of the day had been leaving a message for Amani, and by extension Al, that he would like to have dinner with them. The strange glances sent his way by being present in the office and...
  5. Fi'nn Arkun

    Casual or combat RP

    Fi'nn is a dathomiran Zabrak/mandolorian warrior, he is better at hand to hand stuff as well is the force.
  6. M

    LFG  Jedi or Casual interactions

    Actor/Model Maxir Vancil is looking to see some action in Chaos. I had a couple suggestions: 1) Standard casual social RP 2) Late onset Force sensitivity - Maxir has been mildly Force Sensitive all his life. It hasn't really been anything that he has noticed, nor do most pay it any mind. I was...
  7. Toby Russen

    LFG  Epic heist! Looking for thrill seekers and politicians.

    Recently I had an idea that I thought might make a fun thread. Mr. Nine is all about shenanigans and danger and what not, so it seems very in line for him to break into places where he shouldn't be. Case in point, the Senate building on Coruscant. The idea is he'd get together a team of...
  8. A

    LFG  Casual Interactions?

    If someone or multiple people want to do a more casual rp with amalia a half zeltron noble from alderaan. Let me know post here and I will send you a dm so we can talk potentially
  9. Jada Raxis

    Looking for RP partners for casual Spacer RP

    Mostly organic stuff. Mostly flying on a ship and doing odd jobs. Think like a firefly setting. Nothing too intense, no faction battles etc unless the crew as a whole wants to. For some low drag rp hit me up. We can do character dev all the way to tense action I don't mind. Disclaimer Jada leans...
  10. W

    Citizens of Nelvaan

    The Hall of Shrouds is the great audience hall of the Eternal Empire in the Fortress of Solitude, the location where foreign ambassadors are welcomed and from where the imperial council rules the realm. This location is for political business and meetings. It can be divided into private...
  11. WolfMortum

    Approved Tech  Bekk Mag'ra's Civilian Attire.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a submission and give further description of Bekk Mag'ra's Casual Attire. Image Source: Original Model created for Jedi Knight Academy, Reskin of model done by [member=Tirdarius], extracted with Modview and photoshopped by myself (Imgur Link). Canon...
  12. M

    [Outer Rim Coalition] New Allies on a New World

    Capital City of Quigos, Zalelaeim ( The City of Zalelaeim, a incredibly massive city, spanning 104,607 Kilometers in size, and resting entirely at the northern pole of the planet, as there is only one continent, named Euris, that dominates the...
  13. Caius Flavian

    Looks like my watch broke!? ((looking for OS Fleeter see latest post!))

    Hello! I'm just getting back on here and for now will be casually roleplaying. As a cliche means of getting my character, company and various stuff back into the fold of the Galactic Empire (former Imperial Remnant) I'll be having Caius time travelling a good six years from the past to the...
  14. Caius Flavian

    Odyssey of Relativity

    Odyssey of Relativity OOC THREAD Here! Six years ago Valc VII, Outer system Herald of Retribution Flag Detachment, Battle Group Retribution of the Imperial Remnant “Commodore, all ships have reported in green, jump coordinates are synced to our navigation” Captain Ria reported in her calm...
  15. ujjjjjr

    Looking for Jedi Master-Casual RP

    I would like a Jedi Master for my Padawan character: Dian Zabar Here he is so far: Name: Dian Zabar Race: Human Gender: M Side: Jedi Rank: Padawan Master: none yet, I'd love one though played by another roleplayer! Lightsaber forms: Ataru, Soresu, Shii Cho, and a bit of Djem So influence Age...
  16. Ellie Mors

    Approved Tech  Lily's Casual Attire

    Image Source: The Witcher 3 Intent: To make a submission for something mentioned so often in every thread Lily is in. Development Thread: Manufacturer: Kamperdine Clothing Specialists, Lily Kuhn Model: N/A Affiliation: Lily Kuhn Modularity...
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