• Mandates are unique characteristics that may be adopted by a Major Faction that provide the Major Faction a bonus.

  • A Major Faction Owner must declare his/her Mandate in the Map Update Thread upon their Faction being approved for Major status.
  • Major Faction Mandates and their dates changed will be displayed in the Major Faction Mandates thread.

  • A Major Faction Owner may request their Mandate be changed once every 60 days in the Map Update Thread.


Archival Alliance
"Whatever possession we gain by the sword cannot be sure or lasting." -Alexander the Great
Strength: Whenever an Invasion is declared by or against a bordering Major Faction, this Major Faction may join it as a third competitor and will be considered in Victory Judgement.

Carrion Fields
"And the dead bodies of this people will be food for the birds of the air, and for the beasts of the earth, and none will frighten them away." -Jeremiah 7:33
Strength: When another Major Faction is recalled a second time, if it has more hexes than this Major Faction, this Major Faction will be provided the option to swap influence clouds.
Weakness: If two or more Major Factions possess this Mandate and choose the same viable targeted Influence Cloud in any given period of time, an Invasion thread must be launched on the recalled Major Faction's Capital Hex to choose the victor with all valid Major Faction's that possess this Mandate invited to join.

Fair Fight
"Honor. That is why a Knight does what he does." -Ser Gawain
Strength: This Major Faction may only be targeted by one Invasion every 30 days.
Weakness: This Major Faction may only win a maximum of one hex per Invasion.
Weakness: This Major Faction loses this Mandate if it forfeits an Invasion at any time, and may not choose it again.

Fortress Worlds
"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" -Richard III
Strength: This Major Faction may designate up to three hexes that count as a capital for purposes of invasions. These hexes must be listed on the Mandate page and can only be changed every 60 days.
Weakness: This Mandate may only be possessed by Major Factions with 7 or more hexes in their Influence Cloud.

Rampant Frontier
"One needs a vision of the promised land in order to have the strength to move." -War and Peace
Strength: In the place of Dominion threads, this Major Faction may submit four quality unique Codex Location submissions by four unique writers completed that month to the Map Update thread.
Weakness: This Major Faction may not submit more than one Dominion thread a month.
Weakness: This Major Faction may not submit more than 12 Codex Location submissions to the Map Update thread a month.

Manifest Fleetocracy
"It is a blessing for a man to have a hand in determining his own fate." -Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach
Strength: Invasions and Annihilations this Major Faction partakes in have a 5th Victory Condition: Fleeting. The winner of this Victory Condition is not determined by the amount of ships, fleets, admirals, or battles won or highest scores tallied. The winner of this Victory Condition will be determined by subjects such as, but not limited to, the actions of individuals and groups in naval scenarios, the use of ships, space stations, or other Fleet elements in play for the story's narrative. The determination and strategy of each Faction is not usually the deciding factor, but rather how it impacts the story as it unfolds and is influenced by the actions of each faction, and how engaging it is towards the collaborative writing scene for all writers involved. For example, the Millenium Falcon can win this Victory Condition against an entire fleet of Star Destroyers and a Death Star.

Rapid Expansion
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” -Alice in Wonderland
Strength: This Major Faction may claim a fourth Dominion per month.

Relentless Horde
"If you had not committed such great sins, God would not have set a punishment like me upon you." -Genghis Khan
Strength: This Major Faction may invade two different Major Factions simultaneously.
Strength: This Major Faction may submit a completed Invasion thread as a Dominion to the Map Update thread to claim an unrelated hex.
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