Major Faction Capitals


Major Faction Capitals are represented as planet icons on the Galaxy Map.

1. Each Major Faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Major Factions may not invade the hex containing the capital planet unless they have occupied a neighboring hex or the Major Faction has only its capital hex remaining.

2. Major Faction Capitals may only be gained by another Faction by being declared the target of an Invasion.

3. 3. If a Major Faction successfully defends their Capital, the defending Major Faction may annex or nullify any one non-Capital hex that is adjacent to that Capital hex.

4. Major Faction Capital hexes may not be the target of Annihilation threads.

5. If a Major Faction loses its Capital due to an Invasion it must choose a replacement Capital from another hex it currently controls. If it cannot, the Major Faction is reduced to a Minor Faction.