Major Faction Recall


Roughly once a quarter IRL time, the SWRP Staff Team will request an Activity Check of a specific, group of, or all Major Factions. Activity Checks will consist of all roleplays the Major Faction has inspired or contributed to in any form in regards to the forum. The Activity Check will not take into consideration the amount of writers in the Major Faction nor off-site activities of the Major Faction.

Activity Checks are not meant to threaten Major Factions. They are intended to be used to clear the Map of stagnant or inactive Major Factions who refuse to acknowledge declining activity.


For the purpose of making the Activity Check as painless as possible, it is highly recommended Major Factions keep track of their threads. This can be done by tagging threads with your Major Faction's name, keeping a spreadsheet, or posting links in an area in your Major Faction that is easily referenced.

1. A Faction Activity Check, once initiated, is performed by both the Roleplay Judges and the Administrators of the SWRP Staff Team.
2. The Major Faction Owner(s) involved must provide their list of roleplays within 7 days once requested by an Administrator.
3. The SWRP Staff Team will then have 7 days to review the Activity Check and vote whether or not to perform a Major Faction Recall.

A Major Faction Recall is defined as SWRP Staff's ability to demote a Major Faction to a Minor Faction.

1. Any SWRP Staff Member may begin a Major Faction Recall vote.
2. A Major Faction Recall vote requires 2/3 majority vote from the SWRP Staff Team to successfully pass.
3. Once a vote has passed, the Head Administrator(s) will decide on Removal, Delayed Removal, or Recall Warning.

A Removal is defined as a Major Faction's Influence Cloud being instantly removed from the map.
A Delayed Removal is defined as a Major Faction being extended 14 days to improve activity, and a second Recall vote will be cast.
A Recall Warning is a verbal warning only, and is intended to inform the Major Faction it has been targeted by a successful Recall vote.


1. A Major Faction may not merge its influence cloud with another Major Faction's influence cloud.
2. A Major Faction may not gift another Major Faction any territory or planets if recalled.

1. At any time, a Major Faction may request to go Minor via the Map Update Request thread.
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