Major Faction Recall


1. Upon discovery of a Major Faction that does not meet the SWRP Staff Team's standards, a Staff member may begin a vote to demote the Major Faction to a Minor Faction and recall it from the SWRP Galactic Map.

2. A Major Faction Recall vote requires 2/3 majority vote from the SWRP Staff Team to successfully pass.

3. Once a vote has passed, the Major Faction's Administrators will be sent a Notification Of Closure.

4. Upon receiving a Notification Of Closure, the Major Faction will have 14 days to bolster activity and meet the SWRP Staff Team's standards.

5. Upon the end of the 14 days of the Notification Of Closure, a second vote from the SWRP Staff Team will be held in accordance with the rules of the first vote. Upon passage of the second vote, the Major Faction's hexes on the map will all be permitted to be targeted by Rebellion threads by Minor Factions or Invasions from Major Factions.

6. Recalled Major Faction Capitals lose their bonus defenses when the Major Faction only has one hex left with Influence Cloud.


1. A Major Faction may not merge its influence cloud with another Major Faction's influence cloud.

2. A Major Faction may not gift another Major Faction any territory or planets (see Diplomacy Rules).

3. The Major faction must post the Major Faction Removal or Merger notice in the Map Thread Updates Thread.

4. If a Major Faction requests to be removed from the map they are counted as a recalled Major Faction (not a Minor Faction) until the next Map Update.