Star Wars RP: Chaos operates with an "Open Faction Creation System", meaning that any character may create a Faction whenever you want. You do not need permission to do so! For more information on our available Factions, please see the Faction Directory.

No faction may use the terms 'official', 'real' or 'true' or similar in the name of their faction. No faction can claim to be the sole and only version of that group.


1. At any time, an Administrator may declare a Minor Faction inactive and remove the Faction.

2. Minor Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting SWRP Administrators of SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions.

3. Minor Factions who meets the minimum requirements to become a Major Faction may post a request in the Factions forum to be declared a Major Faction. If a Minor Faction is declared the victor of a Rebellion, then that Minor Faction is given the choice of being promoted to Major (and gaining the hex) or remaining minor (reverting the hex to neutral.)


1. If a Minor Faction holds allegiance to, operates under the authority of, or in any way belongs to a Major Faction they are considered a Subfaction and not a Minor Faction.

2. A Subfaction may use the resources of its Major Faction, but may not initiate Rebellions.

Major Factions


1. Major Factions must have maintained activity for 30 days as a Minor Faction before being eligible for Major status.

2. Major Factions must maintain 5 or more unique, individual, active characters to remain active. Each character must be written by a different person.

3. A Major Faction receives a maximum of 3 starting adjacent hexes of their choice for their starting influence cloud.

4. A Major Faction may only submit four completed Player Vs Environment threads every calendar month.

5. Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc.


1. Members may not be Faction Administrators, Faction Moderators, Faction Owners, or representatives of Faction Leadership in any manner of more than one Major Faction. This applies to all characters/sub-accounts owned.

2. A Major Faction Owner intending to go Minor is required to hold a majority decision vote with their Faction. If the vote is successful, the Major Faction is subject to the rules for Major Faction Recalls.

3. When a Major Faction Owner steps down, a public, faction-wide election must take place on the SWRP forums to choose a new Major Faction Owner.

4. Major Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting the SWRP Staff Team's Administrators of waning activity, gained or lost hexes, SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions, etc.

5. Roleplay Judges and SWRP Administrators are prohibited from joining Major Faction Moderation, Creative, or Administrative teams in any capacity, to include subfactions and other related factions of note.

Influence Clouds


1. Major Factions have "Influence Clouds" displayed on the Galaxy Map.

2. A Major Faction spreads its Influence Cloud by invading (Invasion) or dominating (Dominion) a hex near its borders.

3. Planets on the official SWRP Chaos Map whose icon touches a grid line count as a planet for all hexes the line(s) intersect.

4. If a Major Faction's Influence Cloud is completely severed into two or more smaller clouds by an Invasion or any other method, the Major Faction loses the cloud(s) furthest away from it's Capital Planet and only retains the cloud it's Capital Planet resides in.

5. A single hex that is surrounded on all sides by a Major Faction's Influence Cloud will be added to that Major Faction's cloud.

Major Faction Recall


Roughly once a quarter IRL time, the SWRP Staff Team will request an Activity Check of a specific, group of, or all Major Factions. Activity Checks will consist of all roleplays the Major Faction has inspired or contributed to in any form in regards to the forum. The Activity Check will not take into consideration the amount of writers in the Major Faction nor off-site activities of the Major Faction.

Activity Checks are not meant to threaten Major Factions. They are intended to be used to clear the Map of stagnant or inactive Major Factions who refuse to acknowledge declining activity.


For the purpose of making the Activity Check as painless as possible, it is highly recommended Major Factions keep track of their threads. This can be done by tagging threads with your Major Faction's name, keeping a spreadsheet, or posting links in an area in your Major Faction that is easily referenced.

1. A Faction Activity Check, once initiated, is performed by both the Roleplay Judges and the Administrators of the SWRP Staff Team.
2. The Major Faction Owner(s) involved must provide their list of roleplays within 7 days once requested by an Administrator.
3. The SWRP Staff Team will then have 7 days to review the Activity Check and vote whether or not to perform a Major Faction Recall.

A Major Faction Recall is defined as SWRP Staff's ability to demote a Major Faction to a Minor Faction.

1. Any SWRP Staff Member may begin a Major Faction Recall vote.
2. A Major Faction Recall vote requires 2/3 majority vote from the SWRP Staff Team to successfully pass.
3. Once a vote has passed, the Head Administrator(s) will decide on Removal, Delayed Removal, or Recall Warning.

A Removal is defined as a Major Faction's Influence Cloud being instantly removed from the map.
A Delayed Removal is defined as a Major Faction being extended 14 days to improve activity, and a second Recall vote will be cast.
A Recall Warning is a verbal warning only, and is intended to inform the Major Faction it has been targeted by a successful Recall vote.


1. A Major Faction may not merge its influence cloud with another Major Faction's influence cloud.
2. A Major Faction may not gift another Major Faction any territory or planets if recalled.

1. At any time, a Major Faction may request to go Minor via the Map Update Request thread.



Consolidation allows a Major Faction to voluntarily turn hexes in it's Influence Cloud neutral.

  • At any point, a Major Faction may request any number of hexes in their influence cloud be transitioned to neutral. This may not reduce the Major Faction below a total of 3 hexes. A Major Faction's Capital Hex may not be included in the request.
  • After 14 days the requested hexes will be turned neutral.
  • This request may only be made once every 30 days.

Major Faction Capitals


Major Faction Capitals are represented as planet icons on the Galaxy Map.

1. Each Major Faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Major Factions may not invade the hex containing the capital planet unless they have occupied a neighboring hex or the Major Faction has only its capital hex remaining.

2. Major Faction Capitals may only be gained by another Faction by being declared the target of an Invasion.

3. 3. If a Major Faction successfully defends their Capital, the defending Major Faction may annex or nullify any one non-Capital hex that is adjacent to that Capital hex.

4. Major Faction Capital hexes may not be the target of Annihilation threads.

5. If a Major Faction loses its Capital due to an Invasion it must choose a replacement Capital from another hex it currently controls. If it cannot, the Major Faction is reduced to a Minor Faction.



  • Mandates are unique characteristics that may be adopted by a Major Faction that provide the Major Faction a bonus.

  • A Major Faction Owner must declare his/her Mandate in the Map Update Thread upon their Faction being approved for Major status.
  • Major Faction Mandates and their dates changed will be displayed in the Major Faction Mandates thread.

  • A Major Faction Owner may request their Mandate be changed once every 60 days in the Map Update Thread.


Collateral Damage
"Ruined land was accepted as the collateral damage of progress." -Robin Wall Kimmerer
Strength: If this faction wins an annihilation every hex adjacent to the hex with the destroyed planet also turns neutral.

Fair Fight
"Honor. That is why a Knight does what he does." -Ser Gawain
Strength: This Major Faction may only be targeted by one Invasion every 30 days.
Weakness: This Major Faction may only win a maximum of one hex per Invasion.
Weakness: This Major Faction loses this Mandate if it forfeits an Invasion at any time, and may not choose it again.

Fortress Worlds
"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" -Richard III
Strength: This Major Faction may designate up to three hexes that count as a capital for purposes of invasions. These hexes must be listed on the Mandate page and can only be changed every 60 days.
Weakness: This Mandate may only be possessed by Major Factions with 7 or more hexes in their Influence Cloud.

Hyperlane Trader
"When it's raining gold, reach for a bucket, not a thimble." -Warren Buffett
Strength: Once per month, this Major Faction may gain a free hex that can be submitted as a Dominion/PvE Thread without any associated thread so long as that hex is adjacent to or directly on an established Hyperlane.
Weakness: This Major Faction may only submit three completed Player Vs Environment threads every calendar month.

Lucky Looter
"You have to create your own luck. You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of them." -Bruce Lee
Strength: A designated writer of this faction gains one thousand credits per post in any Map Update thread (Dominion, Invasion, etc.) their faction submits. This person may change per thread and can be noted on the Map Update Request.

Rampant Frontier
"One needs a vision of the promised land in order to have the strength to move." -War and Peace
Strength: In the place of Dominion threads, this Major Faction may submit four quality unique Codex Location submissions by four unique writers completed that month to the Map Update thread.
Weakness: This Major Faction may not submit more than one Dominion thread a month.
Weakness: This Major Faction may not submit more than 12 Codex Location submissions to the Map Update thread a month.

Rebel Storm
"It doesn't take a majority to make a rebellion; it only takes a few determined leaders and a sound cause." -H.L. Mencken
Strengths: A Major Faction with this mandate may mark a Major Faction as its Oppressor. Invasions against this Major Faction may target any valid hex within its cloud, up to three at a time. They can choose a new Oppressor once every 60 days or retain the same one.

  • This Major Faction may not gain territory on the map at all.
  • This Major Faction may only target its chosen Oppressor.

Relentless Horde
"If you had not committed such great sins, God would not have set a punishment like me upon you." -Genghis Khan
Strength: This Major Faction may invade two different Major Factions simultaneously.
Strength: This Major Faction may submit a completed Invasion thread as a Dominion to the Map Update thread to claim an unrelated hex.

Self Destruct
"Sometimes we want what we want even if we know it's going to kill us." -Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch
Strength: This faction cannot be invaded against its will.


  • This faction must designate a hex on the outer edge of its cloud as a starting point. From there, every month, a hex will be removed traveling the path of least resistance toward their capital. If the capital is reached before the Mandate gets changed the faction will implode and return to minor status. Any claimed adjacent hexes belonging to other factions also turn neutral.
  • This faction may only invade adjacent hexes.
  • This faction may not regain any hexes that have been lost due to this mandate for any reason unless the mandate gets changed.
  • This faction may not change its capital while the mandate is active.
  • A faction choosing this mandate must have at least two other hexes connected to the capital.

Total War
"Total war is the most humane in the long run." -C.S. Lewis
  • This Major Faction can invade and claim 6 Hexes with a single invasion in any order or shape as long as 1 Hex is adjacent to their cloud.
  • Can be used to cloud break.
  • If they lose the invasion they lose 6 Hexes of the winner's choosing.
  • Can be used to cloud break.

Vassal States
"It is always the adventurers who do great things, not the sovereigns of great empires." -Baron de Montesquieu
  • This Major Faction can choose to sacrifice 5 Hexes and claim a "Secondary Cloud" of 3 Hexes anywhere on the map, excluding, Major Faction Capitals.
  • Once every 60 Days, this Major Faction can choose to sacrifice 2 Hexes in order to add 1 Hex to the Secondary Cloud.
  • Once every 60 Days, this Major Faction can reset the Secondary Cloud and relaunch the Mandate from scratch somewhere else.
  • Invasions can be launched from this cloud.
  • It can be used to cloud break.
  • They will be labeled on the Map as a "State" of the Major. (Ex. Empire/Alliance/Sith State).
  • The Secondary Cloud can only grow through a 2 Hex sacrifice or an Invasion Victory.
  • If the Mandate is changed or is reset after 60 Days the initial Secondary Cloud is lost and the hexes become neutral.
  • When claiming space occupied by another Major an Invasion can be launched in an attempt to block the claim. If this faction fails they lose 2 Hexes.
  • Only one Secondary Cloud per Major can exist at a time.