Major Factions


1. Major Factions must have maintained activity for 30 days as a Minor Faction before being eligible for Major status.

2. Major Factions must maintain 5 or more unique, individual, active characters to remain active. Each character must be written by a different person.

3. A Major Faction receives 3 starting adjacent hexes of their choice for their starting influence cloud.

4. When a Major Faction Owner steps down, a public, faction-wide election must take place on the SWRP forums to choose a new Major Faction Owner.

5. Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc.

6. Major Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting the SWRP Staff Team's Administrators of waning activity, gained or lost hexes, SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions, etc.


1. Members may not be Faction Administrators, Faction Moderators, Faction Owners, or representatives of Faction Leadership in any manner of more than one Major Faction. This applies to all characters/sub-accounts owned.

2. A Major Faction Owner intending to go Minor is required to hold a majority decision vote with their Faction. If the vote is successful, the Major Faction is subject to the rules for Major Faction Recalls.


Faction Capitals are represented as planet icons on the Galaxy Map.

1. Each faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Factions may not invade the hex containing the capital planet unless they have occupied a neighboring hex or the Major Faction has only its capital hex remaining.

2. Major Faction Capitals may only be gained by another Faction by being declared the target of an Invasion.

3. If a Major Faction successfully defends their Capital they may take any non-capital adjacent hex from the attacker. Alternatively they may render any non-capital hex from the attacker as neutral as though they had successfully invaded it.

4. The Major Faction Capital Hex may not be the target of Rebellions.

5. If a faction with more than one hex loses its capital due to an invasion it must choose a replacement capital from the hexes it currently controls. That hex then becomes the faction's capital.

6. In the event a one hex Major Faction loses an invasion targeting their Capital, that Major Faction will automatically be reduced to Minor Faction status. This faction must then wait a minimum of 60 days before they can resubmit an application for Major Faction status.