• Mandates are unique characteristics that may be adopted by a Major Faction that provide the Major Faction a bonus.


  • A Major Faction Owner must declare his/her Mandate in the Map Update Thread upon their Faction being approved for Major status.
  • Major Faction Mandates and their dates changed will be displayed in the Major Faction Mandates thread.


  • A Major Faction Owner may request their Mandate be changed once every 60 days in the Map Update Thread.


Grasp the Void
Strength: This Major Faction gains the ability to submit an additional 2 Dominions per month which are not subject to rebellions.
Weakness: This Major Faction loses the ability to launch Invasion threads.

Manifest Destiny
Strength - This major faction may designate one bonus hex per month as a reward for completing three dominions. (replacing the SSD, not in addition to it)
Weakness -This major faction must sacrifice one hex if they do not complete THREE dominions in that month. (The dominions must start and finish in the same month to count, like with an SSD)

Fortress Worlds
Strength - A Major Faction may designate up to three hexes that count as a capital for purposes of invasions. These hexes must be listed on the Mandate page and can only be changed every 60 days.
Weakness - All other hexes in the cloud may be rebelled at any time. A faction must have at least 1 hex not covered by this mandate.

The Burnout Special
Strength: This Major Faction may claim one additional adjacent unclaimed hex each month, regardless of any Dominions it does or does not complete, provided they launch or receive an invasion.
Weakness: This Major Faction must launch an Invasion every month, except in months when other factions invade it. If it does not it loses this Mandate and must choose another.

Contagious Assault
Strengths: When this faction invades, it can choose an additional neighbouring hex that will be included in the invasion. This cannot be a capital hex.
Weaknesses: When this faction gets invaded, the invading factions can automatically choose one additional neighbouring hex that will be counted in the same manner. This cannot be a capital hex.

Droid Army
Strength: Up to 10 Droid and AI characters do not count against this Faction's Invasion Requesting Aid slots when defending or attacking.

Relentless Horde
Strength: This faction may invade two different Major Factions simultaneously.
Weakness: Any of the Major Faction’s Dominions may be rebelled against.

Rapid Expansion
Strength: This faction may claim a fourth Dominion per month.
Weakness: The second, third and fourth Dominions may be targeted for rebellions.

Galactic Nomads
Strength: Once a month, this Major Faction may abandon their current Influence Cloud & Capital Planet and relocate elsewhere on the map as if they were a creating a new Major Faction. The size of the new cloud is based on the Faction's previous influence, from a minimum of one hex to a maximum of three.
Weakness: The Major Faction may not use this Mandate's strength if the Major Faction is currently engaged in an incomplete Invasion, Rebellion, or Dominion.

Defensive Stronghold
Strength: This Major Faction has double the number of Requesting Aid slots when it is defending a hex it owns from an Invasion.
Weakness: This Major Faction has no Requesting Aid slots when it is Invading a hex.

Inward Perfection
Strength: This Major Faction cannot be invaded by multiple factions simultaneously.
Weaknesses: This Major Faction cannot invade a faction at the same time as another Major Faction and the faction can also only do one dominion per month.

Strength: This Major Faction has double the number of Requesting Aid slots when launching an Invasion of an Enemy Hex.
Weakness: This Major Faction has no Requesting Aid slots when defending a Hex that they own.

Vagrant Fleet
Strength: This Major Faction slowly travels across the map. Each month they remove between one and three of their hexes and replace them with that number of unoccupied new ones adjacent to their current.
Weakness: The Vagrant Fleet has no capital hex and as such misses its natural protection. Furthermore, they are limited to only a single dominion each month.