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Junko Ike

Baifa Monü Zhuan

Image Source: Karness Muur's Lightsaber
Intent: To have a factory sub of her lightsaber
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Junko Ike
Model: Lightsaber
Affiliation: Junko Ike
Modularity: Crystals can be changed
Production: Unique
  • Lightsaber Components
  • Durlanium Alloy
  • Electrum Groves
  • Focusing Crystals
  • Micronized Kyber Shards
  • Non-Dimetris Circuitry
  • Webs of the Spider Clan
Classification: Curved Lightsaber
Size: One-handed, Two-handed
Length: 1.33m
Weight: 2kg
Special Features:
Description: Crafted for Junko by Sasori Artisan's and designed around her preferred form of Makashi the saber is light metal enchanted with the force and witches magic. Then there it ancient spider from the spider clan within the totem. The concentration to maintain it and keep it going was a problem addressed by the use of crystals designed to enhance mental clarity and acuity so she can focus on her skills. A trap grip on the handle that hold it towards a biometric grip designed and keyed to Junko herself releasing an electrical shock to those who are not her biometrics. With what is there she is able to use it and the totem magic from the nightsisters that trained her. A mission with her cousin found her discovering a dark honey colored crystal she could feel resonating with the force and she set it as the color crystal of her saber.
Primary Source:
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