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When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Sing the Universe Song
Zila City

“When falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?”
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

The sea drifted across Kanta Tukka’s paws, which patted and splish-splashed at the shore. It wasn’t the Great Wavily-Wave, or the Smooth Up-there Sea the Moon, Sun and Choristers-that-Stopped swam on, but for the limbed coconut with the shell on his head, it felt enough like Noasis.

Like home.

And like home, the Other Creature’s Wavily-wavey-splishy-splashy big blue wet thing was cool on his hind paws. It would do. His coconut armour held a diagonal strap, which Kanta pulled on, a small lyre flipping out from under his fashionable shell hat. He began to strum, as all Akalenedat’ike did endlessly, his feet keeping time puttering along the shallow splishy-splashy wobblede-ground.

“My lyre strums a silly nonny-nonny
for the Mandos and shiny jedi sonnies
Break their bones and shoot and stab each other
Them shinies and them slavies us a’smother…”

“Oy, there! Mascot, back in formation you fethin’ coconut, we’ve got work to do!” One of the pirates kicked at the dirt, producing a thin box he brushed off and blew at. Inside the box, something which beeped.

“Cheers, eh? Mand’alor h’Infernal’s still in h’city. Let’s get this going, eh? Our client paid bundles t’start this war.”

“Cheers, oh cheers and lullies
to the client who paid
Us pirate lovey-lies
To start a war-“

“Oy! Someone stop him singing!”

“Why? I quite liked that one, it had rhythm.”

“Where’s [member="Pandora"], she knows how to deal with you fethin’ mooks. Mooks, all of you.”
“Mooks, mooks, forsooth I’m surrounded by mooks.”

“Fethin’ coconut…” The pirate grumbled, as Kanta Tukka played another strain on his lyre, then yanked on the cord, which sent it veering back under his fashionable conch shell hat. The sentient coconut rushed along with his pirate gang, eager as any to bask the ankles and knees of these ‘metal coconuts’ and the ‘sparkly jedi’ they were supposed to be warring against.

War was beyond him, yet what was not was thus:

They were about to cause a ruckus, and someone named ‘Mand’alor’ was being betrayed by a duplicitous trader, who happened to know the round-bellied woman was in Zila City.

Kanta knew. Kanta saw her, tall as a building with a bump where air should be around the middle. Kanta was a good Akalenedat’ike, who told the pirates exactly where he’d seen her, and where he’d seen the security checkpoints, and what the bank managers punched into their vaults, where the Silver Jedi boom booms were, and how the Jedi got them out of their cases and many more things the dancing coconut sang on a daily basis.

The initial bombing would begin almost simultaneously, concussive pressure causing the wibbley-wobbly by Kanta's feet to jitter and splash. Kanta rushed away from the water and climbed up Angus, sitting on his shoulder.

Across Garos, strategic positions began to explode, using weapons and charges stolen from the Silver Jedi.


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Zila City
“I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all.
I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe.
If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.”

Across the resort city, beings in beskar’gam frolicked with those in resort-wear, as Mandalorian settlers set up pre-fab shelters, forges and began the process of turning the east slope of Zila City into a Mandalorian town.

The process was one more moment of growth Mand’alor the Infernal was glad to see, yet another moment where the Mandalorian Empire healed hurts of the past and spread, invited, across the stars. By rights the pregnant warrior ought not to be off Mandalore.

[member="Baiko no Kaho"] certainly attempted to tell Yasha’s adopted father [member="Gray Raxis"] that it was high time Yasha stayed put and waited for her baby to arrive.

Baiko did not count on Mand’alor’s vehement will to give the people what they wanted, and to ensure that all was well within the borders of her worlds. By her side, [member="Kaden Mantis"] was a constant reminder that they could make paradise of the Mandalorian-held planets. They had the power and the people to turn this humble stretch of the galactic expanse to a hearty and healthy Empire for their eventual daughter to be raised.

Yasha held her distended belly, heavy from eight months of pregnancy, as she waddled (for lack of better term) through the Zila Settlement. [member="Ambrose Mantis"] and the other Yalilyr were far off, helping an SOS signal off the Western Hemisphere of the planet, his mate Ka’lo the only Yalilyr remaining as Yasha walked on this safe jaunt with her Riduur and her best friend [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"].

“Wow, give us an inch and we have a dozen houses set up a mile wide. This is some solid work… Hey, Cass? What do you think of the hospital there, across the street from the education centre? It’s far enough from the beach it won’t disturb the tourists, but close enough the kids could walk to the water and learn to swim, eh?” Yasha punched the shorter woman’s shoulder, nodding to the sea, which she could smell if she stopped and concentrated.

Her raven hair, braided up in its’ usual crown braid, had curls struggle out in the sea breeze, playing across her face in a pristine moment of delightful abandon.


“Kade—!” Yasha’s voice cut off by another collision of armament with durarete, throwing Yasha, Kaden, Cassiopeia and Ka’lo to the ground from the pressure of the shockwave.

Yasha doubled over, hand clenching her belly, the other clawing at the ground. A ringing stole her ears, her helmet far from the place where her body skidded, back slapping against a produce store. Broken transparisteel shattered atop her.

She gasped. Her knees pulled up to her swollen chest. Yasha gasped again, breathing shortened by the scuffles reaching her ears. A… a coconut?

A coconut with legs smacked into her. Yasha felt herself get lifted by two pairs of arms. Thrown into the back of a skiff. She raised her hand and called her mighty warhammer to her, Rekr Karyatesa, the Wolf Hammer.

The death-bringer rushed to Mand’alor the Infernal’s hand as [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] and [member="Kaden Mantis"] were flung beside her. Yasha staggered to her knees, held aloft her war hammer…

And screamed.
As another wave of pain struck her belly.

Yasha Mantis dropped the Rekr Karyatesa, the droid-bane war hammer, and grabbed her quaking belly with both arms.

Her scream echoed across the MBE system, to [member="Kaine Australis"], Ambrose Mantis, [member="Skosk Fett"], and dozens of others.

Mand’alor’s vocal signal broke across the Mandalorian Empire, calling the Mando’ade to war as her physical self was carried to Barataria in Silver Jedi Space.

Only the Mandalorians could save the belaboured mother, now.


OOC: The Battle for Mand’alor takes place on Barataria, in SJO space. Come defeat Pirates and take back your medically inhibited (ahem sorry guys, Labour beckons) Mand’alor!
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King of Pumpkins
Zila City
Rex and [member="Tom Taff"] were in the City. Mainly to do some business for their company Mirdirmorut. They were sitting at a cafe with some of their security forces as well as one of Rex's agents. Rex was receiving some information on what the several groups and individuals he was watching were up to. It was the usual stuff really nothing new. He payed the agent and sent them on their way. Nothing new happening. The other reason he was here was to keep an eye on [member="Yasha Mantis"]. She was mand'alor but from his records she often got herself in trouble.
Then there were explosions. Rex got up and was about to say something when a device went off next to them. Rex and his Son survived thanks to their force shields they threw up. The four men who had been with him were gone though. Two had been crushed under the rubble by the looks of things the others......Well they were deferentially not being heal even by him. Rex felt pain, sorrow and rage run through him. Then his MBE comm went off. The Mand'alor was screaming. Without a second thought he track her link. He went to the site finding her war hammer.
He jumped on the MBE to kaine straight away. "[member="Kaine Australis"] we have a problem Zila city was bombed mand'alor, Cassi and Kaden were taken. Multiple civvie causalities. I will get some of my medics on the ground and leave Tom here to help out. But you need to get the mandalorians together we need to find her Kaine." He would then turn to his son. "Call our medics off the Star Destroyer and find out what happened here. I am going to go and find mand'alor." He would then leave heading back to the shuttle.
He forces and Star Destroyer were ready when he got back most of the medics had gone to the ground. He made a brisk walk to the bridge. Still holding onto mand'alor's hammer. "Comms track mand'alor's signal and then get me on the horn to Kaine again once you have found it. We need to get her back." "Yes sir." Within minutes they confirmed she was on Barataria. Shortly after he spoke to Kaine "Kaine she is on Barataria in SJO space. We need to get her back she sounds like she is going into labour. I will gather some forces and met you there." He would end it as he went to quickly grab some more forces.


King of Pumpkins
Zila City

He was sitting at a cafe with dad and four guards. He was sitting in casual gear enjoying the peace. It was a wonderful town here. Small but nice. Could use some more animals He thought to himself. He had a cake in front of him that he was devouring. His dad was chatting to someone about various things and people he had never heard of. One day he most likely would have to. He wished they had brought [member="Mykes Vatak"] along then he would have someone to talk to then.

Then there were explosions. He could feel the loss of life almost immediately. He then threw up his force shield as the explosion happened next to him. He looked around all of the guards who were with them were all dead. Terry, Harry, Moe and Sam. He could remember every interaction he had with each of them. All of them killed by an explosion. It hurt to look at their broken bodies strewn about. Then his dad ran off. He followed close behind.

Arriving after his dad. He saw him holding a hammer. He had seen that hammer before but where. It was slowly dawning on him till it smacked him in the face. It was mand'alor's hammer. His dad got on with uncle [member="Kaine Australis"]. Then Tom looked around he could see the people needed help he was just calling the medics to the ground when his dad told him to. Couldn't hurt to have extra authority for it. Shortly after he was left. He began to tend to the wounded.

The medics were quick to arrive and prioritise getting doctors and nurses back on their feet first. Wasn't long before a area was set up and the hospital was rummaged for anything that hadn't been destroyed in the explosions. Most of the doctors where back on there feet within an hour. The process no longer needed all the medics/soldiers that had been left behind. So Tom requisitioned two and began searching for the way this place was destroy and coming up with reasons why.
Zila City
With [member="Yasha Mantis"]


Kaden Mantis has done a good job of removing himself from the politics of the Mandalorian Empire. Where he had once stood to become Yasha’s Warmaster, Kaden now kept the one place he had always occupied. He stood one step to the right and behind his riduur. While it fell to Yasha to rule, he knew he could no longer do everything she wanted from him and comfort her when they were in private. Besides, he tired of the politics. His council would always be given as their heads lay on their pillows, with their bodies entwined in a lover’s embrace. Kaden one’s it was the only way she would listen to him alone, if he was the only voice in her ear.

She was stubborn. Baiko has bent Kaden’s ear more than once that Yasha should allow her generals to lead their armies. What better symbol of life and prosperity than a Mand’alor who would prepare her home for her child. Kaden agreed, but unlike Baiko knew that nothing would dissuade his wife.

”She is as stubborn a Bantha as I am, you know this,” Kaden remembered saying, ”You had best rest in the fact that my stubborn will to see her survive is stronger than her will to run head long toward her death. You will lose a son long before you lose a ward and your granddaughter.”

The words still echoed in his mind as the sounds of several collisions rattled through his helmet. He was tossed to the ground along with everyone he was with. His eyes cleared, the static from his HUD gave way to a full picture. Over the comm he could hear Yasha screaming, and as he looked at the proud woman grabbing the baby they had created. And she rallied the troops to battle, Kaden reached out to Baiko.

<<< “Send medical aid. We’ve been attacked. You’re granddaughter is coming.” >>>

The broken sentences were all Kaden could manage before he lost the signal. His job was now that of husband and father. If anyone came for Yasha...

...they would die...​

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Cassiopeia was enjoying the small inspection of the city of Zila. While the others in the group, Kaden, and Yasha, may have been focused on development, she was also focused on how well they were implementing green technology. Was the city running in a way that wouldn't harm its local, or even global environment? It seemed to be so. Of course, the development itself was amazing. Prefab shelters, forges, and so forth. It made her ecstatic that the colonists took into consideration their environment and how to best protect it. She nodded as they walked, enjoying the view and the company.

She nodded as they walked, herself in a light beskar'gam with a very messy bun, enjoying the view and the company despite the near constant nausea and other unsavory side effects of pregnancy. She was only a couple months by now. Despite all the promises that the uneasy, queasy, and general discomfort would ease up - it hadn't. Yasha seemed to have had a fairly smooth pregnancy. She was a little nervous for her friend, Yasha, being out and about at this point in her pregnancy. But, the Mand'alor was not one to take breaks. Cassiopeia respected that. Even more so, considering most days since her own pregnancy began that she wanted to just curl up in bed all day.

Her mind was brought back to reality at hearing Yasha say her name. She perked a brow, looking towards the Mand'alor. She nodded, observing it as she looked. It was all excellent locations. "It's great! Amazing planning. The hospital is close enough for any accidents, too. The parents have to feel safe knowing their kids go here. So beautiful." She chuckled at the punch, as she looked over towards the sea nearby. It was quite the site. Although, the smell (was it imagined or did she actually smell it?) nearly made her vomit.

She heard the explosion but it didn't process that the explosion was happening right in front of them. It was seconds later that she was flung to the ground, her head hitting the ground in a bruising motion. A slight crack opened, with a small stream of blood coming out. She blinked as she laid on the ground for a moment, her mind trying to process what was happening. Her vision was blurry, but she saw Yasha and Kaden beside her.

And then she heard it. The scream. "Yasha," Cassiopeia said meekly, nearly about to vomit. "Are you..." She reached out with her hand to try to grab the Mand'alors. Manda, she was going into labor. That would be the only explanation for a bloodcurling scream like that. And what in the worlds was going on?

[member="Tom Taff"] | [member="Rex Taff"] | [member="Yasha Mantis"] | [member="Kaden Mantis"]

Acaleus Thorn

CEO of Enryu Corp
Gear: Links in signature

He was floating in an EGAS-5 in the space. He had been testing some of his creations and this was far was the best. His fighter was near him with no one inside. The peace he had there was like nothing he could compar... The lights of his helmet turned red, sensing danger. Spinning to face the pointed thread, the assassin saw ships coming out from hyperspace, attacking travelling civilian ships with cargo, none of them armed. He reach his AT-120 as quick as possible, but it exploded by a missile when he was near. He was sent towards the planet, but avoid the burning at the entry by pushing foward. He managed to get into orbit, and at least his suit didn´t breach or he would be dealing with death.

Communicating was the worst idea, as for now he was confused as ship debris. Acaleus didn´t knew what would the Pirates where looking for, or if they were hired for the job. Either way, he would get his revenge "That ship was one of the last designs my company had..." a memory of good times that would never leave his mind.

When he was about to plan his way into one of their ships, the force tremble around him. A scream of help for anyone who were align with the force user, as a call. Weird, but he assumed it was someone on Garon.

[member='Yasha Mantis'] [member='Tom Taff'] [member='Rex Taff'] [member='Kaden Mantis'] [member='Cassiopeia Caranthyr']
Coopers Cooler
Westralis System - Fleet Exercise "Southern Cup"



Yet again, it was the middle of a fleetex when trouble reared its head. General Kaine and a large contingent of fleet elements were skirmishing and conducting drills off Westralis Minor when the alarm played, unbidden, blaring out its sound across the bridge speakers. A short burst of static, the music faded to the background, and a moment later, the face of MOMALOR appeared on the main bridge display screen in front of the General, on the bridge of Terror Australis.


Alright dudes.

The Artificial Intelligence was as eccentric as it was brilliant. Useful, but with some eclectic tastes. Kaine could empathize, he was sure some in the Mandalorian Empire saw him the same way. With its relaxed, patrician tones, it always behaved as if nothing, not even certain doom would bother it too much.

Looks like we've got a pickle.

Kaine cocked his head at the screen.

Could I trouble you for some details, MOMALOR?

The elderly looking holographic face made what might have been a shrug.

Some geezers snaffled the boss lady, and have taken her off into Silverbeet space.

Kaine stifled a curse.

You mean Silver Jedi space?

The holo-face nodded.

Oh yeah, those dudes. Rex says they've taken the boss and gone to Barbaria.

Kaine let out the curse he'd been suppressing. Carefully he enunciated the word.

You mean Barataria?

The AI, completely unflappable, was unperturbed by the correction.

That's the one. Nice place in the summer time.

Kaine relaxed. Details were important, and now he had them. Now to put the shabla AI to work, he figured that was why it was playing with him, no doubt humans were frustratingly slow to it, and it was returning the frustration to them.

Alright. Get me some ground forces, and coordinate their arrival in the Barataria system. I'll rendezvous there.

The holoface nodded and faded, giving Kaine his bridge back.

He looked over to the Captain.

Recall our escorts, and get us to Barataria. We've got a Mand'alor in need.

[member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Kanta Tukka"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"]

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
Eclpstica - Shadow Emperor Palace.


Aedan sat in the throne room of the Shadow Empire Palace looking down out a holoboard that showed an image of the galaxy with rough estimates of where each governmental bodies plot of controlled land stopped. He leaned back and sighed his gaze drifting across the throne room to view the hundred Cragmaloid soldiers that stood at attention there his personal guard ever sense he had declared himself the Pirate Emperor. Leaning forward he tapped away at a series of keys on the arm of his throne dispatching a portion of the Clan Akaata Militia and another full unit of Red Fang to begin an assault on the holdings of another group of pirates. He was slowly but steadily wiping them out chuckling he stood and walked forward snapping his fingers as he did the holoboard lighting up with various spots of Black that seemed to absorb the light around them. These were his various holdings now spread across the galaxy his plan was working wonderfully it would seem.

Then it happened midstride he felt something coming and spun around only for the voice that seemed able to project itself across the galaxy hit him and his normally violet eyes turned crimson as he snarled dangerously spinning around he started barking orders loudly. "COMMANDER TUSK! GET MY GUARD READY TO MOVE OUT IMMEDIATELY FULL COMBAT LOAD OUT! Contact the starport I want them to have one of my fastest ships prepared to take my men and I to meet up with a friend that will help us get where we are going. Also have two freighters load up two Redeemer Main Battle Tanks, 2 Mobile Artillery Vehicles, and a Devastator Heavy Assault tank all with their optimal crew." Even before he finished giving orders the largest and one of the only original Cragmaloid soldiers in his retinue was moving his voice ringing out louder than even Aedan's as he shouted and yelled orders moving towards the door with the other 99 soldiers there.

Aedan entered the com code for a man he hadn't spoken to sense they had faced off in space one who was Ner Vod one who would hopefully be able to help them reach their destination and get them where they were most needed on the ground. He took a step back as the call went out to one [member="Kaine Australis"] waiting and hoping the man would answer the call. Meanwhile throughout the Castle and the next door military base his men were moving tank crews rushing to their tanks making sure all the needed ammo was loaded as well as loading spare ammo onto the second of freighters before taking off and making their way into space. They would be the first to arrive at Westralis space joining up with Kaine's force only shortly there after joined by the transport that carried Aedan and his men.
Sometime later:

Location: The Shining Path, Alaris Expanse

After what seemed like an eternity (really only a few minutes), a droid server finally came around to the King Family’s booth, one hand effortlessly balancing a tray.

There was one club sandwich for his wife Norah, and then Aubrey and he had each gotten the restaurant's “signature” cheeseburger dish. Two succulent patties of prime aged nerf beef loaded up with all the fixings between two toasted buttered buns.

Elijah wasted little time, biting into his burger as soon as everyone had been served, then let out a loud hum of content. It was heaven on his tongue.

“Mmm, this is a tasty [SIZE=11pt]burger.[/SIZE]” he exclaimed between bites. “I didn’t think you could get shipboard food so good outside of a luxury liner. Aubrey, you all have it too good. Back in my day all we got was rehydrated rations from the galley. Now you even have corvettes flying around with their own food courts and commissaries.”

It was hyperbole on his part, but nowadays, many of the larger ships essentially had their own functioning cities. The residential blocks within Shining Path dwarfed some entire space stations. A literal home away from home.

“Oh my poor baby,” Norah cooed mockingly. “Life was so hard behind a terminal on your climate controlled starships.
Tell her more about your hardships as an old Spacy man.”

Aubrey snorted in amusement, while Elijah could only keep chewing as he thought of a witty remark.

He wouldn’t get the chance, as his communicator buzzed in his
[SIZE=11pt]backpocket[/SIZE]. He wiped his hands clean and then fished out his communicator, checking the outer holo display for notification. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be his deputy commander.

“I’m sorry, I need to take this.”

“It’s fine,” Norah said with and an understanding nod. Aubrey kept eating, but her honey eyes remained on her father.

He nodded, then opened his communicator.

“Hey, Yix. I’m out and about, so no compromising details.”

“I’m sorry to ring you up on your day off,” the Mon Cala apologized, “but we have a situation on our hands. Not too long ago we received a distress beacon from some podunk planet in the
[SIZE=11pt]Taldot[/SIZE] sector. Settlers under attack by Mandalorian raiders. Patrol elements in the area are being diverted to check it out ([member=[/COLOR][SIZE=11pt]"Gir[/SIZE] Quee"], [member="Sala’dine"]), but that’s not really what’s concerning me. Just before we received the distress call, cyber command noticed a huge uptick in public traffic from Mando space. We’re all kinds of variations of ‘Death to Silvers’, ‘Save Mandalore’, and general call to arms over open channels. Who knows what they’re saying on their battle nets, but it’s probably even worse.”

“I can only imagine…” Throughout the course of the call, any vestiges of mirth on his face had been wiped and replaced with disgust.

“So you can see why I called. Are you coming in?”

“Yeah, I don’t have much choice here. I’ll see you on the

“I’ll be here. See you in a bit.”

Elijah shut his phone and let out a heavy sigh. “Looks like I’ll have to call a rain check.”

“Dad, what’s going on?” Aubrey’s bemused expression had died along with her father’s, now looking concerned.



Alerts were raised throughout Silver Space, with warnings of impending Mandalorian aggression. Already in a state of high readiness to deal with Sith incursions, Silver Spacy and ISAF (Intergalactic Assistance Force) were quick to mobilize, while the Silver Rest was notified of all events, including the distress call from Taldot Sector. A team of Jedi was rangers was requested to investigate events on the surface while the Silver Spacy would secure the airspace.

The Silver Jedi and their allies had always looked to avoid unnecessary conflict with the Mandalorian Empire, but their borders would be defended against by any and all threats.

[member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Kaine Australis"]
Jedi Hotelier
Location: Trandosha -> Taldot sector
Allies: [member="Elijah King"] [member="Aubrey King"] [member="Tera Highwind"] [member="Allyson Locke"]
Enemies: Pirates TBD

"A distress beacon has been activated near the Taldot sector" a voice on an encrypted comm channel called Varindar.

"Most troubling: I have to leave the hotel at once"

While she had to make sure her Chiloon-III in endurance configuration was refueled and rearmed, with four guided proton torpedoes loaded onto the ordnance pylons, and also making sure that all the ERA tiles are present, Varindar and her wingmen were to depart on a reconnaissance mission, before the ISAF could actually land troops on the ground. Perhaps a patrol of Chiloon-IIIs in endurance configuration could be the best fit so long as they didn't fire the bomblet generators too often, which may well mean the end of their craft. Once that is done, she set course away from Trandosha, and towards the Taldot sector where more troubling activities may be afoot. But that was quite different from a sting operation; her life was much more rife with sting operations than starfighter combat sorties lately. Once she was clear of the planet's gravity well, Varindar punched the last known coordinates of the distress beacon, some podunk planet in the Taldot sector. And, if necessary, she would be able to engage whatever threat lurked around, pirates, monsters, anything.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
The path of war was one that you didnt leave easily, you simply took a break before the drums of war would call you forth once again. For stardust, a aged veteran of war, it was bitter sweet to here that call of war. However till she couldnt fight no more she was at the service of her new found clan

Currently she was on commenor, staying with [member="Darben Skirae"] in his shop helping him run it and well live there, when her communicator lit up. Picking it up and listening she frowned and quickly left leaving a note for him

-darben, i have left to heed the call of mand'alor for she is in trouble, i will return do not worry about me this battle will be swift-

Signed by- stardust

She placed it right on the desk and was out, she quickly made her way to her fighter and she hopped inside as she was quickly off and right up into space before entering hyper space

She cared not if the thoughts of force users was tainted, she had to help, it was her duty as a Australis...she closed as she focused on the force, she needed to be ready to fight against these attackers whoever they may be. Her eyes flashed opened as her ship shook and fell out of hyperspace, disadvantage of a fighter was she couldnt get there in a instant. She got on her comms and spoke to [member="Kaine Australis"]

stardust here, im on my way right now

She activated her hyperdrive once more and shot into the void yet again. She closed her eyes again...barataria....silver jedi space? They wouldnt...didn't sound right but if it was them, she would set these jedi back on their leading them to a grave

Shia Kryze

Queen of Strong Style


Shia's voice was perhaps a little higher than it might have been, it's normal unflappable calm rising into utter disbelief.

"Manda'lor has been... captured, alor."

I just want you to heal our people... oh, and look after the place while I give birth.

Oh, kark you Yash.

That made her the leader of the Empire now - a job she resolutely, absolutely, entirely and totally did not want. But she didn't stop to think about it. Even at interstellar distances, seconds mattered.


"Barataria a... Al'Ori'Ramikade."

Shia nodded, pacing the throne room with long, even strides. She hated this place, but the palace still had all the command software. She glanced over at the space where the throne had stood and wondered what her ancestors had thought when they faced such crisis here.

"The General," Somehow, there was only one. "is on a fleet exercise nearby, yes? Dispatch orders for all nearby clans with spare fighters to rendevous with him, he has tactical command of the assault. Objectives are to secure all vod held by pirates, Silver Jedi... I don't care who has them or what excuse they offer. But they're not to start a war we don't need, understood?"


Shia leant over the table and thumbed open a hyperwave channel to [member="Kaine Australis"].

"General? As Al'Ori'Ramikade I am assuming authority over the Empire in Yash's absence." The dimiutive of her name was perfectly natural, this wasn't a formal military after all. "The board shows you in route to Barataria. You have tactical command - I'll be bringing what Mandalore can spare, but you know as well as I do this could easily be a ruse, so I'm only going to shake lose some escorts from the fleet and what the clans here can spare from mercs on leave. You have the better command facilities, so you're it. I'll be with you presently. Bring my vod home. All of them, against any opposition. Good hunting. Shia out."

The holo-light flicked off, she could listen to the reply as she was running for the launch pads, issuing a string of rapid-fire orders - there was no sense in sending the Empire into chaos, so no public broadcasts were made, but every clan was soon aware of the call to arms.
  1. Find the captured Mandalorians, regardless of rank.
  2. Bring them back.
  3. Try not to start a full scale war.
The problem was, Shia wasn't convinced the Cen'genet Jetiise hadn't started one already. She just couldn't work out why.

[member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Varindar Asyt"] [member="Elijah King"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Yasha Mantis"]
Loyal Dog. Yalilyr
Location: Transit to Barataria Surface
Objective: Rescue Mand'alor. Stack Bodies.
Allies: Mandalorian Empire [member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Karsan Calnov"] [member="Strider Garon"] [member="Skosk Fett"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] etc
Enemies: SJO/Pirates [member="Kanta Tukka"] [member="Pandora"] [member="Varindar Asyt"] [member="Tera Highwind"] [member="Allyson Locke"] @Jyoti Noorsan

“Ka’lo has been found.”

The words splayed across Ambrose Mantis’ mind, burning in with the echoing tone of Tuulu’s somber voice. Ka’lo's body was at the epicentre of the blast, which took Mand’alor the Infernal [member="Yasha Mantis"], her riduur [member="Kaden Mantis"], and best friend [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"].

If Ka’lo had been found in a better state, Ambrose would know. He would have felt it in his bone-cage. No. The jetii who set the blast had stolen his Mand’alor, taken her compatriots and killed Ambrose’s wife.

Without word, without order or grunt, Ambrose Mantis boarded his ship, the A’den Mand’alor, Wrath of the Mand’alor, and his Death Watch followed. The Yalilyr chased up in tandem.

One hundred of the fiercest hunters and warriors of Manda’yaim, the Yalilyr did not stand around for the entire day. They did not attempt to shield their charges with their bodies, nor did they hurry them along inside. When an attempt was made, the Yalilyr sought out their prey instantly, utilizing their skills to track and find whomever struck at Death Watch.

And cull it.

Trained since birth by Ambrose Mantis, the Yalilyr were excellent warriors and trackers, well suited for their task within Death Watch. Joined by another fifty of Clan Mantis’ warriors, Ambrose gritted his teeth. Once aboard his ship, Ambrose needn’t check on where Yasha was going, nor did he ask permission to pursue. There was no one to ask, but him. No tracker to call in but his people. By the time he got to the Command Deck, the deck was silent, and the A’den Mand’alor’s crew were swathed in their work, chasing after the pirates who killed Ka’lo, and dared to escape to their Jetii brethren.

“Australis.” Ambrose’s mighty voice broke across the MBE’s, filtering to [member="Kaine Australis"]. There was a rough tremble, yet it cleared in an instant. “Break us a path to the surface. Yalilyr. Weapon up. Nothing matters but the safety of Mand’alor the Infernal, her riduur and Caranthyr. Fett. Miles. Calnov. Garon. Leave no quarter. Take no prisoners.”

Ambrose’s voice cut out abruptly, as the ship in hyperspace continued on its’ way to Barataria to rescue what was left of Ambrose’s Pack.

Word from [member="Shia"] Krye came in, proclaiming control in Yash'ika's absence as Yasha had discussed when her time came too close. Ambrose growled and snapped. "Death Watch follows no orders but mine, and Mand'alor's... We have our commands."

Skosk Fett

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Ambrose Mantis"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Rex Taff"]

Location: Orbiting over Garos near Rex's destroyer

Ship: Skosk Pride


Enemies: SJO , Pirates

After hearing the cry to help on the MBE, the captain immediately went to brief his cry over the speakers. The mand'alor was captured, this meant war, and the crew deserved to know. "This is Skosk Fett, your captain speaking. Moments ago an act of war against the mandode was taken into affect. Explosions on the surface by an unknown enemy." . The Ship's speakers went silent as the towering leader took a breath, " Along with many civilian casualties, The Mand'alor was captured, along with many of her vod that were with her. We do not know how they got past us onto the surface, or why. But as of now, we are at war! We are going to get our mand'alor back, and deal with the cowards who took her. Everyone will make for their post, and do their duties for this ship! Fett Out! Oya!" . Many throughout the ship running and rushing to their post, mandalorian's were known as the best warriors in the galaxy, due to such discipline as a warrior.

The horned giant began giving orders to his people, his T-visor speaking to the ensign of the ship " I want direct contact with Rex Taff's Destroyer, we need more information and fast. Who are we dealing with, and if their was any whereabouts as to where our famed leader has gone." . The Ensign spoke with quickness and hustle ,"Yes Sir!" immediately working to hail Rex. "And get me ahold of Dinn Squad, have them ready to be deployed ! We will need our best ground forces for this, no more, no less!" . The inter ship comm officer alerting Dinn squad to be ready for deployment. "Dinn Squad, ready for deployment, Captain's orders." . The athletic warrior had grown much respect for the mand'alor, her leadership had never taken a break despite her being pregnant. If she was at full strength , the zabrak would chuckle at having such an engagement to kidnap her.

Things would have ended quite badly for the kidnappers should this have happened instead.Only cowards went after someone who was not at full strength, there was no honor or struggle at such a target. The mandalorian whispering to himself, "Sodding aruieliti scum will pay for this."
The Golden Rule
Location: Nightshade, Kashyyyk Orbit
Objective: Aggressive Negotiations
Allies: SJO
Opposition: ME [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Kaine Australis"]
In Vicinity: [member="Charlie"], [member="Valkren Calderon"], [member="Josh DragonsFlame"], [member="Asaraa Vashe"], [member="Kurenai Yumi"], [member="Odin Stormbreaker"], [member="Draven Dursden"], [member="Yuroic Xeraic”], [member="Andorreth Vikar"], [member="Narcissa Tallhart"]

Jyoti strolled down the aisle of the crowded armory, picking out gear. She would hold an item in her hand for a moment, then it disappeared

She stopped in front of a rack of shatter pistols, balancing one in her hand as she inspected the piece. It let off a satisfying hum as is it powered up, reporting no malfunctions.

“This is a little different than using a blaster, but you aim just like any other pistol,” she explained, handing it over to Charlie. “It should link up with your HUD, try it out.”

The padawan usually favored her lightsaber for combat, but when it came to Mandalorians, it was always good to have a few backup options. A [SIZE=11pt]high-velocity[/SIZE] round from the compact mass driver could shatter bone or rupture organs even without penetration. A Mandalorian’s armor may be made of beskar, but their flesh wasn’t.

While she let Charlie fiddle with the pistol, the Echani moved over to another rack, this one holding a set of large firebolt repeaters She had heard some Rangers and Shadows affectionately refer to as the Tumbler or Bronco, as its dense molten bolts could knock around even heavily armored and shielded foes. A nasty weapon once you got the hang of the recoil.

It was a tempting option as her primary weapon for the operation, but she set it down, continue to look around. Never once in her “shopping” did she entertain the notion that there would be a peaceful resolution with the Mandalorians.

If they had come this far, then the solution would only come with blade and gun. They did not respect the power of the Silver Jedi, and the only way to do so was to prove themselves in combat. That how it usually worked with these types.

She would, and more.
Location: Nightshade, Kashyyyk orbit.
Objective: Kick in doors
Allies: Silver Jedi forces
Opposition: ME
In vicinity: [member="Charlie"] | [member="Jyoti Nooran"]

Unlike some members of the ISAF and Silver forces, Colonel Calderon was already ready for the call to action. It wasn't that he wanted to jump into a call like this, but more so that it was their job to be on stand by at all moments.

Leading a group of specialized ranger operatives, the first ranger special tactics group, they were constantly on-the-job or waiting to be called for a job. Their combination of skillsets made them a vital asset as a quick-reaction-force.

But boy, everyone sure reacted a lot quicker than Valkren had expected.

The colonel shuffled past a pair of Rangers from the third infantry, a ground unit that he had seen combat with on the shores of Kashyyk before, they were already prepped and armed to the teeth in their respected set of designed Katarn combat armor. Their 'full shells' and Calderon's own shell of armor made it a difficult squeeze through one of the more tighter corridors of the Nightshade. Valk rounded another corner, narrowly missing a pair of medics toting a large stack of stretchers along. The soldier rearranged his path to get him back on track for his destination just in time to hear a transmission come through his earpiece.

"So, a whole battalion on this one huh? Seems like its the real deal again boss?" Specialist Lowder's voice came through, a member of his own unit and a close friend of his.

"Seems like It, Johnny. Mandalorians attacking settlers, it's like deja vu." Valkren ofcourse speaking to the time in which he was a part of the Galactic Republic's military.

"Things will turn out better this time." Lieutenant Konrad Harris's voice crackled into the communications system. "But the men are ready. Took care what you said, there's a liaison from our unit with each of the company's leaders. They're equipped for orbital drop or boarding operations. The third infantry is standing by as our attachment."

"The third prepared for a brawl with the mandos?"

"Ready and willing, sir."

"Good, get teams to double check equipment lists again. I'll be there shortly." Valkren cut out off the conversation, taking another turn and down a set of steps into a separate room. He tucked his helmet underneath his right arm as he approached the others in the armory.

"Master Nooran, Charlie."


Admiral of the Ghost Fleet
Location: Jedi Shadow (cloaked)
Allies: Silver Jedi [member="Jyoti Nooran"]
Opposition: ME

The bridge of the shadow was brimming with movement quickly, before she could make some of it out though through the holograms of her command chair the admiral raised an eyebrow. "Report." She said it and there were reports feeding to her over the ship layouts. They were still working to test it all out and get the kinks out of the systems within the massive beast of a ship. The Ghost fleets escorts were different then most saw. Two patrol destroyers craft, two pocket carriers and four zoomers that could scout and move ahead to lay mines. She had a tengu squadron with Aly in the belly of the beast itself as they received the information. "I se, break off engagements, have the omni's stand down and move us back int Silver space." She would have a chance sooner then she liked to test it out it seemed but didn't fully like the idea of getting out of here. At least their cloaking technolgoies functioned and the shadow along with the patrol destroyers could remain hidden from scanners and force users.

Alyisa Mithel

The Mauler
Location: Jedi Shadow (Cloaked), Moving from the hanger to the Bridge
Allies: Silver Jedi [member="Sala'dine"] [member="Jyoti Nooran"]
Opposition: ME
Wearing: Jedi Ace Flightsuit Jedi Ace Helmet Jedi Ace Emergency Unit Sasori Cracken
Weapons: Ranger’s Field Pistol Ranger’s Combat Knife
Starfighter: Saotome Tengue
Astromech Droid: BB9 Unit (Former Imperial Astromech)
X-Wing Squadron: (11) other Saotome Tengue X-Wings

“Keep her warm for me BB9”, walking backwards Aly made sure BB9 stayed with the x-wing. “Ew Gross”, Aly could not believe what she just heard. “No you can’t slide the full induction rod into the main induction port”, that was not all what the malfunctioning droid said but Aly was not going to repeat it in a hanger full of people.

“Just please behave and make sure we’re ready. I have that feeling again”, Aly turned back around and started to dart off towards the bridge.

Moments later…

Readjusting her pace Aly came to a normal pace, and just walked through the blast doors into the bridge of the Jedi Shadow. With her helmet tucked under her arm she took a quick assessment of her surroundings. There was a lot happening and thus far no indication of anything happening. Well anything that would explain her bad feeling. Standing at attention Aly waited tell Sala’dine noticed her. When she would Aly would give a salute and await orders.