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What if you were backwards?


Like Lightning
Alright so I had an idea. What if all of everyones places were swapped. Where someone like Kaine was really a Jedi Master instead of a Sith? What would they look like? who would they be? how would they act? Post a picture of what you would look like as the opposite of who you currently are. (Sith find pics of Jedi, and vice versa)

For me, I would look just about the same. Cloud Strife can look good and bad depending on what I use or the powers that I call. So if I were to instead hand him a Red lightsaber and give him lightning or the choke, then he would perfectly match. As for his attitude, rather than being one that puts others before himself, he would greatly push himself ahead with whatever he could. He would be a jerk all around and instead of making friends he would make enemies. Since I have not RPed Xander that far yet, hardly anything would really be changed with him.

But just so you guys know, I have an inspiration to do this by a picture that I found while roaming the interwebs.
@[member="Kaine Zambrano"]
I found this and saw that it looked kind of like you, but more so as a light sided person.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Um... the opposite of 0 is 0, right?

So Jak is still drunk in a cafe somewhere.
Did anybody miss the window? :p


EDIT: Alright... Lilith would be a powerful, confident and very active person. She doesn't like studying and doesn't know much about politics. She hates her sister (or brother, if it was completely the opposite). She slowly went to the Light Side and started spreading knowledge of... holiness, maybe? She also doesn't like wine...