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Approved Starship Vyraal-class Stealth Transport

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  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Very Select Customers
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: Vyraal-class Stealth Transport
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material:
  • Classification: Stealth Dropship
  • Length: 24 meters
  • Width: 14 meters
  • Height: 9 meters
  • Armament: Low
  • Defenses: Very High
    • Xandret Shield System
    • Triple-layered Armored Neutronium-enhanced Hull Plating
    • Laminanium Secondary Hull Plating
  • Squadron Count: Very Low
    • Four Dropships per Squadron
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High
    • 100 DPF
  • Speed Rating: Very High
    • 150 MGLT
  • Hyperdrive: Yes - Class 1.0
  • Life Support Systems
    • Standard
  • Other Shield Systems
  • Communications and Sensor Array
  • Power Generator
    • Three Starfighter-scaled Ramuh Power Cores
      • Two for the engines (one power core for each)
      • One for the rest of the ship's systems
  • Navicomputer and Guidance Systems
    • Standard, Military-Grade
  • Targeting Systems
    • Standard, Military-Grade
  • Crew Compliment
    • One Pilot
    • One Astromech Unit or Integrated AI Core
  • Cargo/Passenger Capacity
    • Twenty-four Passengers/Soldiers
    • Two Speeder Bikes or One Light Vehicle
  • Patrol Features
    • Magclamps for Speeder Bike or Light Vehicle Storage
    • Rapid Deployment System for Soldiers
    • IBIS Drone Storage (Capacity for thirty drones)
  • Like the Aerieel Assault Transport, the Vyraal-class Stealth Transport has an impressive defense utilizing the Xandret Shield System and a triple-layered armored hull. In addition to those, a secondary hull plating of laminanium is located around key sections of the ship such as the cockpit and troop hold.
  • Instead of the Tidal Ion Engines utilized by other Aurora small craft and transports, the Vyraal is equipped with two Aurora Crest Drives, giving it a greatly enhanced speed and maneuverability compared to the Aerieel and even most starfighters due to their increased thrust output.
  • The Vyraal is equipped with an extensive stealth system suite, making use of an Eligor Cloaking Device and various other stealth technology to make it nigh impossible to detect through conventional sensors, scanners, eyesight, or even the Force. To compliment the stealth systems, the Vyraal is also equipped with multiple IBIS Drones to gather intelligence for the operatives on whatever mission they are dispatched on.
  • The Vyraal does not have much in terms of weaponry, only being equipped with a single dual Leamonde Laser Cannon under the cockpit and two warhead launchers, meaning it will not be able to win dogfights or other engagements and must rely on its speed, armor, and stealth systems.
  • Because it uses the Xandret shield system, kinetic weapons such as mass driver rounds will pass through the shields, and the ship will have to rely on its hull plating to mitigate that attack.
  • If the Crest Drive's molecular furnace is sabotaged, it can cause a chain reaction where the furnace consumes the engine itself and then explodes.

The next ship developed by Aurora Industries for their Phase III modernization program, the Vyraal-class Stealth Transport was designed as an evolution of the Triremis Dropship, taking several design features and philosophies from that ship. The company's engineers had decided that a stealth ship was needed for covert operations, either by customers or their CEO's own secretive activities on behalf of the company or her power base, and installed a multitude of stealth systems into the new ship's sleek frame. An Eligor Cloaking Device is the keystone for the stealth suite, a combination of stygium and crystallized void stone that hides the ship from the naked eye and from Force senses, while other systems were added to mitigate ion and thrust emissions, sensor bafflers, and so on.

In addition to the stealth features, an emphasis was placed on defense and much of the same design from the Aerieel was carried over into the Vyraal's hull, although a secondary hull plating of laminanium was added around the troop hold and the cockpit. The team also opted for Aurora Crest Drives instead of the Tidal Ion Engines to give the new stealth ship far higher speeds and maneuverability so it could even outrun many interceptor class starfighters. As a final addition, and a carry over from the Triremis, each Vyraal carries thirty IBIS Drones that the company recently developed that can be deployed on missions to gather critical data without a single operative or commando dropping out of the hold first.
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