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Approved Tech Ramuh Power Core

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  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Closed Market
  • Model: Ramuh Power Core
  • Modularity: None
  • Production: Mass-produced
  • Material:

  • Due to the nature of the Sianteria providing the energy for the power core, the device itself is rather compact while still providing massive amounts of energy for the technology it is installed within.
  • Utilizing a preservation field, the Sianteria crystal at the heart of the power core is kept at the point right before it would sublimate, allowing it to remain as a solid crystalline structure.

  • Because of the potency of the Sianteria, the device only requires a small crystal to generate immense energy for the device it is installed within, allowing Aurora engineers and scientists to significantly downsize the core from its old predecessor.
  • Like all devices created with Sianium and its evolutions, the device generates staggering amounts of power that can be harnessed and energize technology for longer periods of time for smaller amounts of material.

  • If the preservation field is sabotaged, the Sianteria crystal will immediately sublimate and render the core useless until it is replaced with a new one as it is not designed with Sianteria plasma or gas in mind.
  • Due to the power levels being generated by the core, only droids and other technologies designed with Sianteria in mind can handle the device and not be overloaded.


With the greenlight from Jaxson and Taeli, Doctor Hyrit Colso and his design team were now charged with creating a brand new power core for mass use among Aurora Industries' various droids and other technologies. Starting with the, now venerable, Si-Cryo Power Core as a basis to work off, the team began creating various new power core prototypes and concepts to make use of their Sianteria creation to its fullest extent.

The design that was eventually settled upon was the Ramuh Power Core. Using a preservation field around a small Sianteria crystal, the crystal is kept at the temperature and conditions right before possible sublimation, even as a focusing laser is passed through it. With such a small crystal being used, Colso and his team were able to keep the device small, much smaller than the old cryo cell Aurora had used for its droids and other technologies.

With the Ramuh entering prototype production, to gain final approval from Ary Jaxson, Doctor Colso and his team began conceptualizing something much larger for use in starships, something grander than the old Gravastar+ reactors, something far more powerful...
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