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Character Velok the Youngest, Son of Toola

NAME: Velok the Youngest
FACTION: The Toglannoq, They Who Walk the Ice
RANK: Hunter, Force adept
SPECIES: Whiphid
AGE: 80 (comparable to a human in his early thirties)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.9m (9'6")
WEIGHT: 410kg (900lbs)
EYES: Black
HAIR: Gray
SKIN: Gray and tan fur

  • Velok the Youngest is well versed in the ways of the galaxy and of his people; he has a foot in both worlds. He studied at Hearthfire in Uglaqq City and served on a Whiphid Raider.
  • Velok is large and strong, even for a Whiphid.
  • Velok is one of the Toglannoq, trained at Rukhearth and across the forbidding landscape of Toola.
  • Velok is at a great disadvantage in warm climates due to his personal comfort, powers, and fur.
  • Velok simply doesn't fit some places.
  • Velok's great three-clawed hands lack humanoid dexterity.
  • Velok has, shall we say, trouble taking smaller and weaker species seriously.
  • Velok feels a deep urge to challenge anything larger than he is.

Velok the Youngest is a Whiphid hunter in his prime. Most humans come up to his sternum if they're lucky. You're unlikely to notice more than that.

Velok, called the Youngest, is grandson of Velok the Younger and great-grandson of Velok the Elder. He was his elderly grandfather's assistant on many, many, many occasions.

Velok the Younger retired in approximately 845ABY to lead the Toglannoq as Spearmaster from the Toolan tundra. He forced his somewhat foolish grandson to learn from greater challenge and responsibility. The Youngest eventually rose to the occasion as a capable procurer of resources for the Whiphid people. He became a notable hunter, a ship captain, and a powerful Toglannoq adept. His grandfather also sent him across the galaxy to connect with and learn from the Whiphid communities on Gertafuu VI, especially in the Temorzhai Ridge.

The Youngest inherited his grandfather's creereen-pelt winter gear, orbalisk cleaver, ritual knives, and friendliness with various alchemical beasts. He also inherited his predecessors' curiosity, audacity, and arm's-length relationship with the Sith establishment. Since the Sith Empire rules Toola, he is of course an Imperial citizen in theory, and local authorities have called on his followers more than once. There aren't many problems that a Whiphid hunting party can't address when armed with Blue Ice grenade launchers and Whiphid-scale rifles, and led by the heir of the Veloks.
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