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Approved Starship Vanguard-Class Heavy Attack Battleship

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BIG Z1776

Baboon with a MAAWS
  • Based heavily off the design of the Repulse-Class Attack Battleship (Block II), using the basic design and layout but scaled up to a much larger ship and proportionately increasing its armor, shielding, and weapons.
  • A tractor beam generator for assisting in fighters and other craft coming in for a landing and for taking over for damaged craft on approach.
  • A pair of tractor beam generators on two sides of the bow for grabbing small craft and other small ships
  • It has a powerful Composite Beam Laser in the bow, a weapon dedicated to engaging enemy planetary shields and supercapital warships with great efficiency. The design of this weapon is closer to the B-Wing Prototype's weapon rather than the Death Star's weapon.
  • The bridge is actually in the lower bow of the ship, below the large tractor beam, and has a ray shield protecting it along with a deployable armored screen in case of heavy damage, and has an auxiliary bridge and a primary Command-in-Control Center and a secondary CIC as well.
  • Lots of long-range fire control sensors and fire control stations prevent loss of weapons control capability, the fire control computers of the ship are able to independently control either independent sections of the ship's weapons or they can link together and be controlled from one central one to form a cohesive and coordinated fire control scheme.
  • Strong electronic warfare suite to jam transmissions and interfere with locking scanners from enemy munitions.
  • Densely-packed shield generators are built into the hull to reduce their targeting signatures and they are in overlapping positions so that they can shore up weak spots with one another and they share access to one another's coolant systems with multiple pipe networks to assist one another in preventing catastrophic over-heating. The shield strength of this ship is extraordinary due to the fact it has to be overpowered, it can't be worn down due to the shielding system has enough power at its disposal and enough spare cooling and back-up systems to keep it running under strain.
  • Comprehensive and heavily redundant damage control systems with a high emphasis on redundancy and rapid response. All turrets are sectioned-off with heavily-armored cavities protecting the ship itself from a reactor detonation of one of its guns. There are pre-positioned fire-fighting hoses, breathing apparatus lockers, fire-fighting suits for more than half the crew, and every hallway, room, and mechanical component is covered by fire-fighting foam dispensers and there are a large number of ray shields to protect the crew against depressurization. These damage control measures are controlled by damage control centers scattered throughout the ship with overlapping fields of responsibility to increase redundancy.
  • All 68 SBRA-24 Fusion Reactors are interlinked with all systems, and any reactor is able to provide power to any system on the ship, they are scattered all over the ship, predominantly deep within the ship and able to handle the power needs of the ship quite easily.
  • Modular sections of the ship can be easily removed from the hull by a dockyard, allowing rapid and comprehensive major repairs to be conducted, and this system allows for these warships to be constructed quickly in smaller shipyards and for entire sections of ships to be stocked at repair yards.
  • Fire-control sensors for the EM-3000's and J-43's and "Dart" Missiles allow these large number of weapons to engage incoming missiles, proton torpedoes, and fast-moving craft from long-range to short-range in massive blankets of fire.
  • The hangar, while smaller than other ships its size, has been updated with its own specially-dedicated damage control systems to protect the rest of the ship from accidents involving fueled and loaded crafts within the hangar itself.
  • Large command facility can be used for fleet flagship roles, but it isn't a first-choice for flagship roles.
  • Large missile banks for Fury-III Heavy Missiles with dedicated fire control systems for managing their fire.
  • The position where the bow heavy tractor beam of smaller ships of this hull type would have gone has been replaced by a large composite-beam laser with its own dedicated fire control and damage control systems and personnel.
  • Extremely powerful and flexible weapons platforms, can lay out a massive amount of anti-capital ship fire and anti-small ship fire as well as massive and fully-encompassing flak fields.
  • Powerful shields and thick armor make this ship a tank, able to take a massive amount of punishment.
  • Very difficult to board due to its particle shields and internal security measures.
  • Can deal with damage that is dealt to it with relative ease thanks to its damage control measures.
  • Has fleet command capability.
  • Massive number of heavy weapons with their internal reactors and the large number of missiles aboard can potentially explode catastrophically, dealing some major damage.
  • With it broadside configuration it can't necessarily bring its massive weight of fire to bear on a single target due to its design.
  • A smaller hangar than other ships its size means it requires large numbers of escorts in order to protect it, and cannot adequately embark on a starfighter-based campaign.
  • Slow, and not very maneuverable.
  • Due to the arrangement of its engines it cannot bring many of its guns to bear to the rear if a target gets behind them, this is part of the ship's design not intending to run away.
The new heavy slug-it-out battle line warship of the Crossroads Republic, the best way to describe the Vanguard-Class is that it is a beast with a massive and flexible weapons loadout able to successfully engage anything from an enemy fleet of starfighters to warding off large numbers of star destroyers or even going toe to toe with an enemy supercapital warship and doing so from out of its opponent's range, with only railgun-armed ships being able to adequately engage this ship from the ranges it is designed to fight from. With its massive number of guns it is able to engage with a massive number of barrels in broadside fire, bringing more than a hundred and seventy heavy barrels to bear. Its battle line role is reflected in its shield generators and the large number of reactors to power these shields plus heavy armor and excellent damage control systems. This allows it to sit in a large battle and slug it out, presumably being able to outlast its opponent and to be able to offensively operate as a siege platform, using its compound laser for its secondary purpose, bombarding planetary shields. The Crossroads Republic thinks so highly of this new class of heavy warship it has ordered forty-eight of them, and Crossroads Defense Industries is intending to market the ship to its fellow outer rim allies.
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Khonsu Amon

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BIG Z1776 BIG Z1776 - So, we've got a few things to discuss and go over before we can pass this along for approval.

The first is that your ratings for this battleship are currently overpowered and will have to be reduced by a single point. While the field that you remove the point from is entirely up to you, I would recommend reducing either the speed or the maneuverability to retain that juggernaut-like intent and the relevant weakness.

...It has a smaller but still powerful version of the Death Star's Compound Laser in the bow, a weapon dedicated to engaging enemy planetary shields and supercapital warships with great efficiency.
Quoted above, we've got some wording that needed to be changed. While the Superlaser on the Death Star is considered a composite beam laser, the Superweapon itself shouldn't be used in submission(s) because of the comparisons that others might draw when reading this submission or calling damage in Open RolePlay. So, I'd heavily recommend removing the Death Star from this sentence within the standard features and replacing it with something more appropriate. Ala this ship is equipped with a heavy sustained turbolaser that allows it to punch above its weight, etc.

From there, expensive isn't a valid weakness. Weaving that into the description would be better as it'd add more flavour to this starship, but as there is no officially recognized economy on Chaos - expenses aren't actionable, or even exploitable in collaborative combat thread(s.) My recommendation here would be to remove that weakness entirely and have it replaced by something else.

...Massive number of heavy weapons with their internal reactors can potentially explode.
...When fully-loaded the ship is a potential powder keg due to the large number of missiles with coaxium inside it.
As both of these weaknesses amount to the same result, I would suggest combining them and filling the second slot with something else.

Since you're using the Caldari Rokh, I have suggestions that you're welcome to use to replace the aforementioned weaknesses:
  • Broadsides - Due to the rectangular design of the ship, it's unable to bring a good portion of its guns fore or aft to engage targets. Thus, it's recommended that this starship engages its enemies from either the port or starboard firing arcs.
  • Engine Block - Structural limitations deny this starship the ability to place its weapons - in great concentrations - along the aft approach vector; meaning that if an enemy gets behind this warship - it'll likely cause problems until it's driven off, etc.
Feel free to tag me when you've made the edits, and feel free to use the list above as you see fit.
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