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Invasion Thou Shalt Not Suffer an Empire to Live | AoC Invasion of CIS-Held Ryloth & Siskeen | OOC

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Millu Lee Millu Lee If you want you can get your character to the Alter of Spirits myself, Jai'galaar Gred Jai'galaar Gred and possibly Madalena Antares Madalena Antares will be there. I just need to wait for Madalena to post at which time I will be getting my reply in so that I'll be joining Jai'galaar there. So far I haven't seen anyone mentioning going there (I try to read most of the posts but may have missed something) so we could use a little opposition. I'll be posting either tonight or tomorrow depending on the timing of Madalena's post.
Freeze! Moe is here!

Judd Hunter Judd Hunter I don't think her engaging all three of them would be a good idea, she's very inexperienced XD. If there was only one of you I'd be down for it, tho. If you have another suggestion or know of someone who does, I'd be happy!
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OMG everyone up in space - the tension there is a m a z i n g! Everyone involved on both sides is doing such an amazing job!!!
We shall do so by crushing your pathethic insignificant attempt withouth mercy or respite to take this world. When the day is over, all Agents of Chaos shall hang by their necks until they are dead. To do any less would be a mercy for you.

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