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Work In Progress The Vulfen Assaulters

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  • Intent: To create Lorale Farmar's personal unit of Legionnaires
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  • Role: The main enforcers of Lorale's will, serving as the elite soldiers of his army.
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Lorale Farmar, TSE, TOA
  • Unit Name: Vulfen Assaulters
  • Affiliation: Lorale Farmar, TSE, TOA
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Equipment:
    • Vulfen Battle Suit Mk. I (All Members)
    • VP-9 Heavy Particle Beam Pistol (Officers Only)
    • SIF-57s (Standard Issue)
    • KS-01 "Ongevi-Y" (Standard Issue)
    • Autokrator Assault Blaster Rifle (Standard Issue)
    • SI-HB-2 Power Mace (Officers Only)
    • Various Power Maces (Officers Only)
    • Vibro-Greatswords (Standard Issue)
  • Description: Silent, brooding, cold-hearted, and utterly loyal to their liege, the Vulfen Assaulters
  • Unit Size: Medium
    • The Lion Guards: A secret, specialized version of the Vulfen Assaulters, the Lion Guards are the best of the best and are designed to serve the highest of Lorale's family: Kascalion Giedfield.
    • Shadowmaw Pack: Lorale's favored elite squad, the Shadowmaw Pack often acts as his army's secondary commanders, directly under the Scarlet Breed. While they are exceptionally smaller in scale compared to the Ice Keepers and Ragged Manes, the Shadowman Pack is often seen with equipment of greater quality, such as the mighty SI-HB-2 Power Mace.
    • The Ice Keepers: The standard-issue rank and file, the Ice Keepers charge forth and fight for all their worth, aiming to advance the goals of their liege lord.
    • The Ragged Manes: Comprised of those who have fallen to Stimulant Addition, the Ragged Manes are mindless, savage beasts who know only bloodshed and chaos. As such, they are often released into population centers to wreak havoc and break enemy morale.
  • Unit Availability: Rare
  • Unit Experience: Veteran
  • Combat Function: The Vulfen Assaulters are trained and outfitted to serve along the front lines with the rank and file as elite warriors, bolstering morale and silently leading entire squadrons where needed. At times, they will enter cold, berserker states of increased strength and stamina from stimulant injections, slamming and carving through the enemy in a bid to achieve victory.
  • Training and Skills: The Vulfen Assaulters are the cream of the crop for the Wolf of Noxis' forces, equipped with the skills necessary to survive even the harshest of environments and battles. They are entirely capable of fulfilling various roles from front line commander to bulwark reinforcer and will never balk in the face of an enemy.
  • Lorale's Favor:
  • Stimulant Boosters:
  • Shady Reputation:
  • Stimulant Addiction:
  • Equipment Rarity:
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