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The Sith Empire & The Confederacy Monthly Check-In 19JAN2014

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Major Faction Monthly Check-In

  • Please check in only with active characters that are being role-played. All characters require a bio.

  • You must post the complete, full name of the Major Faction you're checking in for with zero misspelling. (Do not use acronyms.)

  • When replying to the Monthly Check-In thread, please list the Major Faction your character represents. Each character may represent only one Major Faction.

  • Each character must post in their own account. One may not post with just one account for all subaccounts.

  • The requirement for Major Factions is 7 unique members.

  • You must have more than 50 posts to check in for a Major Faction.
The Rovagug
The Sith Empire
Not open for further replies.