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Public The One-Post Gunslinger Contest (O P E N, quick post)

Mav Vohaloveer

Mean, mean stride.
LOSER'S CUP / Kale Seleare Kale Seleare

The gun in his hand suddenly snapped back and snapped back hard. The recoil of is own shot seemingly disproportionate at first. Of course, that illusion was quickly dispelled when his fething third and fourth finger hit the floor a few seconds later. The revolver already going slack in his now mangled cybernetic hand from the sudden break in his grip.

He tugged the cigarra free with his organic, less mashed up looking free hand, letting out an appreciative whistle. That was a hell of a feat - maybe there was something to that force hoodoo voodoo schmoodoo his sister an her bratpack brought into after all.

"...Well, damn, son. I can't even pretend to be mad with a shot like that."

The fingers sputtered and sparked in the dust.

"But I will likely bill you for those all the same."

He was about to leave, considering his shot to be too out of practice to advance. But apparently according to one of the folks clapping him on his back and calling him "lizard dude," he somehow managed to anyway. Rolling his eyes, he let himself turn right back round to the event, realizing that the participants were now squaring off in duels. He'd heard of the custom, but he'd come woefully unprepared for this impromptu contest...if he had a blaster he could set to stun it'd be a little less worrisome for him. He was a hunter, not a killer after all.

But backing out of a contest of skill when he made it this far? No chance in hell.

He turned to the fellow that brought him back, the barest trace of excitement passing the Jedi's face as he spoke, pointing to the pistol he carried as he pressed a handful of credits into the man's hand.

"Mind if I borrow that?"


It was eventually the Trandoshan's turn to go. He eyed his opponent Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr carefully as he held his hand over the blaster he'd strapped to his belt. His fingers were far too large to actually use the woefully miniscule trigger. But after emptying the blaster of its power cell, he felt he had an idea of what he'd do.

The signal was given. He doubted the other being would be giving the Jedi the same non-lethal courtesy he gave him, so he moved quick.

Minimizing his profile the best he could just after the starting gun, he would eyeball a path of trajectory and, with all of his considerable strength, chuck the blaster he'd been lent straight at his opponent.

Akari Rakarra

Sun's Soldier
WINNER'S CUP / Akari Rakarra Akari Rakarra VS Dorian Sicarrio Dorian Sicarrio

A tumbleweed hopped along lazily as Akari waited with bated breath for a signal to fire. She had trained the crosshair of the Helius rifle on her opponent, but her hands trembled. She was used to firing on threats, but for all she knew this man was a civilian, with a family, with friends, perhaps a pet tooka. A single drop of sweat ran down the side of her face as the man's silhouette danced between the three holographic lines.

Every uneventful second that passed only intensified the trepidation she felt. She could practically see the tooka cat over its owner's motionless body, looking up at his murderer with its sad eyes. The way it nudged its owner's arm to no avail. It was too much for the Thyrsian to bear.

A sudden explosion of noise, the gunshots of the other duelists, startled the Auxilia, violently breaking her out of her thoughts. Unwilling to fire a shot, she acted impulsively.

One fully functional Helius battle rifle would suddenly find itself flying through the air, directly towards the man across from the Thyrsian Auxilia, who stood there with one arm outstretched and eyes firmly closed.

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Taru Cadera

Walking Weapon
/roll 3d6 = 9. My luck sucks rn. ( Megan Holliway Megan Holliway )

He hadn't been allowed to shoot at the hanging helmet because of the size of his gun, but when some random cloaked girl decided it would be a great idea to shoot at Taru instead, he turned from where he was standing and took the blast as if it was nothing.

It was only one shot after all.

However, that one shot was enough to get him annoyed. He had been already annoyed, but sarcastically annoyed, that he ironically wasn't allowed by the group to shoot at the target with his Ash'amur. But this was enough.

Taru, not even looking in her direction, but instead letting his armor's sensors do their work for him, shouldered his gun into place on the magnetic lock on his back and while bringing his hand down onto the table beside him, let loose a single shot from his wrist blaster towards her.

Dorian Sicarrio

Location: Zonju V
Roll: 8
Tag: Akari Rakarra Akari Rakarra
OOC: Yes, we're doing this again. You can't stop me.

The townsfolk could not helped but be impressed
The stranger's speed was by far the best
For no other contestant could contend
The townsfolk believed he would win in the end.
(He would win in the end.)

Still fate and Force had different plans
His eyes fell on the other's trembling hands
He could sense the fear and hesitation
It only increased his own trepidation.
(His own trepidation.)

The spear had not left the stranger's grip
When the rifle away from his opponent did flip
It hit his chest, then his spear did he toss
Thus he said simply "You have done it, I've lost."
(You have done it, I've lost.)


Spirit of Chaos
Shooting for the WINNER'S CUP:
Dorian Sicarrio Dorian Sicarrio (8, eliminated) versus Akari Rakarra Akari Rakarra (11)
Wynter Rackham Wynter Rackham versus Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter (11)
Niklasz Tassik Niklasz Tassik (14) versus Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr (10, eliminated)

Shooting for the LOSER'S CUP
Mav Vohaloveer Mav Vohaloveer (9, eliminated) versus Kale Seleare Kale Seleare (12)
Renn Garrick Renn Garrick versus Zef Halo Zef Halo (5)
Taru Cadera Taru Cadera (9, eliminated) versus Megan Holliway Megan Holliway (11)

A most concerned gonk droid deposited power packs at the feet of Wynter Rackham and Renn Garrick, just in case their guns had run dry.
Pictured: J. Asyr (right) arguing with an Apokka
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Megan Holliway

"If Godivas' War"
LOSERS CUP / Threesome with Zef Halo Zef Halo and Kale Seleare Kale Seleare

Megan was so happy she managed to ding Taru in the chest that she just started dancing and shooting in all directions. Dance, dance, dance. Pew, pew, pew. Shake that butt. Shake that butt. Pew, pew, pew.

Erm. Right in Zef and Kale's direction too! GAH! WATCH OUT BOYS!

Dance, dance, dance. Pew, pew, pew.

JayScottClarkToday at 11:53 PM
Kale then Zef
!roll 3d6

Dice MaidenBOTToday at 11:53 PM
JayScottClark Roll: [3, 3, 2] Result: 8

JayScottClarkToday at 11:53 PM

Dice MaidenBOTToday at 11:53 PM
JayScottClark Roll: [5, 2, 1] Result: 8

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel
Some lady had lost her mind and anyway she'd started blastin'.

Zef tap danced 'round the blasts and started firing at the woman. To no avail. He was outta ammo. Grumbling like the grumpy old man he was, the scoundrel hurled the blaster itself at the lady and then took a few of the leftover power packs CLEM had tossed to a few other participants and kept on hurling them like a pitcher.

A few of the power packs accidentally were headed towards a young Jedi boy.

Zef HaloToday at 8:48 AM
Botox Lips then Kale soup

!roll 3d6​

Dice MaidenBOTToday at 8:48 AM
Zef Halo Roll: [5, 5, 2] Result: 12​

Zef HaloToday at 8:48 AM
!roll 3d6​

Dice MaidenBOTToday at 8:48 AM
Zef Halo Roll: [6, 6, 1] Result: 13

Megan Holliway Megan Holliway Kale Seleare Kale Seleare
Wayward Jedi
Megan Holliway Megan Holliway Zef Halo Zef Halo

What the hell was this lady doing? Firing in all directions. Blasting every which way at first, then at myself, and someone else. I took a quick shot at her first before having to dance my way out of her shots. I tried to look over to the other guy Only to see the powerpacks that droid was trying to be helpful with.

Trying desperately, I caught one of them that came at my direction. Shrugging my shoulders, I returned "fire" by Doing some over the top action like some kind of action star. Rearing up my stance as though I was in a ball game from holoflics. Hurling one directly at the older man.

"You people are crazy!"

Pictured: J. Asyr (right) arguing with an Apokka
The Loser's Cup was the one to watch, apparently. Jerec was at the edge of his seat. Megan Holliway Megan Holliway and Kale Seleare Kale Seleare had tied with a perfectly matched set of terrible shots and had to go again. Meanwhile, Seleare and Zef Halo Zef Halo had each won a draw. If Seleare took down Holliway, he'd win the cup. If she took him down, that made the Loser's Cup a three-way wash...and Jerec didn't have a clue what the organizers would do in that situation.

Megan Holliway

"If Godivas' War"
LOSERS CUP / Threesome with Zef Halo Zef Halo and Kale Seleare Kale Seleare , part dos

Megan was so dizzy from all her dancing and shooting and dodging, even Kale's wide shot, that she didn't even see Zef's chucked blaster a'coming.


She took a thrown blaster right to the head.


And subsequently toppled over to pass the fark out.




I guess Kale wins?

Akari Rakarra

Sun's Soldier
Still rattled from her previous encounter, Akari immediately went for the already successful approach. Without much hesitation, this time on purpose, she threw the rifle at the scaled giant ( Niklasz Tassik Niklasz Tassik ) to her one side, only to face her other foe with empty hands. Fortunately, a quite "Gonk" announced her saviour, a lone GNK-droid bearing a name tag deposited a power pack right beneath her feet. With a curt "Thank you, Clem." Akari picked it up to throw at her other opponent ( Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter ), but just as she threw her arm back to prepare the throw a searing pain caught her right in the side. The blaster bolt, usually a lethal affair, was reduced in its effectiveness thanks to both the Auxilia armour and the thick leather spacer's coat she wore, hiding the protective gear beneath. Thanks to each garments' blaster hampering effects, her death would only come several long minutes after the initial impact, instead of instantly. Enough time to drown yourself in bacta, she thought, as she began painfully crawling off the combat area.

Rolls in order of tags in the initial post for this round: Scherezade then Niklasz

Apologies for the delay, exams had me completely forgetting about this thread.
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Pictured: J. Asyr (right) arguing with an Apokka
A holodisplay crackled to life.

NAME: Kale Seleare Kale Seleare
TRADE: Jedi Apprentice
WEAPON of CHOICE: Improvised ranged
A video clip began playing and didn't stop. It depicted Kale throwing a power pack while shouting 'You people are crazy!'

A beautiful and awe-inspiring legacy, truly. A disreputable Rodian handed over the prize, a bizarre revolver.

As soon as Niklasz Tassik Niklasz Tassik took his final shot, something similar would happen for the big prize, the Winner's Cup.
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Pictured: J. Asyr (right) arguing with an Apokka
The tournament runners made their call. The excessively pouty yet somewhat hot face of Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter appeared on a holodisplay under the heading WINNER'S CUP. The display showed a repeating clip of her laughing as she jumped off a low brick wall and fired a shot at each of her opponents.

A Rodian whistled appreciatively. Jerec nodded. "You said it, buddy. She can shoot me in the face anytime."