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Junction The Frontier War: Beacons of Light | Junction of Enclave-V'Shar, GA-Iskadrel

Thonn Rokkal


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"Yeah I'll bet." Thonn replied with an affirmative nod. Working alongside Jedi made him uneasy, and he was a bit beside himself that they were doing exactly that. They were here to recover the crystals in question, though he'd much rather just outright destroy them. Kranak spoke wisdom however; these would make for a destructive weapon in the wrong hands. Thonn still wasn't sure if the Jedi's were the right ones to place them, but better them than an insurrectionist rebels. He could recognize the lesser of the two evils involved in this task.

His eyes scanned the map at Kranak listed the details of the mission. Smash and grab, and Thonn was particularly skilled at the first part. They'd be actual combatants this time; that they posed more danger than those thugs at Kaddak wasn't saying much, but that was an ill-armed skeleton crew. This would be a real battle, a real fight. He'd arrived ready and hopeful for one.

"Move quick and hit hard." He replied, offering a summary of the strategy just detailed out.

"Not a question, but I got none so.. yeah." He stumbled verbally as he corrected his impulsive reply. He didn't really have much to ask; the plan made sense and there were parts he didn't like, but a good argument to be made for them. The sewers seemed a fine point of entry. They were unpleasant, but that was good for avoiding detection he figured. They're less likely to patrol a place like that, but there were guerrillas who were likely to have the same idea they did.

"I should stick near the front; if we encounter any guerrillas down in that muck I'll pin them down. Better to have an unobstructed arc for repeated fire." he added. Kranak didn't have his rotary cannon this time, but Thonn pretty much always carried his and this time was no different. He'd loaded up plenty of power packs to fulfill his role as fire support. If he encountered any, the confines of the sewer walls would do well to keep them all in a narrow arc of fire to be mowed down.

He almost wished they would have such an encounter.

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan

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Faith looked at the words once more a meeting New Krostport, Hefi with the Mandalorian Enclave government, the Tributary Council. Mandalorians she knew some of them...she tried to entice her husband Draco Vereen to come with her on this to stand at her side. He waved her off, "I am old no one listens to old men cyar'ika" She was not so young either but her heritage and genetics kept her aging slowed.

She didn't believe his quip about age, and the chance to perhaps run into old friends. But she knew there was no prying Draco off Alderaan right now. Not with the Maw, the Sith having attacked Coruscant.

Here she stood alone her mind busily thinking about what to say when she entered. She could see Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe before her not wanting to take away anything from his introduction. Faith looked to the armored warriors for colors and markings that she would recognize.

She stood tall well as much as her small 5'5 frame would allow and walked slowly repeating the greeting over and over in her mind as she approached. She hoped not to insult them...keep it together Faith....feth she knew she should have made her cousin Arla Ordo come. Arla however did not know these mando and bowed out.

Words, she hoped they were well spoke, "Tateys at ha'yrbe urltima teh Alderaan. Ni jivaor ohlkana at urcir ti ma waev" (Translation" Greetings to the Clans of the Enclave from Alderaan. I look forward to meeting with you all")

She nodded to those present and smiled hoping to show a willingness to work together.
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Major Faction


Trust in Me


Okkeus Dainlei Okkeus Dainlei | CLOSED



M and the overseeing deputy finished exchanging notes on the other side. The Chiss lingered a few seconds, looking into the space that the pilot occupied. Her expression was unreadable, lips tight. The flicker of the light was infrequent, but now and then the shadows spazzed through their viewport.



"I want that bulb fixed within the hour." M demanded as she took her leave. "I can't have those I'm about to interview subject to headaches." She waited for the deputy to formally acknowledge the command before she took her leave, took several paces, and emerged through the blaster doors that revealed the young individual sitting within the SIA's confinements.

"Okkeus Dainlei. You look worse for wear. Can we offer you anything? Water?" The Chiss greeted, taking two long strides before her she folded into the chair across from him, crossed her legs and gestured at the binds on his wrists.

"Tell me, why do you think you're here?

And what happens when I remove those?"


Beautiful Slacker

Kaul was in his X-Wing staring at the birds flying past his X-Wing, R4 would yell at him not to fly in front of a flock of Birds they tend to get sucked into one of the Electromagnetic Gryos. Kaul would have to spend time ripping the corpse from it, not Kaul's fault that the birds kept slapping onto his X-Wings like a drunk driver. "This is so boring!" Kaul moaned while he drove his X-Wing throughout the skies. "There's no one in the fracking sky so can we go now?"

<Kaul,> R4 beeped. <We've been in air for 31 minutes, you've spent the entire day sleeping and even longer working on your hair!>

"It's an Afro!" Kaul said knocking on his helmet. "Show some respect on the hair do!"

<Ugh,> R4 whirred. <I'm sure the others are halfway done with their patrol. Why not call them up?>

"Of course!" Kaul reached towards the radio. "I was about to do that!"

<Sure you were.>

Ignoring his droid, Kaul began to make his broadcast to the rest of Revenant Squad. "Revenant this is Two Flight: Five," Kaul announced staring at his reflection in the cockpit. "I've just started making my rounds any one wanna join me?"

<If anyone is here,> R4 beeped. <They probably finished.>

"Ah shut it," Kaul said. "They're like me! Flying the friendly skies!"

<Well you should know,> R4 beeped. <That they're in the Iskdrel system looking for Hyperspace jumps to use against the Brotherhood.>

"Oh," Kaul remained silent, remembering the notice on his Holoprojector a few weeks ago but he was so busy watching the Holovids and playing games that he absolutely forgot about that. Hopefully it won't be enough to get him slapped with being AWOL but Kaul has been pushing it lately.

"Well R4," Kaul said chuckling nervously while mentally cursing himself for being an idiot. "Mind if you if you set the coordinates to where they are?"

<With pleasure,> R4 easily sent Kaul to where the rest of the Squad was at in the Iskdrel System.

"Hey guys," Kaul said. "Sorry I'm late..... again!"

Qellene Tyliame Qellene Tyliame , Tren Chaar Tren Chaar , Leon Gallo Leon Gallo Leon Gallo Leon Gallo , Danielle Stellaris Danielle Stellaris , Len Vert Len Vert
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Never Say No to Bacta.



Location: V’shar, Planet’s Capital City, V’shar Planetary Defense Force Headquarters, Briefing Room
Local Time: 20:37
Primary Objective: Secure Precious Cargo
Secondary Objective: Eliminate Terrorist Group’s Leader (Optional)
Equipment: Loadout 1 (Minus the ECM 598 Backpack) + The Goran’s Stand (Greatsword’s Sheath lies over his left pistol holster on his Kama)
Tags: Shai Krayt Shai Krayt | Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla | Ishida Ashina Ishida Ashina | Valery Noble Valery Noble | Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal | Sasha Kryze Sasha Kryze


It didn’t take long for one of his fellow squadmates to speak after Kranak asked if they -and their allies- had any questions about the operation. The giant Supercommando gazed at Sasha as she spoke her mind.

”My kit doesn’t exactly scream discretion Vod, now I can bring my dog.”

Kranak’s visor shifted towards her Pred-X droid as she gave a curt nod of her head towards it, sitting beside the doorway of the briefing room, on guard. ‘Looks like a cat…’ said one of the V’shar Defence Force personnel standing guard next to it by the doorway. The trooper was right, the droid did remind Kranak of a tiger rather than a dog.

”He’s good for killing single targets, but he won’t be much use if it turns into a Ground War… Then again, me and you can discuss it before we shove off.”

The Supercommando wasn’t sure if bringing the droid with them into the sewers would be a good idea. The droid did provide a respectable tactical advantage, but he doubted it would be worth the trouble of hauling it into and out of the sewer manholes. They needed to be quick on their feet once they were out there. They couldn’t waste time trying to have it fit through the manholes. The sewers were not exactly spacious, either. With those parameters in mind. The giant shook his head towards Sasha. <”I don’t think we can bring him along for this mission, vod.”> The droid wasn’t exactly suited for their current mission parameters.

The giant shifted his gaze at Shai as the Shistavanen removed her helmet, looking straight at the Supercommando and the rest of her vode and the Jetii around her as she spoke. Her eyes were widened. The giant listened to her as she spoke her mind. His head was tilted to his left slightly in curiosity as to what caused her to voice such a worried response.

”Yeah one problem. Why the sewer systems? Hell, you want those crystals, I’ll fly low with my Basillisk and shoot the place up… or even just shoot my way through the defences… do we really have to go through the karking sewers?”

The giant parted his lips to mention the anti-air capabilities of the insurgents, and that they couldn’t fly to or from the area of operations for infiltration and exfiltration, but Alora would be faster than him, breaking it down to the Shistavanen again.

”Uh, yeah, their anti-air batteries are pretty tight. These guys aren’t locals -- or if they are, they were furnished from off-world. Gambit barely wove his way through the mess at full throttle.”

Though he understood her disgust at the mention of the sewers. He wasn’t going to enjoy the experience himself, but he was used to the smell after spending some time in them during his time as a bounty hunter before he joined the Union Army. Not all of his bounties were located in secured compounds on the surface after all, so the smell wouldn’t bother him too much.

Besides, it probably smelt nowhere near as bad as Coruscant’s. That was a hard one to get used to. But he could imagine the Shistavanen having a harder time, as her species possessed a keen sense of smell, among other things that made them great predators.

The giant glanced at Alora for a moment as she spoke, and gazed back at Shai.
<”What she said, vod,”> Kranak nodded. <”Taking such a direct approach has the potential to tip them off to our intentions. The insurgents aren’t stupid. If they read our movements well and see where we’re headed, they could relocate the cache of kyber crystals we’re after,”> The Supercommando said as he glanced at his squadmates and the Jetiise gathered around the holo-table. <”One of the reasons why we’re taking the sewers. Easier to conceal our movements that way.”> Their mission objective was located several kilometers on the other side of the city. Though if they moved with a good pace, they’d make it to the rally point in good time.

”Kark it, let’s get it karking over with. Don’t be surprised if I don’t exactly take it slow and steady down there, last time that happened I almost got drowned. Karking sewers, what’s with people and karking sewers?”

She almost drowned the last time she was in a sewer? That sounded interesting. It now made sense why she didn’t want to be inside one if she couldn’t help it. He would keep that in mind for future missions.

”Great. I’ll keep an eye open for an unsecured computer terminal to jack in and disable their comm and alarm system. If they can’t call for help, we won’t need to worry about those outposts.”

Alora said after Shai’s disgruntled protest. That would indeed come in handy, but blaster fire was loud. He turned his visor towards Alora before he spoke. <”Good idea vod, but the sounds of the firefight during the assault on that compound has the potential to draw their attention to the warehouse. Which reminds me,”> The giant spared a glance at his fellow vode and allies gathered around the holo-table. <”Our rules of engagement is to not engage unless we’re fired upon until we reach the Rally Point. I would rather keep our presence concealed until the very last moment, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to roll over and take it,”> Kranak instructed, explaining the engagement rules. <”If you’re spotted and the enemy is about to engage you, do not be afraid to seize the initiative and engage the threat first.”>

This wasn’t exactly a stealth mission, but they would have to make use of concealment until they at least reached the rally point and split into two separate fireteams before commencing their attack on the compound.

”Only one question, we have two separate groups after the rally point. Who will be the assigned leaders for each group to get them to the target?”

The Master Jetii inquired during a moment of silence. The Supercommando’s white glowing visor turned to her before he answered her question. <”We will be split into two fireteams. Fireteam One will be led by me. Fireteam Two will be led by my second, Shai,”> Kranak gave a nod towards the Shistavanen as he kept his gaze at Valery. His visor then turned to Sasha after a short pause. <”Sasha, Master Jetii, you’re with me. The rest of you,”> The giant gave a quick glance at Ishida and the rest of his squadmates as he spoke. <”You’re assigned to Fireteam Two.”>

”Move quick and hit hard, Not a question, but I got none so.. yeah. I should stick near the front; if we encounter any guerrillas down in that muck I’ll pin them down. Better to have an unobstructed arc for repeated fire.”

Said the squad’s heavy weapons specialist. The Supercommando gave a nod of his head at Thonn. Having a rotary blaster at the front would give them the potential to finish a possible firefight before it could start, if they encountered any opposition in the sewers. <”Squad commlink frequency is two hundred, tac five. Channel two,”> Kranak said as he looked at Ishida and Valery. Not including their allies in the squad net would complicate things.

<”Alright, Kandosii! And Jetiise,”> Kranak addressed as he gave a glance to all of them before continuing. <”Meet me at the base entrance in five minutes. A short, last minute equipment check in the meantime. Let’s get it done!”> He would put the custom datapad into his utility pouch at the back of his warbelt as he left the briefing room, headed towards the base entrance at a trot. He was already prepared for the mission. He would be waiting for his fellow vode and the Jetiise by the gate with his
ENCL-36 Paranaor in his hands.

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Ironclad Wardog

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Equipment: In bio | Standard loadout

The rest of the team voiced valid concerns over a direct assault and any competent person would agree on their hesitation to just kick down the front door and start shooting... but kark that! It was still a better alternative to traipsing about in a sewer filled with muck and whatever-the-kriff that tentacle monster was that dragged her down.

She would have kept on protesting if Kranak didn't continued with the briefing at a brisk pace. She kept her trap shut and listened to what he had to say through her sulking. Her bad mood washed away almost immediately when Kranak put her in charge of the second team... and gave her a karking Jedi to drag along. Shai grinned underneath her T-visor as she looked to the second Jedi that stood around the table with them. "You're coming with us?" She asked the other one. Ishida, if she caught the name correctly. "Oh kark yeah!" She tried her best to contain her excitement, though it was a fool's errand.

Her attention shifted to Thonn as he gave his own input, earning a chuckle from Shai. "Thonn's got the right idea." She commented. She had a few other things she wanted to voice, though she knew they were self-explanatory. All she wanted to do now was find someone to engage for her team and see her childhood idols kick some ass in the field. As Kranak finished up with the briefing, Shai wrapped an arm around Ishida's neck without hesitation and led the way out. "This is gonna be karking amazing. Ishida, right?" She quipped, grinning all the way beneath her helmet. "Alright kiddos, let's get ready for this." She let go of Ishida and led the way to the armoury for some last minute check-ups before she led her group to the entrance.

"A karking Jedi-Mando task force. Hell, we'll fold this planet in a week if we keep this partnership up." She muttered as she looked up at the burning night sky above them. She had to enjoy it while it lasted. Once they were in the sewers, all joy and fun would be sucked out immediately. She would still rather take a Basilisk and fly in head first...
Jedi Master
Beacons of Light


Location: Briefing Room
Valery: Appearance
Tag: Kranak Vizsla Kranak Vizsla Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal Shai Krayt Shai Krayt Ishida Ashina Ishida Ashina Vren Rook Vren Rook Sasha Kryze Sasha Kryze

The Master Jetii inquired during a moment of silence. The Supercommando’s white glowing visor turned to her before he answered her question. <”We will be split into two fireteams. Fireteam One will be led by me. Fireteam Two will be led by my second, Shai,”> Kranak gave a nod towards the Shistavanen as he kept his gaze at Valery. His visor then turned to Sasha after a short pause. <”Sasha, Master Jetii, you’re with me. The rest of you,”> The giant gave a quick glance at Ishida and the rest of his squadmates as he spoke. <”You’re assigned to Fireteam Two.”>
Valery nodded in response as her question was answered. The only thing that worried her somewhat was how she and Ishida were separated - she always felt a responsibility to protect the younger Jedi, especially in dangerous environments. But Ishida looked tough enough, so Valery didn't question the teams that were made.

"Very well, no further questions." she simply said in response.

The woman then listened to the final bits of the briefing, especially taking note of Shai Krayt Shai Krayt 's volume in the room, before she turned for the armory with her team. There wasn't that much to check for her; she just had her lightsabers and she was wearing her typical tunic for this mission. So within about a minute, she was ready to roll out.

It wouldn't be the first time for her to work alongside Mandalorians, but it had been more common for her to clash with them. But these were different times, she kept reminding herself. She was here with the purpose of helping them and representing the New Jedi Order the best she could.

She was going to make sure she'd have their backs out there.

Alora blinked. Oh, guess fire-fights were loud, huh? Well they didn't have to be that loud. Until someone threw a grenade. Or pulling out a repeater. Oh, right, there were members of the team that were going to do the last part... and probably the first part... and probably everything in between. So, fire-fights were loud! This is what happens when a wandering Mandalorian using Super Stealth waded into the PewPew Brigade.

Speaking of pewpew, Shai was leader of Fireteam Two! Her honey brown eyes darted over to the Shistavanen. Though seemed like the big girl was smitten by the inclusion of one of the Jedi tagging along. Huh, guess Shai really liked Jedi. Not a typical response from typical Mandalorians, but then Shai was far from typical.

Kranak ended the briefing with a note about comm frequency and last gear check before the man bounced. Eager Supercommando wasn't he? Guess that's why he wasn't just a Commando.

Moments later, the gunmetal-silver Mandalorian finished stuffing a few devices into a satchel. Just because the fight might get loud didn't mean Alora's particular set of skills wouldn't come in handy. She had to be prepared to tackle all kinds of technowizardry out there! Not to mention their adversaries probably kept the crystals under some heavy duty lock or something.

The whole anti-air thing really had Alora on edge about this mission. They were on the far edge of the galaxy. This wasn't the Core where everyone had state of the art military weaponry and set up massive, fortified positions where they staged taking over the galaxy. And don't even try bringing up Csilla or Korriban as examples of built-up worlds on the edge. Know why? Because they weren't built-up any more, were they? So, where'd the hardware come for the group the Mandalorians and Jedi had to deal with today?

Helmet on, Alora stepped out to join the rest of the group just before the five minute mark. Oh, yes, she was insanely punctual. Very good with schedules. Let her know how much time she could spend chatting with people before rushing to meet a deadline.

Alora looked over at Shai in silence as the other woman gazed up into the night. Fold the planet? Just an expression right? Bit of whimsy? They just had to grab some crystals and paved the way for the government to get its kark together.

"Time to roll out," Alora declared with a hidden grin with the satchel of tech-gadgets slung over her shoulder.

hesitation is defeat




With each subtle gesture or variance of light, the armoured — beskar’gam they called it — allies caught the subtle attention of the white-haired atrisian. Her observation of the warrior group was founded in deep fascination. Mandalorians were as well-known, from a fabled perspective, as either Jedi or Sith. But unlike either religious groups who depended on a side of light or dark, Mandalorians were guided by violence. Weapons.

It was so clear and complicated at the same time.

Their leader, whichever it was at the time, seemed to dictate their alignment.

And being in the same room with them, working alongside them, was as enthralling as it was exciting. The need to watch and learn was all that kept that girlish giddiness of exposure to below a boil.

When the holomap erected large enough for all those collected to see, Ishida hardly moved. She might have narrowed her eyes a bit, but otherwise remained steadfast.

Kaddak? What was Kaddak?

The insertion point seemed all too reminiscent of the Devaronian sewers, and she felt her lids drop to halfway over her eyes in a subtle expression of disdain. It seemed her dislike for the underground approach was mutual amidst the acclaimed warriors, and even though some kept their expressions concealed, their words expressed their contempt.

”Our rules of engagement is to not engage unless we’re fired upon until we reach the Rally Point. I would rather keep our presence concealed until the very last moment, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to roll over and take it,”>

Ishida felt the slope of her brows deepen in protest. They pinched together even further when she and the Jedi Master were allotted to separate groups. It was a shame, she was hoping to learn, at least observe the battle sage.

But at least this way too, they could keep an eye on the Mandalorians. Ensure no group made off with the Kyber and left the other hanging. Distrust ran deep in the Ashina.

Perhaps when the two groups converged again, there’d be ample time for that. At least Ishida was on the team that sounded more aggressive, less sneaky. When a question was pointed at her, whether or not she was coming, she just offered a tight nod until they were dismissed.

"This is gonna be karking amazing. Ishida, right

The tangible enthusiasm from the predator and the sudden cybernetic arm around her neck flared up several self-defence klaxons. Her first response was to stiffen until no follow-up attack came. The Shistavanen continued on gaily as if they were old friends, but Ishida didn’t even know what the woman looked like.

“Right.” She agreed a few heartbeats later, and quickly added on what she remembered the Mandalorian’s name to be “Shai. Right.”

Her armour was significantly less than those who found religion in their weapons. A belt with hip and thigh protectors, the shins of her boots, and a breastplate covered her vulnerable areas. The rest was up to chance and folly. Which gave her more time to observe the curious nature of the meticulous warriors. They treated their suits of Beskaar like a second skin.

“If we fold the planet,” Ishida murmured, tightening some of the leather on her gloves around her wrist. “We could rearrange the entrance to the insertion point. Skip this,” once it was tight enough, she used her free hand to gesture. “Sewer business nobody likes.”

"Time to roll out,"

“Just curious, how often do Mandalorians stick to the the letter?

Hypothetically speaking if we found another way in, how would that be..received.”

TEAM ONE BEST TEAM: Shai Krayt Shai Krayt | Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla | Vren Rook Vren Rook
TEAM TWO IS OKAY: Kranak Vizsla Kranak Vizsla | Valery Noble Valery Noble | Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal | Sasha Kryze Sasha Kryze
Pain Is A Necessary Evil


After This And This



His attention was suddenly grabbed by the woman who walked through the door.

Maybe it was because of what happened at Csilla, but he had seen less and less Chiss around the Galaxy. But what had it been, a couple of months now? He honestly wasn't suprised with how sparse they had become. As she began to move downward into the seat, the man shot back a reply of his own.

"Well, it's been a rough week to say the least. And I'll take some water if it wouldn't inconvenience y'all too much."

The Knight let out a somewhat nervous chuckle. Who was he kidding, from just the cell that he had been put into, he knew that these interrogators had quite a few credits. Leaning back slightly, the man tried to find a comfortable position to sit in, but had no success. He didn't know why he was so nervous right now,. Maybe he had good reason to be.

"Well, my current and only guess is because I took a little trip out of the Temple. Breaking a Senate order is probably the reason that I am here. And these things? Ha, I'm not a Sith or anything that's going to attack you. Hell, y'all probably got some anti-Jedi tech in here anyways. I know how the Senate feels about us, I'm not sure about you though Miss..."

He trailed off, unsure of the woman's name. Most of his joking manner was the man trying to calm himself down, because this whole thing seemed a little overboard for just leaving the Temple. Something else was going on here.




Ten - the newly promoted Flight Lieutenant Tyliame - reported there had been no word from Cadence Air Group. Without full holonet beacon coverage out beyond the Alliance borders and amid uncharted astrological obstacles had rendered their coms unreliable. While Revenant was without the support of the larger formation, it also meant they didn’t have to share the glory when they discovered a previously unknown hyperlane through the Iskadrell sector. The Alliance might name the route after the squadron.

Or even better, after Chaar himself.

Five decanted from hyperspace and moved into formation, apologies for his tardiness. The Umbaran checked the chrono on his tactical display - more than two hours had passed since Revenant had launched the mission one pilot short. ‘Joker’, the latest addition to the squadron, had transferred in as a flight lieutenant, and so far was going an excellent job of grating the squadron leader.

“We’ll discuss this later,” Chaar explained through gritted teeth, barely able to control the explosion of rage that was building up inside him. Only the possibility of adding ‘charted new hyperlane’ to his next promotion pack kept the commander launching a volley of laser fire into Five’s X-wing for dereliction of duty. If he did, they’d have to call in a savage ship and scrub the mission, and that wasn't about to let Revenant return to High Command empty handed.

“Next jump is toward the Seeratter Sector,” he explained, getting his mind back onto the mission. He needed to focus - medals weren’t just handed up for showing up, you had to prove your worth. “Reset safeties.” Chaar flipped a series of switches to reset the B-wings mass shadow sensors, which would drag them violently back into realspace if their blind jump took them too close to a stellar object.

“Jump in three, two, one.” Revenant Leader pushed forward the hyperdrive lever and once again launched his starfighter into the blue, swirling unknown.


Revenant Squadron: Five: Kaul "Joker" Emos Kaul "Joker" Emos | Six: Danielle Stellaris Danielle Stellaris | Seven: Leon Gallo Leon Gallo | Eight: Len Vert Len Vert | Ten: Qellene Tyliame Qellene Tyliame
Cadence Air Group: Kathryn Foster Kathryn Foster | Rhyssa Edaara Quillan Rhyssa Edaara Quillan
Mandalorian Enclave: Open
Brotherhood of the Maw: SUWACO SUWACO

Krek Libera

// FOCUS // THE QUEEN // Kranak Vizsla Kranak Vizsla Valery Noble Valery Noble Sasha Kryze Sasha Kryze Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal Shai Krayt Shai Krayt Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla Ishida Ashina Ishida Ashina Vren Rook Vren Rook // OPEN //

This would be a good place.

The government was gone; the remains were weak, hardly strong enough to withstand them. This place was littered with caverns and fresh food for growth, for expansion. He wanted to stay.

The soldiers barked orders, and Krek followed, patrolling again and again. Why were they waiting? Kyber. Crystal. Rock, it had some special properties- laser sword, yes. He had seen them before, though he had only barely survived. Weapons like that were dangerous. He wondered if he had any use for the rocks, though.

It seemed the bosses knew. They had hired many for this extraction. Criminal elements wanted weapons. It was possible to break planets now. They needed weapons like that. Krek didn't think he could hold a weapon like that, even if he was this strong.

But he was strong enough to defend this place, and strong enough to be paid for it. He could ignore the aftermath. Perhaps, even, he could make this place their own.

Patrol. Patrol. Patrol.


His cybernetics pinged.

Something was coming.

It would die.

Thonn Rokkal


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He'd be a part of fireteam two and accommodate the Jedi apprentice along with Shai and the others. Thonn turned to glance at Ishida, though his beskar helmet concealed his mistrusting expression. He was sure the sentiment must be mutual for these Jedi to accompany them. The primary reason they were even here had to be to watch over their work, and to see the crystals neither sold nor destroyed. The latter outcome was far more fitting in his mind; what did he care if the Jedi got their toys? They thought it best to keep the Kyber from the Sith, who probably thought likewise. Thonn thought it best to keep the Kyber out of both their hands.

Kark 'smash and grab'. 'Smash and blast' would have been a much better course of action. But no, they had to babysit Jedi. Or the Jedi set about babysitting them. Or something. Whatever the justification, they were stuck with them. Not that he had to like it; he just had to carry on with it. Which he would. If this was the course of action that was determined to be best for the enclave, so be it. He'd remind himself of the need to see the greater picture while dialing in the given frequency that Kranak provided.

Thonn's got the right idea."

He gave a nod at the comment and patted an armoured hand against the side of his rotary cannon. Shai seemed to be getting along with the Jedi better than he'd have; Thonn had yet to even speak a word to either of the two accompanying them. Once they made their way to the armoury he gave his gear one more look over, ensuring he had brought all he needed and intended. Satisfied, he made his way to the designated meeting point in time to hear Ishida speak:

“If we fold the planet, Ishida murmured, tightening some of the leather on her gloves around her wrist. “We could rearrange the entrance to the insertion point.

Fold the planet? What the….kark? He slowly and finally gave his attention to Ishida, turning to face her with a bewildered expression hidden under his helmet.

"I thought the Jedi didn't do mind-altering substances?" Thonn bluntly asked.
Dom-Mommy Mandalorian



Objective: Convene the Tributary Council
Location: Ra'ntisr Capitol, New Krostport, Hefi
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The Quartermaster stood as rigid and unbending as beskar while the dignitaries arrived. To the first, a Core Worlds Senator, she gave a inclination of her head, a gesture of respect given to visitors. Mandalorian culture was very much centered around earning one's place and respect among peers, but their tight cultural hierarchy was loosened somewhat when it came to dealings with auretti. It was one of the many challenges that the Enclave's civil government had encountered, the disparity between Mandalorian and non-Mandalorian cultures and the trouble of getting the two to see eye to eye. For now though, every world had to agree that it was a much better alternative than the chaos of Wild Space and the exploitation of criminal scum.

"The Mandalorian Enclave welcomes you to Hefi, Senator," she replied in a cool, neutral voice that gave no warmth or hostility. Mentally she took a note of the world that the Senator had mentioned -- Empress Teta, a system in the Deep Core with a long history that the Quartermaster knew little of. Learned as she was, the politics of the Core World systems and their many-millennia long history had been lost on her besides the few intrusions Mandalorians had made into their systems. Hopefully there would be no need for any future crusades that the Quartermaster might have to study.

The next was a Senator as well, though from the world of Denon, a world on the fringe of the Core unlike Empress Teta. Under her helmet, the Quartermaster raised an eyebrow; Denon was infamous for being a crime-ridden ecumenopolis, as she had heard from over half a decade of overseeing the Karjr. From what she had heard, its legitimate government had always been discounted as a puppet of criminal lords, so she couldn't help but wonder whether the woman standing before her was a genuine leader or a bought-out shell. "My regards to the people of Denon," she replied, inclining her head as well. "Your praise flatter us. I hope you will find those words have their merit during your stay here."

The last was, coincidentally, the most important. Towards the Chancellor, the Quartermaster bent ever so slightly at her torso, a much deeper sign of Mandalorian respect. For the Head of State of another significant galactic power, she could afford some theatrics. "Chancellor, the Mandalorian Enclave welcomes you and the Galactic Alliance to our worlds."

She was surprised to see Tithe procure an ornately-carved box from an aide, presenting its contents to the Quartermaster. Her surprise compounded when she saw what it was: a Mythosaur Axe of obvious antiquity, a design so ancient that she'd only ever seen it in manuscripts and hung on Clan war mantles as trophies. They were relics of a fierce age, and from the ornate craftsmanship on the weapon, whoever had bore the axe had been a warrior of high repute; an Alor even, perhaps. She gingerly accepted the gift, feeling its weight with both of her hands, examining the weapon. "You have returned a part of our history to us," she said solemnly. "It is small, but since the razing of Mandalore, few treasures such as this are left to us. It is a gift that will be cherished."

The Quartermaster reverently gave the axe to an attending apprentice smith, an Ordo, who took the gift and held it horizontally as he stood to a side. Then, turning to Ijaat Mereel, she nodded, and the old Mandalorian handed her the leather-wrapped package. "I believe we have gifts of our own to give to you, as a symbol of goodwill."

Turning back to the Chancellor, she carefully unwrapped the package to reveal what was inside; a beautifully scabbarded ori'kad made of bes'manda, a rare beskar alloy that few knew how to make, the Quartermaster not being one of them. Alongside it was an equally ornate hilt of a jetti'kad, also made out of bes'manda. To make a Jedi's weapon had been a painstaking process fraught with many failures, but in the end a beautiful working blade had been achieved. "Two weapons, one of our culture and one of your Jedi's, to symbolize our partnership. They are of the most quality materials and craftsmanship in the Mandalorian Enclave, daresay the galaxy, forged by Ijaat Mereel himself," she said, nodding to the older Mandalorian that stood to his side. She let the Chancellor receive the weapons before stepping backwards.

"Now, if all the pleasantries have been dispensed with, let us convene this session," She announced, gesturing towards the circular table with seats vacant before taking her own. To her right and left were spots for her advisors, Ijaat being one of them, and along either side were spaces for Enclave officials and member world representatives. On the opposite side of the Quartermaster were seats reserved for the Chancellor and his accompanying Galactic Alliance dignitaries. "To begin with; I apologize for my lack of honeyed words, Chancellor, for I am no skilled politician. But it is my wish that the Mandalorian Enclave and Galactic Alliance, two powers with mutually aligned interests, forge a bond of friendship and cooperation. I believe that a secure Outer Rim is in the best interests of the Galactic Alliance, and visa versa for the Mandalorian Enclave and the Core."

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Major Faction


Trust in Me


Okkeus Dainlei Okkeus Dainlei | CLOSED



Somewhere behind the scenes, someone noticed the subtle nod the director offered when the Jedi Knight requested some water. By the time Okkeus started piecing together his assumptions for the technology that bound his wrists, a green-skinned woman with a low, tight bun entered the room with a bulb of water and a pitcher for refills. Silently, she placed it on the table and cast an unseen look to M.

"Director." M corrected swiftly, barely letting a heartbeat pass between the leading query and her response.

"An apt assumption, given the timing." She continued, gesturing to the Mirialan who moved to the spacer's wrists to unclip the restraints from his person. "But no."

Waving a hand over her datapad, the screen's contents augmented in the space on the table between the director and the Jedi. It mirrored the information available perfectly, including the link that M moved to open: //:link="jedi_hyperlane_attachment":\\

"How did you come about this information?

And why did you share it only with one other?"


Yuzzem Pathfinder


Local Time | 20:31

Equipment |
Gorthalon's Greataxe, an IB-series blaster and a pair of cortosis armguards.

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Since he had never owned a ship before and has never been taught how to fly one, the Yuzzem had always required others to transport him from mission to mission. This had its obvious drawbacks.

After personally requesting a transfer to V'shar from his superiors, he boarded one of the Galactic Alliance's regular transport ships and made his way to Wild Space. Ever since he won his freedom, he had spent most of his time catching up and learning about the civilizations, religions, battles and significant events of the galaxy. Upon reading an essay about Mandalorian culture, he became utterly fascinated by them; among numerous other things, their confidence, combat expertise and camaraderie resonated deeply within him. These aspects bore a stark resemblance to the Honor Codex his own Yuzzem pride lived by.

He was far from well-acquainted with them, however, but deemed this opportunity to be one that could bring understanding on both sides; and a serious situation has also emerged, with Kyber crystals being involved, in which he would gladly lend his aid.

After a long series of transfers, his shuttle finally touched down on V'shar. As he exited the shuttle, he raised an arm as farewell to the pilot without turning back, and headed off to the designated location, occasionally taking out the datapad from his duffel bag to check for directions. He either walked fast, while sticking to the shadows, or traversed the rooftops, leaping from one pole to another, landing on rooftops and balconies as he approached the meeting spot like a predator stalking its prey. He finally arrived, on foot, at the building where the briefing is to be held; but the building appeared silent, and its doors and gates were sealed shut. However, his keen snout has picked up on a couple of scents that have converged on his location.

Local Time | 20:40

I am already late – he thought, and crouched down to more adequately pick up on the scent trail. As he registered the individual scents, he suddenly heard footsteps approaching from the other side of the sealed door. Quickly standing up and taking five steps backwards, the tall Yuzzem waited solemnly as a soft breeze ruffled his fur. Towering in the dark, he stood right in front of the base entrance.
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The tribal Mandalorian's helmet shifted in Faith Organa Faith Organa 's direction at the woman's welcome in Mando'a. In return, she offered the thoughtful woman a blessing, "Kapr A'yihbe Runi srubiva gar lirsa bal a katabare kyr'vhetine." <May the Ancient Souls provide you shelter and a bountiful harvest.> So many of the others from the Alliance carried souls laden with credits and the practical purpose of all around them. Faith had a hearth that radiated warmth, which Runi favored. Whether the Quartermaster would prefer dealing with those easily understood or those with lofty ideals was yet to be seen.

It was true, however, that despite the sheer utilitarian purpose in returning the Mythosaur Axe to Mandalorian hands during a negotiation, it was an admirable gesture. Runi nodded slightly at the return of something of historical and spiritual worth to their people. "Halyasr be Aor. A carhyiya be iupe tgidr it a katabare vencuyot tome." <The Hospitality of Ages. A wellspring of glad tidings toward a bountiful future together.>

As the Chancellor and Quartermaster exchanged gifts, Runi slowly stepped away from the positioned she had claimed. Her feet silently carried the armored woman over toward Faith Organa. "We are fortunate to have the daughter of a reforged world with us today. I have walked the plains of Alderaan and find it more beautiful than simple travelers know. If you will indulge me," Runi politely intoned, "what does such a peaceful realm see in these far reaches?" Her world could use a strong hand to defend it, surely, but they had the Alliance. Faith had chosen to come here, however; Runi hoped to understand the woman's personal motivation for doing so. Only by inquiring could one unravel the universe's mysteries.


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Verin watched the diplomatic niceties tentatively, his attentions aroused by the intricate body language that the Mandalorian's displayed. Whether oblivious or not to the hidden language at play, the Alliance representatives made delicate reprisals; an exchange of culturally sensitive gifts. He listened to the Quartermaster speak at some length, noticeably long for the often subdued and succinct Mandalorian leader.

It was his cue.

Oldo stood slowly, remaining fixed to the spot so as not to startle or alert anybody that he was undertaking anything that might be perceived as a threat to the security of either party.

"Chancellor, most valued dignitaries. I am Verin Oldo, recently appointed Tributary Minister of Defense. We are warmed to receive you here on Hefi in this pantheon, built as a commitment to hope and security in the Outer Rim territories and the Wild Space."

He gestured with his hand as he spoke, directing the attention of the assembled masses to take in the magnitude of the hall.

"The Mandalorian Enclave is achieving a great many of its objectives. To bring order to the wildest reaches of the territory, to stamp out unabated tyranny, to capitalise on the underlying strength of the region and draw it up into a stronger, purer union."

He turned his head, taking in the Chancellor's vision.

"Like the Beskar the Mando'ade revere, the very nature of this enterprise is to bring a sense of supreme and unyielding defiance in the face of the abhorrent evils that have plagued our Galaxy of late. As the Creed would dictate, this is done most successfully in a symbiance with one another, in the commonality of goal and mind, to bring a perfect balance and serenity to our lives."

He smiled. He had studied very hard for this speech and hoped to Hoth he hadn't butchered his pronunciation of 'Mando'ade'.

"In essence, we are continuing to forge forward with military operations in neighbouring systems, many at the behest of the inhabitants of the planets found therein. We do not, as of yet, have the ability to field a Naval force that can effectively and definitively prevent enemy incursions across our territories, something we are pursuing with great speed. The investment into our shipbuilding capabilities is only equalled to the vast investment into creating a sustainable internal market for our citizens. External consultants such as myself..." Verin gestured next to him to Vermic "...are joined by a host of esteemed professionals from across the galaxy, all intent on giving aid to this mission. Continued cooperation with our militaries would certainly bring our goals within a far easier grasp.

The safety and security of the citizens in our care is paramount to our operations within the Tributary Council. We hope that in joining with us in this mission, we can, as one, ensure the continued progress of civility, tolerance and harmonious co-existence in these very furthest reaches of space, far from their homeworld of Mandalore and far from the Core itself. Thank you."

He stood, yielding his attention to the assembly and nodded to the Quartermaster and Chancellor in tandem. Oldo breathed a sigh of relief, looking at Vemric for a moment of approval from his former commanding officer. He wouldn't deny that his hands were a little shaken by the fright of such an address; perhaps he would get used to it.

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan

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Interacting with Runi Kuryida

Faith as she stood watching the Chancellor and The Quartermaster during their gift exchange. She couldn't say she knew what Chancellor Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe motives were the Axe was a generous symbol she had thought it destroyed. As she started to move to get a closer look she heard a greeting returned to hers. She smiled towards Runi Kuryida Runi Kuryida it warmed Faith's heart to hear the blessings for world and her house.

"Kapr patke ku'r cuyir me'dinuir de an" <may the bounty be shared by all> Faith stepped back inviting the warrior to come with her. "I am honored to be here to see the sons and daughters of the Mythosaur united again. Thank you for your kind words." It was not often that when she visited someone offered a blessing to her home, it was normally all for the Alliance and its position. "Alderaan is indeed beautiful there are members of Clan Ordo living there, I'm sure they would welcome a visit. I would welcome a visit we can walk the valleys and mountains together." Ahh the question which she thought would come, that it would be on the tongue of any warrior what does a peaceful world like Alderaan want from the mando'ade.

"Alderaan has always been peaceful, seeking to ensure the protection of life and nature. Peace at any cost is not really the Alderaan motto, nor that of House Organa or any house on Alderaan. I'm here because I know the honor that exists among the mando'ade, that the ways while different also are to protect that which is precious, our adi'ka."

For a moment she was sad she looked at Runi, "Alderaan has seen the Sith 3 times walk the surface bringing death and destruction with them. No matter what protection my dra'hr puts in place they still come. Even when Alderaan had the protection of the old Republic it didn't stop the dar'jeti, I am not certain that the Alliance can stop them either. I want my children, your children, and everyone's children to have a chance to grow up to know peace. I was also excited to once again be with the mando'ade you always give me hope that no matter what we live to fight another day. "

Given the history of the mando'ade and all that Faith had seen happen with them, all the connections her family had to them this was not just a visit of diplomacy for her it was like coming to see family. She felt no shame in admitting her concerns or her reasons.

"By the way I am Faith, who are you?" Only now did Faith realize she didn't know who she was talking to.
Starin' Down the Barrel

Hours before Operation Lightbringer:

Laying prone upon a rock outcropping, A rifle sling wrapped around my off hand while the right hand gripped tightly on the stock. Finger resting gently on the trigger guard. There was no need to fire the weapon. More so, the scope was being used for a zoom upon the defensive systems installed. The Urban environment was one of close quarters, tight turns, and dangerous blind spots. The wind whipped upon the gravel and dust around me. Obscuring my vision for a moment. A sigh escaped my lips through the helmet. Sitting still for literal hours now, scoping out their defenses, routes of the guardsmen, and even timing the transition periods so that I could have all the information available.

I didn't hate this, but I just almost chuckled at my big mouth. Having been part of the Death Watch before this, the Enclave was at first hesitant to accept me. Wondering if I was one of the fanatics who was... too deep in the hole. I understood. The Death Watch had attacked the Jedi. I, Had attacked the Jedi. That wasn't really the MO for the Enclave. They were hunters, but not without reason. Crusaders fought for their way of life, no matter the cost. A little different. Same mindset, but the actions told the story of the people. Head dipping for a moment. Resting my neck from the position I lay in for this entire time. Using the surrounding area to cover myself. I even carried with me a goddamn branch to scrape after my footsteps in case someone found boot prints.

This was more nerve-wrecking than facing a Jedi toe to toe. That was easy. The threat of being alone, without much to back you up, and having to literally crawl for an hour on my stomach just to get to this position so I wouldn't be seen? I couldn't take chances with these, barely than better pirates. I remember what I had done to get here. I opened my big mouth to volunteer for this op. I wanted to prove myself to the enclave, but also, I just wanted to get the nay-sayers off my back. I grew up a Mandalorian. My father was one goddamnit! He gave me his own helmet and became a farmer so that I could have a life. So that I could do what was necessary for my family. My culture! Hell, I just wanted to do something other than make weapons that no one was going to use. I wanted to shoot something between the eyes.

This was my chance.

Looking back up, and down the scope of the rifle, I saw that a troop transition had taken place. It seemed like they replaced guardsmen about every two hours. While it sure as hell wasn't on the dot, it was close enough. This transition would be loud. Likely the best time for the strike teams to go through the sewers. Secondly, if they had to go loud, it would be after they were in the streets. Not stuck in the tight as hell tunnels that smelled of poodoo and corpses.

Gods I remember having to go scope out their entrance. I could smell it through the rebreather in my helm. I turned on every filter system to get the stench out of my nose. Their dead were dumped in there. The smell of rusted iron, decaying corpses, and feces was... powerful to say the least. I just hoped they had updated their armor systems to not smell that crap like I had. However now, I could focus on their AA systems. Most of it was already situated with the city. Taken over and put into operation. Ships destroyed by the weapons were clear even from this distance. They meant business. Anyone who didn't have whatever clearance they gave out, was fair game. Even the goddamn birds and avians of the planet. Parts of the corpses were attacked just for practice and to make sure the systems were operational.

<<Priest, Report.>>
<<Guard transition every two hours. AA systems are fully functional. Sewage system is best course of action as previously thought. Extraction will have to be through city gates, or back into the sewage. Unless there can be a plan Besh.>>
<<Thoughts on such extraction?>>
<<I have ship that is back a ways. Pull it closer under their AA range. If need be, do a hot extract.>>
<<Hot would be more like suicide.>>
<<Unless you got other ideas from your vantage.>>
<<Ground vehicles.>>
<<How close do you think you could get them?>>

There was a long silence. They knew I was right. Getting enough ground vehicles for ten or more people was dangerous. Even more so because they would be loud. its easy to see a group leave speeders behind. But harder to see a ship that's a couple miles off, and could charge in fast for an escape. I could almost hear the sigh in their voice.

<<Keep us updated. Briefing will be soon.>>
<<I'll be the Falcon in the sky for em.>>
<<Just don't fall asleep Priest.>>
<<Threat of no one watching over me, well past enemy boarders? Don't think so.>>
<<Roger. Over and Out.>>

My head fell down to the ground once again. Lightly tapping the dirt. If they wanted me to give them information, then question what I was telling them, I would need to learn to hold my tongue better. I was entirely tempted to just yell at them to get down here and look at what I was seeing. Hell, I could send them a live feed, but the transmission would be like a beacon on me. Just to prove a damn point. Rolling over onto my back, I pulled out some rations, opened up the port on my helmet, and replenished myself.

I'm gonna be here for a little while longer.

Present: 20:37

Pulling together my gear, I was preparing for a full assault if I had to. Now that I was back at the ship, I had moved it to a closer position that was well under the radar of the AA guns. Damn near close enough, I could hear the urban throws of yells, a couple parties, and even guards or men yelling at one another about poodoo. Close enough, I could use my naked eyes to see the gates. How I got so close? I just happened to find a valley through the environment that was just big enough for my patrol craft to pass through on only repulsor engines. The thrusters weren't even turned on. Keeping any signals minimal. Plus, with it only being one ship, it wasn't going to leave a signature on their radar systems. Having it in a near crevasse so that it was even harder to find.

Strapping on my Little Prick to my armor, I walked down the ramp and out up into the rockface. Climbing it for a couple minutes. Getting back on top of the vantage point so that I could keep a bird's eye view of the city for them. I could directly see both entrances and exits of the tunnels they would have to go through. Or at least, most of the exit points. I made sure to update my HUD software so that I could be connected to their systems. Speaking of, I logged into the frequency told to me earlier that the Strike teams would be using.

<<Strike Team, Priest to Strike Team. Functions check. Come again. Functions check.>>

If this was to go through well, then I needed to be in touch with them. Even more so since I could play a deadly version of Red light, green light with the entrance of the city. More so, If a shot was needed to take out a guard so that the others could be quiet, then I could do so. At this range, with a suppressed rifle, I could dome an enemy, they could catch the body, and no one would be the wiser. Keeping it quiet for as long as possible.

Breathing in heavily, a sigh escaped me as I covered myself once more with the environment. My blue and silver armor was more so brown, and dusty than anything. I had to mark it out with colors and cloth so that there was no reflections of light from the armor. But, I was prepared. Ready for them to start the operation, and get these crystals out of enemy hands.