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SWRP CHAOS: A Year In Review

I hold February 8th as our official anniversary, though we're slightly older than that. February 8th was the final revamp of the site you now see, and the rules that came into effect.

Here's some stats for ya, courtesy of Google Analytics:


Here's what the map looked like as of 11MAY2013




Finally, 1FEB2014



1. Jedi Grandmaster Teferi Efreet Going Home In Jaxton's Arms
2. Shattered Soul's Weekend Speed Roleplay
3. Omni Arrives
4. Teferi Efreet's first Dominion
5. Everything Starts Small
6. We really had no idea what we were doing.
7. We had our lows.
8. And our highs.
9. We had some super serious moments
10. But some funny ones too. ;)

Thanks, guys. Without all of you, we wouldn't have such a wonderful history. Despite all the drama llamas, ghosts of Anakin, and force-wielding banthas, it's been a good one and I look forward to more.​
Here's to another year of Star Wars!
What are your most memorable moments? Post them below.
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May I suggest that this Anniversary be named Tyranny Reigns day? :p

Ohhh, ten memorable moments. This'll be tough for me I think. I'll go think about it first and then come back, but one things for sure, the Sith Primacy thread and Roche were my two most favoritest threads ever.


Also, are you saying that I joined five days after the launch and am still here??? Wow. My personal anniversary is in 11 days. Holy Crapola.
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Definitely Tef's Death. That was a huge uproarious occasion.

Okay, so um. I think I have a few things to list:

1. Invasion of Junction
2. Nuking of Keldabe
3. Dead Space (Such a shame that there was a wipe)
4. Sith Primacy
5. Sith Primacy
6. Sith Primacy
7. Roche
8. Roche
9. Roche
10. Tefs Death

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
My favorite memories:
  • My intro to the site by duelling Darron Wraith on Kamino. Still one of the best duels I've ever had.
  • Me and Apparatus against a fethton of PC and NPC Mandalorians on Junction.
  • My coup. Fighting Voracitos.
  • Ashin and Spencer. What started out as a partnership turned into the most interesting love story I've ever written.
  • Jorus and Alna D'Lessio/Merrill. ALSO the most interesting love story I've ever written. Over a hundred thousand words of deep-space salvage and Outer Rim hijinks. Side note: Jorus was the first male character to ever sleep with a black female character on this site, so far as I'm aware.
  • Apparatus tearing Ashin away from Kaas City and convincing her not to Force Storm it to rubble as Omni's droids swarm outta the ground and take over everything.
  • Roche. Freakin Roche. Fleeting against Tegs with Velok, stealing plans with MSE-007 while @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] brought down the roof, watching Khan ram the Starfall with a Charon-class command ship, Ashin vs Darron no-holds-barred in the middle of a bombardment, losing an arm, getting deposed in a coup d'etat - and thanks to Fatty, Adam, and all the other folks who made that coup happen just right. :)
  • Vagrant Fleet versus CIS. If you were there, you know.
  • Fighting Moridin in Keldabe City, with breast cancer and one arm missing.
  • Velok and Dissero spending a month's very long, very boring thread stealing the entire Sith Archives. Tyrin didn't talk to me for another month. Mea culpa, Tyrin. Just needed to see if I could get away with it. :D
  • Creating the Mara Corridor with Jorus and Alna. Now that was amazing. Tons and tons of threads, and a whole new hyperlane. We worked our tails off and it was so worth it.

Crap, that's eleven. Favorite moments ending here. :D

EDIT: No, you know what, I'm taking a twelfth. Velok vs. B'Arin Graad in the Sith dominion of Aeten Two. Huge fleet actions inside a nebula, his formation's charging mine and thrashing it, we're quoting Moby Dick/Wrath of Khan at each other, Velok's fleet gets obliterated and he drains the life from his crew to Force Storm B'Arin's fleet, killing B'Arin and nearly dying in the process. Absolutely epic on all counts. I enjoyed being the white whale.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Favorite moment? Joining the site.
While everything that came after was just as amazing, if I had never joined, none of it would have ever happened.
But a few moments were especially grand, and made me do this:

  • Jek'ai admitting her feelings for Aela
  • Ventasia and Ven's first kiss
  • Circe comforting Ven after her major breakdown
  • And Svarin discovering her powers
That's probably the moments that really stood out, at least IC.
OOC? That's a whole 'nother story.
  • Laughing as people learned I'm nowhere near as old as they assumed I was
  • Getting compliments after I opened the sig shop
  • Getting to know Mark (Circe) and Domino
But most of all:
Finding a place that feels like home.
The Rovagug
Ashin Varanin said:
Apparatus tearing Ashin away from Kaas City and convincing her not to Force Storm it to rubble as Omni's droids swarm outta the ground and take over everything.
I remember that, I was there.

OMNI nanobytes infected Kaine's mind and turned him into one of OMNI's pawns.

Ashin had to knock him out and wrap him up in thick sheets of metal, it was also the turning point in the Kaine x @[member="Anaya Fen"] romance.

Edit: Also, my favorite memory on this site is directly after I had joined, and discovered that there was no approval system.

I was absolutely blown away.


Disney Princess
1. Joining the Site
2. Drama and The Republic
3. The Factory
4. That one Senator and my PM box
5. Cira made a Faction
6. My first character since 04' makes Master Rank
7. Quiet Staff Members and their subtle blessings
8. Staff Critiques
9. The Learning Center Forum
0. Roleplaying
This list is in the chronological order, not in the order of how much I like them.

Daxton Bane

Too many to count. Not enough fingers in my collection. Suffice to say most of the folk I have rp rock. Many more memories in the coming year.

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
Favorite moments?

1. Joining the site
2. 1st major war in Chaos history and fightin Apparatus and @[member="Ashin Varanin"] with two other Initiate Mandos and not perishing in agony
3. Roche, and leading a commando assault that was successful against OP and Republic forces to take the ion cannons, all while forbidding my troops to outright kill OP and Republic troops
4. All the OOC goofiness, jokes, insults about one's mother, imprisonment, and the 30+ page thread that was completely irrelevant to the original post's subject matter.

A good year of Chaos, and I hope we have many more :)
King of Midvinter
I'm responsible for the 1,000+ site visits from Sweden, aren't I? :p


1. Found by Asha Seren, who took Thurion on as padawan at age 7.
2. Thyrian meeting then 8-year-old @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"] for the first time. :wub:
3. Thurion and @[member="Daux"] meeting for the first time, both at age 8. :wub:
4. The subjugation of the Ashborn at the hands of Kära, now 10 years old.
5. Leaving the Jedi Order with Asha among others, forming the Silent Conclave.
6. Asha's death. :(
7. Thyrian's sacrifice during "Operation: Hammer".
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Verz Horak said:
Wait, we allow Pokemon as characters? I just hope nobody Rule 34s you bro.
Created a Species of Val'kar that uses a werewolf like look, but I like the look of Zororack and So I used his version for the species. and I hope the same.