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Approved NPC Special Litigation Unit

  • Unit Name: Special Litigation Unit
  • Affiliation: Gellenbright Securities
    • Freely hireable by the sufficiently rich.
  • Classification: Black Ops / Legal Representation
  • Description: The Special Litigation Unit is a small task force of lawyers-cum-soldiers ideal for tasks that require discretion, legal acumen, and a complete lack of moral misgivings. Armed lawyers, in other words. While hireable by just about anyone, they never break contract. This should by no means be misconstrued as loyalty, however - they follow the letter of the legally binding contract. No more, no less.
  • Unit Size: Small
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Elite
  • Equipment: Varies by assignment, but usually includes cloaking devices, view maskers, or aural dispersion charms. Personal shield generators are common, but they rarely wear conventional armour - Gildenweave or Polyweave clothing will do. Favour stealthy weapons and a variety of poisons and the like, notably Morpheus Sedatives, Hurlothrombic Compound, and Nanokillers. Known to utilise monomolecular blades.
    • May call upon paralegals and paramilitary forces to assist them on challenging assignments / when cannon fodder is needed.
    • Known to use modified Firebees for assassinations and combat-model Scions to supplement their own number as needed.
  • Combat Function: The Special Litigation Unit is a group of highly-trained specialists adept at various forms of asymmetrical warfare, both in and out of the courtroom. Assassinations, kidnappings, and serving warrants to isolationistic warlords are all known assignments. Due to their extreme competency and cunning adaptability, they are equally capable of dishing out SLAPPs and SLAMs as the situation requires.
  • Team Members: Some of the Special Litigation Unit's most notable members are listed below.
    • Harquin Belemir the Third, Esquire. Lawyer, socialite, philanthropist, and killer for hire. The Belemirs of Coruscant have a long and proud tradition of killing an 'undesirable' as a rite of passage - unfortunately, Harquin got caught on camera by someone less than susceptible to bribery. Somehow, he finagled his way into a position of personal assassin while being blackmailed, only to be recruited by the SLU.
      • Specialisation - Criminal Law.
    • Fowrryammav the Ferocious is a calm-minded Wookiee with the voice soft-spoken bureaucrat, courtesy of a vocal implant, belying the impressive bulk of his form and leading few to suspect the number of gruesome deaths under his belt. He collects historic vibromaces.
      • Specialisation - Property Law.
    • Xadea Wostoy. Known for her immaculate dictation, luscious brown locks, regal features, and high-collared pantsuits. Her entire torso is covered in the scars that are to be expected of someone who spent her teens in a Huttese gladiatorial ring. The Zabrak is impersonal on the courtroom floor, for her true passion is murder - while historically a knife-fighter, she has learned to appreciate a good disruptor.
      • Specialisation - Tax Law, Finances.
    • Jeeves is the youngest member of the SLU, a Doppelganger created to serve as an assassin for the now-defunct Tenth Sith Empire. How exactly he joined the team is a closely kept secret, but she certainly did not attend law school - devouring the minds of lawyers as part of some assignment or another is the most popular theory. Naturally, shapeshifting is a valuable tool, both for infiltration and alibis.
      • Specialisation - N/A, generalist.
  • Beyond the Red Tape: The Special Litigation Unit's elite members practice law and murder with equal skill, dispatching adversaries as surely as they dismantle a prosecutor's case. They are licensed to practice law in dozens of jurisdictions and dispense death across the galaxy.
  • Amoral Advocates: The SLU combines the ruthlessness of killers and worse yet lawyers - to meet their cold eyes is to know fear.
  • Passing the Bar: Individuals with a legal degree and an aptitude for commercialised murder are rarer than one might imagine.
  • Literally Loyal: The Special Litigation Unit writes its own contracts - as a result, they tend to include terms that favour them.
How the Special Litigation Unit was formed is thoroughly documented, but also thoroughly redacted. A few details can still be gleaned between lines of blacked-out text, notably that the group came together in 865 ABY and that there were seven initial members.

Full members of the Special Litigation Unit are dubbed 'Partners-at-Arms' and new recruits are 'Associates-at-Arms'. Neither group is particularly big, but the SLU uses a variety of assistants, paralegals, and paramilitary forces to supplement them - very few of these actually know their identities. The same goes for most employers - many who hire them as lawyers do not know they can be hired as assassins and vice versa.

Among the most feared organisations to have employed their services are mobsters, slave traders, and worse - tax authorities.
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