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law firm

  1. Kal

    Approved NPC  Special Litigation Unit

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: I have my reasons. Not good reasons, but reasons nonetheless. Image Credit: PRINCIPVS UNIT 2096 by Sasha Ristic Krieger. Role: Dealing death and doling out lawsuits. Permissions: Archangel Research & Design Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Special...
  2. Brad Solo

    Solo Consultations

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION · Image Source: None · Canon Link: None · Development Threads: All threads related, is on that guy's work shop. Like the trial of Rianna Organa and the trial of Malice Draclau. · Primary Source: None CORPORATION · Corporation...
  3. Armand Temi

    Rumor, Wolf & Funk, Attorneys at Law

    Image source: Corporation Name: Rumor, Wolf & Funk, Attorneys at Law Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa Location: The Promenade Operations: Max Rumor, Chief Counsel is a private criminal defense attorney for residents of Nar Shaddaa charged with...
  4. Captain Larraq

    Fetterson Medical Firm

    Corporation Name: Fetterson Medical Firm Headquarters: Sundari, Mandalore Locations: Mandalore Named Senior Partner: Jack Fetterson Operations: Fetterson Medical Firm is a small, newly created legal firm on Mandalore. The firm specializes in consultation and representation for Hospitals...
  5. Amarant

    Ash, Pembrooke, Welqzana and Associates

    Ash, Pembrooke, Welqzana and Associates, Attorneys at Law Size: Tier Two Offices: Nimban, others may happen. Specializations of Legal Counsel: Corporate and Criminal defense. Capable of working within international law. Subsidiaries: None as of this time, however, we may also venture into...
  6. Amarant

    Ash, Pembrooke, Welqzana and Associates

    Corporation Name: Ash, Pembrooke, Welqzana and Associates. Headquarters: Nimban Locations: While there isn't a secondary branch yet, Mr. Ash often telecommutes, and most of the lawyers have small cargo ships to go where the work is. Operations: Entirely legitimate legal work, and fairly...
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