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  1. Razorwolf Company

    Razorwolf Company

    Overview: Razorwolf Company, led by former resistance agent Tarjik Khen, is a formidable mercenary unit known for tactical prowess and adaptability. They operate across multiple star systems, specializing in high-risk missions. Unit members are varied from various military, intelligence, and...
  2. Maldor Mecetti

    Approved Lore  Imperial Auxilia

    Image Source: prompted by me OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Represent the Auxiliary Forces of the Empire of the Lost Image Credit: Image Source: prompted by me Permissions: NA Links: NA GENERAL INFORMATION Army Name: Imperial Auxilia...
  3. Tulan Kor

    Faction  Operation Stickup (ATTN: Smugglers, Criminals, Mercenaries).

    The Galaxy is dark, complex, vast, secretive and ugly. The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend. Tulan understands this better than anyone else. For the Republic, for the Alliance, for the Empire, he fought, killed to fight the Sith all of his adult life. And now they loom over Coruscant, the...
  4. Wild Cards

    Wild Cards

    The Wild Cards are an open Mercenary unit of Mandalorian origin, primarily invested in starfighter combat both in and out of atmosphere. Won in a Sabacc game by their Marshal Valki Häyhä she chose the card pun for a name in memorium of how rising and falling fortunes factored into how she came...
  5. Commodore Helix

    The Fearful Symmetry

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a flagship and mobile faction base for Helix Solutions. Image Source: MarcusStarkiller on Deviantart Canon Link: Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruiser Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Wookiepedia, Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruiser PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  6. Kastav Volff

    LFG  A Boarding Party - Looking for 3 People to Raid a Space Station

    A Boarding Party The hologram flickered as a connection was being established, flashes of a space station appeared and disappeared. Next were scenes of chaos gone as quick as they had appeared, a crowd of hundreds surging towards shuttles and transports already overburdened with passengers...
  7. Battleborn Mercenary Company

    Battleborn Mercenary Company

    Centuries ago, a crack combat outfit was exiled by the Arkanian government for the crime of wanting to be free. These soldiers promptly formed a mercenary company which has operated to the current day from a refit Corpo Troop Carrier. We have fighters. We have dropships. We have women, men, and...
  8. Box Mattox

    Approved NPC  Battleborn Mercenaries

    BATTLEBORN MERCENARIES OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create the Mercenaries who operate from the Gorskin in service to Box Mattox Image Credit: Role: Mercenary Units controlled by Box Mattox Permissions:NA Links: NA GENERAL INFORMATION Unit...
  9. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Private  Lost and Found

    City of Tadarc, Timora, Skiritoku Spur, Wild Space Tag: Drego Avik Minerva stirred with a groan inside the escape pod. Sitting up and rubbing the side of her neck she then noted others waking up as well. "Alright, whoever is not dead sound off." "Sumi here." Her Astrian hacker answered...
  10. Lion Darman

    LFG  Weapons Supplies

    Hello there, I am looking to make deals with arms suppliers, mercenary groups, pirate groups, and smugglers who can deliver. The client is a group of fairly disreputable Mandalorians of House Darman who are located on the planet Mon Gazza. The recent discovery of the group by the Mandalorian...
  11. K

    Work In Progress  Kallirróē Post-Imperial Ventures

    CROW Galactic Solutions OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: provide an in-character brand which Kallirróē uses to sell her services as a mercenary-fixer and allows her to interact with various characters and factions. Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your...
  12. N

    LFG  CALLING: Refugees, Exiles, Volunteers, Adventurers, Mercenaries - AMNESTY Voyage

    Hello everyone! We are looking for anyone of the above to join our voyage and humanitarian mission. Next destination, Seswenna. Please let us know if you are interested to join the crew! Otherwise, you are welcome to interact on our public thread; Pit-Stop: Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine. For more...
  13. Saul Vandron

    LFG  Mercenaries Look Here | Ilum Invasion

    - AURODIUM SWORD CONTRACT: ILUM REWARD: 20,000 UCs The Empire is offering generous mercenary contracts to individuals and groups for temporary deployment on the world of Ilum to aid the Empire against the Alliance. REQUIREMENTS: Participate in the IC thread of the Empire Invasion of Ilum...
  14. Kal

    Approved NPC  Redhand Troopers

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: (Profitable) redemption in battle; goons freely usable by other writers. Image Credit: LAST MOMENT by Phelan A. Davion Role: Cannon Fodder Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Redhand Troopers Affiliation: Gellenbright Securities...
  15. Kal

    Approved NPC  Special Litigation Unit

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: I have my reasons. Not good reasons, but reasons nonetheless. Image Credit: PRINCIPVS UNIT 2096 by Sasha Ristic Krieger. Role: Dealing death and doling out lawsuits. Permissions: Archangel Research & Design Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Special...
  16. Imogen Rist

    LFG  Hiring Mercenaries: Discretion Required

    I am currently seeking mercenary types that are willing to undertake work of questionable legality. The work is potentially lucrative and will be steady for the foreseeable future.
  17. Dr. Veinstein

    LFG  Now Hiring: Operatives, Mercenaries, and other Individuals

    THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IT MEANS THAT THE CORPORATION DEEMS YOU READY. The MPF Corporation is now hiring skilled individuals for a high-risk mission. The details of this team is a heavily guarded secret. If you are not currently aware of what the MPF...
  18. Caydar Middawe

    Public  Survivors of Endor

    Goozer Lurg wakes up inside of his customized tie fighter, the starfighter had just landed on Endor from auto pilot and he begins to sip on blue milk before hearing blaster sounds going off, quickly he hears a pirate starfighter roar overhead, the damn thing tried blowing him to hell while he...
  19. A

    LFG  Mercenaries Needed

    Holotape Begins . . . Hey there, is this thing on? *tap *tap All you scourges of civilized society! This is Alliser Roche, Captain-Admiral of the Roche Fleet. We're soon to be docking in the Freehold system for a resting period before our next patrol of forceful business-dealing - if you...
  20. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Private  Warriors by Creed

    Mos Enbarr, Tatooine, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories Standing on the edge of a roof of a large shop Minerva without her helmet looked out in the high noon of the twin suns. A half smile formed on her face. Been here a few times over the years but I never get tired of this view. Thought...
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