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Factory Second Chance Request

John Locke

Rusty Rusty Apologies, this didn't jump up in my notifications. Second chance granted.

Mellifluous Magenta Mellifluous Magenta - While I do agree with some points the judge made, the submission was approved as part of a mass approval and so I will let that stand baring a report being filed on the submission.

John Locke

Yularen Nova Yularen Nova

This is incorrect, please DO NOT misrepresent the judges during your request for a second chance submission.

The submissions was not denied, it was archived for inactivity since your last post in the thread was on 25 April when you stated you were going to second chance it, however, you failed to post in this thread for almost a month. The submission was thus archived. This was not a case of the judge just "feeling like it" you had actually requested a second chance. Please do not misrepresent the actions of the judges in the future.

In this case, the second chance request is approved.

John Locke

Yularen Nova Yularen Nova

To be precise, the judge told you that "If you disagree with my review you are free to request a second chance in the second chance thread." Which you agreed to. At no time did he use the words denied in regards to your submission. In fact, if you look at the first post in this thread:

As per the Factory Standardized rules, if your submission has been denied and you feel it has been done so unfairly, you may request a second chance by completing the form below. You may also request a second chance at any point during the active judgement process if you feel you have reasonable evidence of judge bias or believe your submission is receiving an otherwise unfair judgement.

It's very clear that second chances do not solely apply to submissions that are denied but also can be applied to cases where you feel that the judgement you receive is unfair as was the case this time.

Please make sure to read the judges post and the factory threads clearly and do reach out to me if you're unsure of the language used or if you have any questions.
Queen of the Nightsisters
John Locke John Locke
Submission Name:
Bag of Conjuring
Link to Submission: https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/bag-of-conjuring.150613/

Reason for Second Chance:
Fun historical facts found here When I was young my parents accused D&D to be of the devil, so I am pretty much D&D illiterate to this day. My search engine pulls a blank for "Dungeons and Dragons, Bag of Conjuring." The idea of how this operates is entirely from my own imagination. I used to send out my Nightsister with a vest loaded up inside with potions, the vest designed like one massive bandolier. I thought on how I could remedy this deadly approach her's.

I am told similar ideas for a Bag of Conjuring is found in D&D, HP, and LotR, which could specifically make the mere idea an item specifically belonging to witches for use, such as the Cauldron. George Lucus did not create his universe entirely from scratch.

Now for the creative B.S. which is why I enjoy the Nightsisters so much, how this item can certainly exist within Star Wars:
The Magickal Spirit of Ichor is said in Canon to 1) create objects, 2) imbue magick into objects, 3) conjure objects out of it, opening up a huge birth for creativity with Nightsister witchcraft. Two suede purses charmed using Force Alchemy while draped with Ichor, become imbued to accomplish a Dimension Shift, making it imbued with the Force to draw an item from bag 2 at point A (storage), into bag 1 at point B (character's possession), and vice versa.

Similar tech brought to my attention, created by other writers, each with their own uniqueness:
Farseer Traveling Bag
Others still use amulets to draw items to their character's grasp.

I believed this to fall into the category of creative force powers. I like the idea of my character carrying a lady's purse with limits to what can be drawn through it, rather than stealing anyone else's idea and using an amulet for conjuring items. A purse in itself is not the creation of D&D, nor conjuring. But if the purse is the actual problem, I could choose to use a vest pocket, or a tulip if necessary.

Thank you for your consideration.