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Approved NPC Sanjini Marines

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  • Intent: Codify the infantry force of Sanjin
  • Image Credit:
  • Role: Planetary Defence Marines
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Unit Name: Sanjini Marines
  • Affiliation:
  • Classification: Marines
  • Description: The primary infantry force of the Sanjin Defence Force, these soldiers have long stood as the guards of the varies floating colonies which dot the planet, trained in a variety of tactics most notably in the defence of Sanjin's floating cities. With the recent changes in power the marines were remoulded, taking heavy inspiration from Imperial stormtroopers as many former stormtroopers flocked to the defence force when Imperial influence and powers began to crumble in the core.
  • Stormtrooper Training - With the collapse of the Imperial powers in the core many stormtroopers were welcomed to the new defence force and were given senior positions. They have created a new training initiative, using many similar training methods they had to train the defence force, making the defence force a highly adaptable and independent force.
  • Quality Equipment - This planetary defence force is no militia and each marine is outfitted with high quality equipment. From their blasters they use to the walkers they ride in, don't expect these people to be unarmed
  • Defensive Equipment - All the heavy vehicles used by the marines were purchased due to their ability to be used on Sanjin. Slow lumbering walkers in order to scale the sides of the floating city and airspeeders to dart from the various towers they make are incredibly useful on Sanjin such as their armour designed to filter out tibinna gas but are much less useful in other areas. Planetary assaults are hindered by the slow walkers and fast reaction forces have to do without heavy armour altogether.
  • Defense Force - The marines are far more generalised, based around defence of Sanjin with some flexibility making them susceptible to losses to specialised force in their preferred terrain. The marines also are made up of primarily mechanised marines, possessing few dedicated specialist units.
The defence force was formed from elite contingents of mining colony guards with the formation of Areta Ka, in order to unify the laws within the city. When the dark age ended ships returned to Sanjin which sat at the edge of core and soon threats began to appear which require the attention of the united colony guards. Pirates and smugglers which took advantage of the damaged Republic began raiding Sanjin, stealing gas and attacking the floating colonies. Soon the guards adopted ships to combat these threats, initialing starting out with corvettes and fighters the ships gradually grew in size as time progressed, moving to frigates and cruisers. With the eventual establishment of navy forces many guards were retrained to deal with both naval and ground combat, establishing themselves as marines. Over the next centuries the marines stood as the infantry fighting force of Sanjin acting as its Primary defenders. Their prestige began to diminish though as corruption took root within Sanjin, becoming no more than thugs in uniforms.

When the Optimatium Party began their silent coup many of the corrupt members of the marines had already been dealt with, leaving a fresh and patriotic fighting force. With the upgrading of the entire defence force at the hands of the Optimatium party the Marines took off the uniforms of their former government, adorning plastoid chest pieces and combat helmets, somewhat similar to that of the armour of the now defunct CIC troopers. The troopers were also outfitted with new weaponry and vehicles much to their delight. The marines had all links to the corrupt government severed, every department saw sweeping reforms. This however was only the first stage of upgrading the force and Jasol Dorsian began recruiting many former stormtroopers and officers from crumbling warlords and defunct Imperial federations who have joined and retrained the entire force. From infantry tactics to parade style the marines are stormtroopers in all but name and uniform. Jasol Dorsian continues to expand the marines, assigning them new tasks in preparation of bringing Sanjin's name to the forefront of people's minds.
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Also did you make the flag you are using yourself? If you could credit who made that for you, or note that you did, that would be appreciated.

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