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Republic and Sith Fleeters Wanted

Darth Shadow

An Ancient Evil
Hello, hello!

As some of you may know, there will soon be conflict between Republic and Sith. Final plans are still in process and this isn’t the place for specifics. However, there will be a fleeting component of the upcoming war in one of the conflicts.

I shall be leading the Sith fleet into action. However, I am looking for allies to assist me, and especially a Republic opponent to face.

Before you agree, these are the terms decided on with Sith and Republic Faction Admins.

  • Fleets will be 10,000 metres each total, regardless of the number of writers involved. This total includes any allied fleets participating.
  • The flagship does not count towards these metres, however the Sith will not be using their event ship.
  • The fleet may not be over 2/3rds capital ships.

We will be using a variation of the Valen rules. Damage is decided by each writer for their own ships. I want to trust people to do the right thing. The damage guide from Valen is strongly suggested to be used.

The only big change to this is a simple targeting rule; you cannot fire through a hex containing enemy ships the same size as the firing ship. IE a capital ship cannot fire through a hex containing an enemy capital ship. You can fire through your own hexes in this way.
The reason is simple; stop everyone automatically firing on the biggest ship if there’s something in the way first. This allows the use of rotating ships in and out of the line to recover strength and stop battles being silly.

The scenario will be pretty simple; engage and destroy the enemy. I may add in some other objectives, but probably not.

Any questions, comments, suggestions will be handled as well as sign-ups for command.

Tanis Ashfall

@[member="Darth Shadow"] What is your classification for Capital ships like does that end at Heavy Cruisers or Frigates? I guess I am asking if you have any specific way of knowing the difference.

Tanis Ashfall

@[member="Darth Shadow"] This is going to be interesting especially if I am the only Republic fleeter 10,000 meters is a really large fleet x.x

Cedric Dorn

I won't be fleeting in the invasion unless someone else on the Republic side with me. Diana is only the captain of one Ship and it makes no sense for her to suddenly be made an Admiral or given a bigger ship. Sorry :(


Eater of the Dead
@[member="Diana Moridena"] you'd be fleeting with @[member="Tanis Ashfall"] so two republic vs from the looks two sith

Darth Shadow

An Ancient Evil
Learning from Valen, I found that the role of Attack Craft were perhaps the most confusing element of them all, not just because there were so many, but because of the RPing issues involved.
How does a player respond without involuntary metagaming? After all, Player A attacks Player B who presumably fires back, but how does that effect damage results? How do you know how many enemy fighters you’ve shot down?

My solution is rather simple. More than anything an attack against heavy flak causes pilots to be disrupted and be forced to evade and pull up, even if they’re not hit. This is what I call Suppression.
A ship can suppress either the hex they’re in or an adjacent hex rather than firing normally that turn. What this does is reduce the damage caused by attack craft depending on how many, and what types of ships are suppressing a hex. With this, you don’t need to ‘call hits’ on an enemy, you can let the other writer decide how many fighters or bombers they lose whilst still fairly determining your damage.

So, TL;DR – ships can reduce the damage fighters and bombers cause by focussing fire on the hex they are in or adjacent.

My suggested amounts are:

Matchup Damage Suppression
Carrier vs Attack Craft 70% -70%
Balanced vs Attack Craft 40% -40%
Heavy Guns vs Attack Craft 10% -10%
Each Subsequent Squadron -10% 10%

So, what this means is that a Heavy Guns ship will only deal 10% damage to an attack craft squadron (one or two fighters suggested) and reduce their damage by a mere 10%.
However a Heavy Fighters/Carrier armed ship will deal 70% damage to a squadron and reduce their damage by 70% also. This is pretty lethal, needless to say.

The bigger the ship the more squadrons it can engage. The following lists how many squadrons a ship can suppress each turn.
Corvette 1
Frigate 2
Cruiser 3
Heavy Cruiser 4
Light SD 5
SD 6
Command Ship 7

The more squadrons engaged and suppressed, the less effective the firepower, with the damage decreasing by 10% for each subsequent target, and the suppression effectiveness increasing (getting worse) also.
Obviously, using a Heavy Guns ship for this is stupid, but a large carrier can drive off and damage multiple enemy squadrons whilst protecting ships from their attacks also.

So, the strategy in this is to choose a fleet with a good mix of ships and to target the enemy’s carrier and balanced ships before sending in your fighters and bombers. If you can do that then they will be slowly picked apart by the fighters and bombers.
Conversely, clever deployment of attack craft to make the enemy’s carriers defend themselves and not allies can open the enemy fleet to severe damage.