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Possible character creation idea?

Alright so I was thinking how there are alot of people that wish they could somehow be part of the star wars universe. like They as a person would be in the universe fighting for a side of their choice and living what they dreamed. So an idea crossed my mind. What if I were to make a character that grew up on "Earth" or in a different Realm where Star wars didnt exist in any way, and then one night when he falls asleep he wakes up to be in the star wars universe. Where he/she has to learn about what the universe is and to become part of the place that he has come to, and possibly (in the very far future) to return home where time in his galaxy has not passed at all?

any ideas are welcome, and if you dont like it just so so once and be done. I don't want to start and argument about how it is not possible or is possible. Thanks.
I wouldn't say 'worry free', there was a lot of people who didn't want to RP with me when I made him. But now that he's grown, none of you would have been any the wiser if I hadn't of said anything. But real early on, it's immensely difficult.
While we're on the subject of new characters, I just had an idea myself. Similar to that one, except that the character is aware of the writers as well as his own universe. Kinda a Deadpool concept. Would that be cool?
Eh, it takes very skillful writing to do fourth person. I only ever saw it pulled off once. Usually it just comes off as way too gimmicky. By all means, though, give it a shot; just wanted you to know the track record isn't the greatest.

Sarge was pretty blatant about his ignorance at times - like, he couldn't read. Still has problems, really, but vocally Basic is English, so he was always good there.
Sarge Potteiger said:
yeah, breaking the fourth wall. Sarge kind of did it, when people used celebrity play bys, but he'd just call them like "Jennifer" or something, and leave it at that. Made people think he was crazy.
Man looks like I'm late to the party.
Sarge Potteiger said:
You can try anything so long as it doesn't break rules.

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