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Operation Black Flag [Black Sun Invasion of Daalang]

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
Operation Black Flag
Planet: Daalang
Owner: The Republic
Population: 1.7 Billion
Point Of Conflict: Phyllo
"Unlike the recent planetary invasions others had been launching against one another. Such as the hasty assault by the Mandalorian's on Dromund Kaas, or the Sith's own against Manaan. The preparations by Black Sun had been meticulous. Ever since the fall of Nar Shaddaa; Rayl Wilded and others had been preparing a counter. And it was finally time for them to test the waters. Daalang would be that test".
- Zoroan Ferrik, Freelance Journalist.​
The Defias hurtled through Hyperspace. A few other warships accompanied her for protection. A large scale fleet battle was not anticipated, if any at all. The Sith Navy was still well and alive, and served as a great distraction for the bulk of Republic forces fighting into red space. The timing was perfect to retake their worlds with a minimum of losses. If a larger protracted war were to unfold, they were well prepared to fight one. And the Republic would not be able to get the drop on them like they did previously.​
"Helmsman prepare to descend from hyperspace. Comms, notify the other ships". Rayl sat further back into his seat, a small preparation for when they slip back to real space.​
"Ay sir, will do". The Comms officer relayed the message to prep.​
"Daalang we will bring you back". Rayl whispered. He was ready, his forces were ready. "Kill the speed"! Rayl felt a small push on his chest as The Defias made the transition. The big dirtball came well in to view. His orders to kill the speed of course weren't actually followed by any person, he simply timed the computer responsible for that operation. The task force sized flotilla moved full speed towards Daalang. The battle would soon commence and the thunder and pews of guns would roar once more.​
"Nothing on the scopes sir. We're free and clear this side of the rock".
Excellent news. Not having a pesky warship to bother the streams of dropships, gunships, fighters and bombers to soon be pouring out of their holds. Rayl fiddled with a communicator to send out a message. "@[member="Domino"], you know what to do". The fun was to begin. "Launch the first wave"!
"The Lord Military Commander of Black Sun, Rayl Wilded. The man given the authority to launch this invasion by the Vigo to take back their worlds. Would be leading his soldiers directly into battle. Maybe it was his roots as a pirate that gave him such bravery. Few other commanders unlike Jedi or other Force users would be willing to do so. I respect the man more, though, being a pacifist I loath war. I'm compelled to follow this story and the man into the depths".
- Zoroan Ferrik, Freelance Journalist.​
Hydraulic motors whirred to open the giant hanger doors of these capital ships. The shielding kept the vacuum of space from taking its deathly grip on their throats. Daalang's brownish black hue encompassed the whole view outside. It was always a sight to look upon something so much larger than you. Rayl cut short the sight seeing, he'd have time for that latter, should his luck hold. He breathed out, time to rally the troops spirits. Rayl retrieved the same communicator from his pocket he'd used earlier. He'd be heard by every soldier on each ship, along with their crews. "Black Sun. But a few months ago it was I who personally handed Nar Shaddaa over to The Republic. While Domino seemingly abandoned us and much of the criminal higher ups fled as well. I was one of the few to try and toe the line. We know saboteurs destroyed the planetary shielding though, and we were heavily outgunned, I negotiated to fight another day. And in doing so we are here today, not the blindsided men and women we were that day. Never again will Black Sun be kept under anyone elses thumb. We will fly the black flag in war, and remind the galaxy we're not just the shadows lurking. But we are a force to be reckoned! Fight for honor and victory. For Black Sun"!
Image by rich35211 - Deviantart. Credit is given where credit is due.

Also please note artistic liberty was taken for the image of Daalang and some of its information, as nothing exists to tell me otherwise. Or has been taking into account the passage of time. If you know of anything. Please tell me and I'll make changes.​

Cedric Dorn

Governor's Palace
Diana stood within a small hallways when alarm's began to blare obnoxiously loudly. The smile that had been on her face immediately turned into a scowl as she sensed darkness unfold in the area around her. She gently placed the teacup held in her hand on the window sill besides her and began to rush down the hall of the governor's office. She rushed quickly into what she assumed was the security office, practically breaking down the door and stepping inside.

“Jedi Ma-”

“Whats going on?” Diana barked an Order, her face made of stone. The Security forces began to pull up pictures on the monitors from long range scanners and cameras in orbit. Diana gazed at them all and frowned, she recognized some of the ships. The mark of the Black Sun was on some of them, though really it was obvious who they belonged to. “Pirates.”

She nearly spat the words.

From her belt Diana pulled a small communicator, one issued to only Jedi Master's. “This is Jedi Councilor Diana Moridena. I want all forces armed and ready in 5 minutes. The Black Sun have come to Daalang, let us show them the mistake they made.”

With that Diana turned on her heel and left the security office. Daalang like all Republic worlds had a defense plan, she would see it put into effect. Then she would find the leader of this invasion and personally bind them in chains. A scowl was warn on her face, Where was her apprentice!

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"]

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Republic Base

Selena Halcyon, Grandmaster of the Jedi, walked around the Republic Base on the planet. Many outposts were being set up in the region. Sure, war was broiling with the Sith but the Republic was mindful that even though they had graciously let the Black Suns leave that they would likely seek vengeance. Vengeance for what, Selena was not sure. Vengeance to her implied a sense of righteousness and justice. Criminals could not seek justice. They were criminals. They ran from justice by nature and as such vengeance was a concept impossible to them. Regardless, Selena somewhat suspected an attack to come. As such the garrisons on the worlds they had taken from the Black Suns were heavily monitored.

When reports came in about landing crafts Selena merely nodded. It was as she had expected, or possibly even seen. The Force was her constant guide. It had taken her to this planet as well as others in order to make sure that it was safe. It was a concept lost to a bunch of hoodlums and gangsters. People who lived for themselves and not for others. Selena would protect this planet and the liberated people of the region. All of the Jedi Order would if they were present. The Republic itself with its strong and valiant soldiers would die for these people. More would live though. Many more. And the criminal element in this region would be crushed. Selena Halcyon had graciously given the Black Suns an opportunity to slink away to their small segment of the galaxy unnoticed and ignored for a time. Instead they decided to spit upon the offer given to them. They would find themselves culled from the galaxy and the organizations that should have remained in the Shadows would regret the day that they ever dreamed of being a legitimate government of gangsters and criminals.

Today the Republic would bring justice.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
@[member="Diana Moridena"]

Governor's Palace, Communications Room

Funnily enough, the alarms were the doing of her Apprentice. While she was doing her thing, he did his - play the information game. That meant he wanted to find out what the planet had in terms of defenses, early warning systems, armed forces... everything. It was a fairly recent acquisition from the Black Sun, and he'd been a bit unsurprised by the technology they had available.

Criminals always did have the best tech.

Smirking a little, the man turned his masked visage to a communications officer. "Get the palace guards into position setting up barricades at all entrance points; get the governor into his bunker. I want all outside system access gone; the only signals I want coming in are through this room."

No one was hacking into anything on his watch. It was a bit of a risk, going dark like this, but he knew the tricks. With the staff complying with his orders, he folded his arms over his chest and furrowed his brow.

What are they hoping to accomplish...


Blessed are the peacemakers
Republic Base

Tracyn was using the solder tool to the last bit of his helmet, finishing the new inscription near the base, when the alarm sounded. He sighed, and turned back to the helmet. Mandalorians were known for pride, but Tracyn truthfully didn't even like wearing the helmet when he was one. Made him feel like a robot. Plus, back when his hair was long, he had to fix it all up, and ugh..Anyways, he glanced as the troopers and even Selena started to move. He stopped for a moment, gently patting his helmet with his bare hands, before slipping on his trusty crushgaunts and standing up and cracking his neck. Lightsaber bouncing off his Ori'ramikade armor, Tracyn glanced around as the troops moved.

"Tracyn Ordo, patching in to all Republic networks..."He stood at the threshold of the base, watching the mobilization of troops as they swarmed around him, his hand on the throatpiece that acted his as his personal communicator.
  • LOCATION: Republic Base
  • OBJECTIVE: Roflstomp Black Sun with Grand Master

The newly knighted Jedi stood among his fellow jedi, the grand master of the jedi order. Meta or Cal depending on how well you knew him, walked slowly behind her. "Have we got a plan?" Meta asked, making his presence known as he caught up to the master. He kept up with her pace, he didn't know what the Black Sun were hoping to accomplish, the jedi had only recently made it know they were superior. Intellectually and Power wise; however it was a 'valiant effort thus far, however this was Meta being generous with his words however. The Black Sun wouldn't see the light of day for much longer if they didn't back off soon. Otherwise, the massively more powerful republic armies would devour their planets and destroy their way of life for good. The idea that they could possibly win was little more than a fantasy. As much as their stupidity amused Meta, it was only a matter of time before they had to be wiped out and for good.

@[member="Selena Halcyon"]


Warden of the Ice

The Republic touted spreading peace and freedom. What it did was impose trade and social restrictions and then arrest the people who lived differently from their ways under the old flag. Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, whole families were ripped apart by the arrests, all in the name of an unasked for and unwanted 'justice.' Money stopped flowing as the usual avenues were shut down, now either illegal or taxed to death, the margins too narrow. Hunger and poverty began spreading as breadwinners were now sitting in Republic Prisons and family members unused to work were forced to seek jobs that were no longer there. Daalang and the other 'lost worlds' were suffering under a jackboot brought about by a Jedi inquisition, you were a criminal first, guilty unless proven innocent, lucky if you got a trial presided over by a conquering military far from their homes. This was the justice brought by the Republic in their mercy.

Before their invasion, the Republic had smuggled Jedi, operatives, and a small army of war droids onto Nar Shaddaa using bribed locals or their own contacts. All in the name of rescuing a pair of Jedi 'diplomats' of course. Why those two and their apprentice hadn't just bought a ticket back home instead of buying explosives and murdering people was beyond anyone's guess. Looking out over the half-dozen air cars arrayed out in the upper hold of a grain ship, Domino couldn't help but think they were such neophytes.


Thus Saith the Lord
Vex waddled onto the bridge of his borrowed ship to stand beside the Admiral incarge. Today the long road to normality would begin, today the tyranny would end. In fire and blood freedom would return. He listened intently to the address of his military man "Fight for honor and victory. For Black Sun"!" Vex nodded fine words for soldiers and lords but their forces consisted of normal people. Vex made his own address "This is your Vigo and I ask one thing don't fight for me or our faction fight for your selves. It is YOUR Money and YOUR families that the republic take from you Fight for what is yours and show the republic why we are free" He turned to the admiral it was beginning "I want to be on the ground, sort it out" He stated. He would not be seen as a Vigo who ran away from a fight. He would be there in the blood and fire and he would watch first hand as the republic were made to bend their knees.

He took one last look outside then he returned to his room to arm himself. He clutched a vibro sword in his hand his knuckles wight, he was scared War was not something he liked to stomach. He was still standing only through adrenaline and the need to present strength. This invasion could be the last stand or the first of many, he just hoped they were not too late.

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
Daalang provided excellent opportunities for an invasion. Its low population relative to some other worlds granted vast swaths of open land and danger free airspace. Taking advantage of this, Rayl and his first wave of ground troops entered the atmosphere well away from Phyllo. Meanwhile the bombers and fighters went to harry the Republic while they descended to the surface. Their base would be hammered by the bombers too of course. Having the largest concentration of their forces.

Phyllo- The Battle begins
They came in low and fast to the outskirts, just as planned. The Republic hadn't the time to meet them at the drop site. The chosen location was determined by known data and timing estimates. Scores of troops filtered out of their dropships as they landed on the rocky reddish soil. The larger transports brought Judge Tanks and Hammer Walkers. "Alright, get a move on ya lolly gaggars. Their garrison isn't going to crush itself"! The army began advancing into the city, while fanning out to a wider perimeter, more reinforcements would be on the way shortly. Time to cross swords.

Cedric Dorn

City Gates
@[member="Rayl Wilded"]
A single figure sat before the city gates, crossed legs and a hood drawn over her head Diana sat silently contemplating the coming battle. Two flags stood behind her raised high on flagpoles, one was that of the Jedi Order, the crescent shinning in bright black and gold. The other was a parlay flag, not a sign of surrender but a sign of a want to talk. Both flags fluttered in tight control behind the Jedi Master, there was no emotion in her face, nothing but simple peace.

She sat there in peace, as the army approached the city walls.

She knew what was coming, she had rallied the defenses and made sure that everyone was prepared, and now she would do the Jedi thing. She would allow the Black Sun one chance to retreat. Diana would give them one simple chance.

Her lightsabers lay in her lap, ready to be used the instant she sensed something Her palms remained at a forward elevated position, ready to use the force to protect herself if they were planning on simply killing her before talking. Diana was not stupid, but she would give people a chance. The Jedi Master sat peacefully, her eyes closed and her senses stretched out across the land towards the approaching forces.
A yawn escaped someone nearby Diana. Josh had agreed to stay there with his fellow Jedi Master in case the Suns attacked immediately, not wanting to lose her right at the forefront. Alas, he was tired. Not exhausted tired... Though maybe a bit. In his current state, exhaustion was a given. It'd been a rollercoaster month, but with Saoirse having been dead for what... A good month now? Was no real use to mope anymore. Now he was just plain tired. The lack of sleep was the only problem now. Exhaustion came with that, but he was battle ready.

But as the Jedi are, at least they'd give a chance for the Suns to just... Yknow, go away. Of course, Josh doubted they would retreat, seeing what happened on Nar Shadda. They were arrogant, they would come, and they would come in droves.

He just hoped he wouldn't fall asleep, sitting crossed legged as long as he had been... Of course, with his hood up, perhaps Diana wouldn't catch him rest-meditating...

@[member="Diana Moridena"]


Came in like a wrecking maul
Saki looked at all the people who were here and saw nothing really. There wasn't much going on that she would be able to join in on as the suns seemed to be behind. Her well she didn't actually meditate as much as pace back and forth. The energy rolling off her in waves of annoyance. Her wanting to fight and pummel the enemies of justice and peace. The suns wanted to fight but weren't throwing the bodies into her path. "Ahhh come on I want to punch somethings."

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
@[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

"Sir. Jedi under a white flag and their own. Seems they wish to negotiate".

"Laughable jest. But I'll entertain the idea. Have the flanks widen around and breech deep. Can't give them more time to prepare while we exchange taunts".

"Right sir". Rayl's man relayed the order round to the sub commanders.

"Right, hold center here. Move us in. Keep A and C rolling. And don't let our air force let up on them either". Rayl sneered from atop his tank. They rolled on forward as the main thrust held position. Dust disturbed by the repulsor lifts bloomed out behind them. It was like a scene out of a movie. The leaders or heroes would ride out to greet each other before the battle. Exchange their words then ride back. Leading to the battle thereafter. How interesting. Rayl pushed open the hatch, popping his head out to get a good look. Just two of them, certainly defenders behind the wall. They wouldn't be stupid enough to try anything though. Most Jedi were honorable enough. But there were a few he wouldn't go so far as to trust any distance he could toss them. Their Grandmaster being one of those.

Rayl's tank stopped a clear enough distance from the two. Rayl lifted himself out of the hatch. His red mask hid the sneer he still held. His boots clanked against the metal hull as he stepped off the turret. Then another as he stepped down to the lowest portion of the hull. Lastly he grasped the barrel with one hand and took to the solid earth again. "Speak your words Jedi. The battle will continue whether you do or don't".

Cedric Dorn

@[member="Rayl Wilded"]
Behind the wall the defenders of course were more than happy for the extra time. They set up barricades, walls, and defensive positions within the city streets. They knew that fighting would likely be reduced to street to street combat quite quickly, Diana and the Jedi had foreseen this quite simply, any military tactician would have known of course. It was a simple matter, though quite honestly the Jedi master hoped that no combat would happen at all today.

When the single tank moved forward Diana smiled slightly and finally opened her eyes. The repulsor tank hatch opened up with a creak, and a pink skinned man began to walk down the steps on the front of the tank.

In one fluid motion Diana from her cross legged position, placing her lightsabers within their straps in the exact same fluidity. She walked up to Rayl with serene calm in her face and an almost listless hollowness to her eyes. When the man spoke to her his voice was quite gruff, his clothes were decorative gold and black and if Diana had to call him anything it would be a scoundrel. Then again he worked for Black Sun, so that didn't say much.

“Retreat.” Her voice was not commanding or demanding, instead she spoke her words as simple statements of fact. “You cannot win here.”

She paused for a few moments, letting her eyes drift across the army behind the man. “You may take this city. You may beat the odds and win this day. You may kill dozens or even hundreds of us while taking it, but you cannot win. The Republic will come back to this world.. They will bring more Ships, more tanks, more soldiers, more Jedi.”

Diana emphasized the last word, knowing that the Black Sun's recent experiences with Jedi led forces had not been great.

“You will lose in the end. All you do here is cause Death and Suffering.” Again her words were not pleading, but simple statement of facts. “You cannot win.”

She repeated the words again. “Retreat, and no harm shall come to you.”

Leina Snowfire

Jedi Beast Master
"We represent the lollipop guild the lollipop guild and we'd like to welcome you to HAUMMMMMMMMMMMMM" Leina made a face as her mimicry came out in the face of one of the Suns while he fell over. "Oh I am so sorry, I guess I shouldn't have eaten that onions and garlic hummus. Any-who" With a look around the twi'lek started skipping around while she sang. "LA la la la la na a la la la."


Just under the upper hand.
Lews had found a quiet place to sit and play his flute when the alarms sounded. He stood and turned on his commlink in time to get the call to arms from Master Diana.

Quickly Lews raced to the already forming front lines as dropships began breaking through the upper cloud layer. Lews Therin's lightsaber was held tightly in one hand ready to be activated if the invaders didn't listen to reason.

He hoped they would see the folly of their actions but sadly he doubted it.

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Governor’s Palace; The Dining Hall

“Certainly Lord Organa”, her long blood curls fell before her surprised face. The Secretary of Commerce’s words were cut short because of the alarms. The meeting was just a formality yet still very unfortunate it was cut short.

Only slightly annoyed Theo looked to the rafters seeking the source of the alarms. “Perhaps Madam Secretary you should seek shelter”, standing dramatically a bit of his whine sloshed out of his goblet. “To victory”, Theo raised the chalice and in the toast he downs the last bits of the purple-ish liquid.

“You there”, looking at one of the guards, Theo trusted his empty glass to the chest of a servant to his right. Surprised but humbly the servant took the offered glass. The guard that Theo was looking directly at looked even more surprised by the Lord Organa’s actions.

“Your secondary side arm”, the Alderaan Noble snapped his fingers mutable times at the gaurd, The blaster pistol, and make it quick.”

Taking the blaster in hand Theo glanced over the weapon making sure it was in working order. Half of you come with me! The rest of you escort the Lady to a secure location”, Theo…used to giving direct orders and having people follow them Theo started to head out of the great hall. The guards so used to taking Orders did as they were told. It certainly helped that the Secretary of Commerce gave them a nod to take orders from the Alderaan Noble.

Noriko Ike

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

Noriko looked at the jedi master and councilor as he was somewhat asleep and then at Diana who was talking. "This is highly irregular, shouldn't they have more people? Why attack if you have no chance to win?" Her face showed a frown while trying to discern the motives behind what they were doing and nothing was coming to mind as of yet. If anything it just seemed like they wanted to to a last stand but didn't want to wait until the Republic turned its attention back to them.

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
@[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

They Jedi can be so blind. Did they not see it was by their own actions they were to reap what they sowed. "Three months ago, Grandmaster Selena Halcyon of the Jedi Order. Convinced Chancellor Jack Harkness of The Galactic Republic to invade Black Sun. The reason was a diplomatic incident between Domino and three Jedi". Rayl recounted their names and splayed out one finger for each. "Daella Apparine, Sopher Jakobs, and Diana Moridena" her last name trailed on with extra emphasis. His feet began to pace a slow circle around her, much like a predator stalking around its prey. "And here she is, standing before me. Moridena the herald of war. Now Dianna the saintly gatekeeper asking for us to spare those her actions helped conqueror. You came to Black Sun with an ultimatum. You insulted the Vigo, threatened war and delivered good on the promise. You and your leaders actions put the lives of more than one hundred billion beings in jeopardy when you came to Nar Shaddaa. And countless billions more throughout other worlds". Rayl had finished his walk, taking in a good look of this demon. One could almost faint mistake that it was this beauty who was the warmonger in truth. The rose does have its thorns though. "I was the one who spared them though. I was the protector. And like the shepherd I must recover my flock the predators stole away now. Remember this though. The Jedi caused this war, and forever shall theirs and The Republics reputation be marred. And you Moridena herald of war. I ask you lay your arms down and convince that of your brethren. And return the worlds which you stole. That you will set right the wrongs you've committed. Else we will be forced to fight".

Cedric Dorn

Diana's face did not change was the man accused her of being a war mongerer, nor did she flinch when he began to twist events in his own favor. They were criminals, it was what they did. The Listless stare of her eyes remained still upon Rayl until he finished speaking, the Jedi Master's body language giving away nothing of her thoughts.

“As I recall. It was your Master that attempted to kill me.” Diana spoke, remembering Domino's actions quite well, the woman had attacked herself and Daella for absolutely no reason. “Our mission was one of reassurance.”

She paused for a second, looking to the army behind Rayl again then turning back to him. “Our goal was never to invade the Black Sun. You are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You're vagabonds. Criminals. Scoundrels. Pirates, and everything in between. But you are not special.”

Her words were harsh, but she spoke the truth.

“Your kind will always exist in this galaxy. Even if the Republic had intended to invade you. Even if we had intended to wipe away the Black Sun from every world. Your kind will still exist. You are the cockroaches of the galaxy, the absolute lowest of the low. We can never truly get rid of you. I know this. The Jedi know this, and the Republic knows this.” Her words were like bee stings. “So why then would we willingly invade you? Why would we take on the task of destroying all the cockroaches when it is so difficult? Because your Master attacked us. Three emissary's sent on a peaceful diplomatic mission not intending war or conflict, and your Master tried to assassinate us. She tried to kill three members of the Republic without true provocation. This demanded an answer.”

Diana's bright eyes focused on Rayl now, her stare piercing. “If you want to find the architect of this war, you have only to look for one little blue Twi'lek.”

“And can you truly say you're better than the Republic? Can you truly say that the Black Sun is more Just than us? I do not think so. We do not condone slavery, murder, rape, and a hundred other vices that the underlings of your Master cling to. We give the worlds we have taken from you true representation. We give them aid economically, agriculturally, and socially. As much as you want us to be, The Republic is not the villain here. It is you.” As she spoke Diana completely ignored his request for their surrender. Even if she wanted to do such a thing she did not have the authority to even ask about it.
@[member="Rayl Wilded"]