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Official Site Cannon

Hello my old friends. Remember me? The guy everyone hated for leaving and returning over and over? Yea. Although this last time I left for a few months. But that doesn't matter. It's in the past. I'm back.

My son is healthy and loves Star Wars, since he smiles every time we watch it, and he loves all my other nerd things. So yea. Life is pretty good. My job is going great and I figured that, since I have some free time again, I'd return to this site.

Last time I was here I was booted because my room-mate (best friend) was using her profile on the same computer as me. Which isn't allowed. I didn't know and neither did she. I knew I wouldn't come back for a while so we just deleted my stuff. But again, it's in the past. I'm back and, since my room-mate (who is no longer my room-mate) doesn't play on here anymore, I figured it was time for me to come back.

So here I am. Onyx, official site cannon, is back.
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]- You look familiar

@[member="Togashi Yokuni"]- You're new to me

@[member="Jak Sandrow"]- You I could never forget.

@[member="Noah Corek"]- I remember you as well.

LUL. Anyways, thanks. I actually thought I would get more of a... "GET OUT OF HERE ALREADY!" welcome back message. LUL.

Atlas Kane

Hai. Haven't met you yet, but I'm looking forward to RPing with you.