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I Vow To Thee, My Country

  • City Name: Noryang
  • Classification: Urban Center
  • Location: Seoul
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Population: Heavy
  • Demographics:
    • Age:
      • 14% 0 - 15
      • 56% 16 - 64
      • 18% 65 - 100
      • 12% 100+
    • Gender:
      • 51% Female
      • 46% Male
      • 4% Non-Binary
    • Species:
  • Wealth: Medium
    • Noryang's economy is expected to grow due to the financial companies who call it home, and the growing entertainment industry within the city itself. It also boasts a sizable tourist attraction thanks to many holovids about the local seafood and Noryang's efforts with regards to sustainability. Military assets as well as being a central administrative hub for the First Order also play into the city's growing wealth.
  • Stability: High
    • Since Seoul has rejoined the First Order, cities such as Noryang have enjoyed the stability that has come with it. Seoularian National Police, coupled with a heavy military presence, along with the completed reconstruction. Noryang’s citizens feel safe and secure and are happy to go about their lives.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Basic liberties such as freedom of the press, religion, the right to hold an assembly, and freedom of speech are well protected in Seoul. However the Seoularian society might make one feel otherwise, but law and society do not mirror one another and so it is a very thin line that Seoul walks behind closed doors.
  • Description: No longer littered by repulsor cranes and other construction vehicles. Noryang sits as a beautiful hybrid between antiquity, retro-modernism, and futuristic architecture. Sitting along the Goryeosa Sea, and with access to the Mayang River, it is definitely a destination for those who enjoy seafood of any kind.

  • Pohang District: The Pohang District encompasses the region between the old Cheongwadae Mountains and the Goryeosa Shore. Fishing boats, coastal foraging crews, aquaculture farms, fish markets, seaside cafes, and restaurants dot the district. Crowded, narrow streets with vendors lined on either side. Apartments sit on top of existing buildings, parks are small but seem to overflow in green, and many double as community gardens.
  • Tongyeong Street Markets: Selling local favorites for decades, Tongyeong crosses with Hwaleo and the two streets are a crossroads of flavors. Sweet and savory it’s one of the little kept secrets of Noryang’s street foods.
  • Mayang District: Situated along the Mayang River the Mayang District consists of artisans of all sorts, however; its primary artisans are those who work with silk. Beautiful gowns and blankets along with silk embroidery are often found here in the Mayang District. Secondary to that the Mayang Weaver’s Guild makes satin easily accessible here, and many high-paying customers often come to Mayang for the finest in silk and satin.
  • Jinyang Research Firm: Jinyang Research Firm dedicates itself to knowledge and is often working closely with the Seoularian Government, and the First Order’s National Government to research various projects. From scientific discoveries, engineering breakthroughs, or find a more innovative way to tackle an age-old problem. Jinyang is located in downtown Noryang.
  • Kwon Records: Rivals to Woljii Entertainment, Kwon Records is an up and coming record label that has quickly gained popularity among Seoularians at home and abroad. Kwon Records is located on the banks of the Mayang River. A modern aesthetic with a homely interior. Kwon Records is currently dominating the Seoularian Pop market with their boy bands.
  • Woljii Entertainment: An older entertainment company and the favored label/brand for much of Seoul. Woljii has its main offices here in Noryang, it sits behind the Hana District with a commanding view of the Goryeosa Sea. The Woljii Tower is recognizable by it’s flame-like shape.
  • Hana District: Wedged between the Ryesong District and Pohang, Hana District is the busiest part of Noryang, serving as the financial heart of the city. Streets packed with vendors, people, and carts going back and forth. Speeders stuck in traffic, and the smell of caf is quite common.
    • First Order Central Bank: Seated in what is referred to as the four corners, FOCB’s Seoul HQ is here in Noryang.
    • Grand First Imperial Bank: GFIB’s Seoularian Regional Operation Center is located here and takes up one of the ‘four corners’ within the Hana District.
    • Haengju Stock Exchange: Across from FOCB’s Seoul HQ is the Haengju Stock Exchange which has been said to be busier than Prosperia’s stock exchange.
    • Bank of Seoul: The planetary bank of Seoul sits opposite from GFIB’s ROC. The Bank of Seoul is the oldest of the four corner buildings and is notable for its pagoda-like architecture.
  • Ryesong Residential Square: Nestled in the hillside the square serves as a beautiful community for those attending the Ahn Naval Academy and for those working along the coast. The square is one of the go-to residential areas in the city as it provides beautiful coastal views of the Goryeosa Sea.
  • Mundeok Imperial Complex: Built where the old Mundeok Spaceport sat, the Mundeok Imperial Complex houses all of the First Order’s administrative offices as well as its educational support, and community outreach. The lobby of the Mundeok Imperial Complex is dedicated to the memory of those lost to the Ssi-Ruu more specifically those who served in the Yushin Imperial Complex. It is not uncommon to find people offering gifts here - a way to honor the dead - incense often burns throughout the day and night as to appease those who passed so suddenly.
  • Young-Oak Spaceport: Closer to the Mayang River, the Young-Oak Spaceport is the primary port in and out of Noryang. Intergalactic travel here is prohibited and all visitors must first arrive at Sejong prior to traveling to Noryang.
  • Jaisohn College: Devoted to political sciences, environmental studies, and the various disciplines of anthropology. Jaisohn College is relatively small when compared to other universities in Seoul let alone the First Order. It sits near the Mayang River with a beautiful eco-friendly campus.
  • Ahn Naval Academy: Nestled into the Cheongwadae Mountains, the Ahn Naval Academy is Seoul’s Imperial Naval Academy. Those who arrive here have the ambition to become an officer within the First Order’s Navy. A full four-year university, the Academy’s architectural design reflects the history of the Sun-Shin family, founders of Noryang.
  • Great Galactic War Memorial: A memorial to the Seoularian lives lost during the Great Galactic War sits east of the city where the sun’s rays touch over the memorial. It is made of polished black granite. The names have been chiseled in by hand and are then laid over with a thin layer of Aurodium. A shrine in the center of the memorial allows for many to offer prayer, gifts, and burn incense.
  • Camden Media Towers: Located in downtown Noryang, Camden Media Towers serves as both a broadcast center and an office complex. Many other news and media outlets in Seoul have taken up residence here.
  • Kim Astrogation Center: Situated on the outskirts of Noryang, high upon the Soyeon Mountains. The Soyeon Mountains are located Southwest of the city across the Goryeosa Sea.
  • Noh Fabrics and Fashion: Noh Fabrics and Fashion is the leading brand of fabrics and is often a go-to for the wealthy for tailoring and custom designs. Noh Fashion is often at the forefront in the Fashion Industry on Seoul.
  • Military Bases: Like many of the First Order’s cities, Noryang has a complement of military bases to keep it safe and secure. Including two naval surface stations, and starfighter corps stations as well. Noryang continues to serve as the First Order’s administrative capital for the system.
    • SC Yoo: Assisting the 3rd Stormtrooper Expeditionary Force and the 1st RSE Marine Corps Division with training and logistics. It also serves as the home to the Royal Seoularian Ballistics Academy which focuses on slugthrowers and scatterguns, along with how to optimize various types of shells and their calibers. SC Yoo also serves as an Urban Combat Training Center.
    • NSS Na Dae-Yong: Serves as a coordination point with the First Order’s Naval Surface Force and the Royal Seoularian Maritime Division. Ships from Dae-Yong often serve to patrol the Goryosea Sea and the Mayang River.
    • NSB Ahn: Naval Starbase Ahn is located within the Seoularian System, however, Ahn’s administrative and logistical support offices are located here in Noryang. It also serves as a Military Police Training Center and houses the Officer Candidate School and the Seoularian’s First Order Naval Basic Training.
    • Fort Kim: One of the largest army installations in Seoul, spanning roughly 4200 acres. It serves as a joint operations training center between the First Order Army and the Royal Seoularian Army, it is home to the RSA 8th Army, 2nd Engineer Battalion, and hosts the First Order’s 61st Maintenance Company, the 70th Support Battalion, 72nd Combat Engineer Company, 5th Infantry Regiment, and the 2nd Infantry Division along with military police, medical support and other personnel resource and administration units.
    • FCB Park: Fighter Corp Base Park, sits across the Goryeosa Sea from Noryang and is home to the First Order’s 7th Fighter Division, the 51st Fighter Wing, along with ten support units and another twenty associated groups with some combined operations with the RSFC.

High - Crime is relatively low this is partly due to how Seoularians conduct themselves and attributed to their local law enforcement. The Royal Seoularian Military coupled with the heavy presence of the First Order Armed Forces here and that has added to the stability and feeling of security here in Noryang.


The reconstruction of the city allowed the Seoularian Kingdom to include more green parks and wider accommodations for housing and transportation. The city’s chief investor,
Valessia Creed returned to aid Noryang and returned it to its prime. Leaving of course a place for herself and her family to go to, the Creed Summer Home sits along the Mayang River secluded off a dirt trail.

Noryang was initially a crowded town that had been elevated by the First Order to a metropolis in the late 840s. It served as the First Order administrative headquarters until the Sacking of Dosuun in the mid 850s. The Ssi-Ruu invasion changed Noryang’s geography no longer did it hug the Cheongwadae Mountain. The Mountain had been reduced to mere hills, and the access to the Goryeosa Sea opened up.

As the First Order returned, so too did Seoul rejoin the Order and Noryang made use of the sea. Noryang redesigned itself as a culinary destination. Welcoming members of the First Order’s Armed Forces and the families that followed. Noryang opened up the beautiful Ryseong Residential Square that is nestled in the hillside. The square sits beside the Ahn Naval Academy and doubles for student housing. It is just one of the many signs that Noryang has come back stronger than ever.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to Noryang was the increase in military presence, from both the Royal Seoularian Military and the First Order Armed Forces. The largest installation is Fort Kim which is spread out over 4200 acres outside of Noryang proper several kilometers down the Mayang River just before it splits.

The city’s economic district or Hana District has grown in size as of late, rivaling that of Prosperia on Dosuun when it comes to matters of trade, and currency. The expanded district is also home to some of the best street food vendors in the city center of Noryang.

Noryang has become one of Seoul’s faster-growing cities as it now sprawls across the Goryeosa Sea and operates on both sides of the Mayang River. A hub of administrative, economic, and military activity, Noryang’s tragedy at the loss of the Cheongwadae Mountains has turned to triumph with a celebration of the sea.

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