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  1. Resurgent Narrative

    Afternoon Broadcast: 05.152.862 ABY

    [Danke Romi Jade and Natasi Fortan]
  2. Resurgent Narrative

    Announcement: The Coronation Ball

    The following houses have been invited to dance and dine at the Rosewood Castle in honor of Her Majesty's coronation. Houses and/or Corporations seeking invites to the Coronation Ball are asked to speak with the Coronation Committee. The Coronation Committee reserves the right to decline any...
  3. Resurgent Narrative

    Afternoon News Alert: 05.149.862 ABY

    [Danke Romi Jade and Natasi Fortan]
  4. Fiolette Raaf

    Starship Review Vindicator III-class, Support Cruiser

    VINDICATOR OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit an updated version of the Vindicator for the First Order. Image Source: Hand of Manos // Deviantart (x) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Solarium Glasteel (x) Primary Source: Vindicator II (x) PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Primo...
  5. Hector Finn-Camden

    Impact // Issue No. 01 // Trouble on Tholon

  6. Elisea Korrado

    Character Elisea C. Korrado

  7. Fiolette Raaf

    Approved Starship Matsushima-class, Battlecarrier

    MATSUSHIMA OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a new battlecarrier for the First Order Image Source: Jamison Cunningham, Artstation (x) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Solarium Glasteel (x) Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright | First...
  8. Resurgent Narrative

    First Imperial Medical Services

    [Faction Ad by Natasi Fortan] [Faction Page - Discord]
  9. Resurgent Narrative

    Special Broadcast: 05.148.862 ABY

    [Danke Romi Jade and Natasi Fortan ] [First Order Faction Page | Discord]
  10. Resurgent Narrative

    First Order Special Operations Command

    [Ad created by Ryker Atreides] [FACTION PAGE - DISCORD]
  11. Resurgent Narrative

    First Order Stormtrooper Corps

    [Ad created by Natasi Fortan ] [FACTION PAGE - DISCORD]
  12. Resurgent Narrative

    Faction A Time For Learning [FO/GA]

    Years ago a meeting like this would have been impossible, treasonous even. The idea that the First Order and the Galactic Alliance could meet without a single shot having been fired. Not that they hadn't, there had been accords made in the past but they were so easily broken by one side or the...
  13. Resurgent Narrative

    Faction In Her Name

    Remembrance Week. A somber week, a week where those who survived the Fall of Dosuun look back and remember the fallen. The men and women who gave their lives so that others could live. Not all of them did so because it was the right thing to do, some had no choice at all in the matter. Flags...
  14. Resurgent Narrative

    First Order Armed Forces

    [Ad Created by Natasi Fortan ] [FACTION PAGE] [DISCORD]
  15. Ariel Yvarro

    Approved Location Sejong

    SEJONG OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the capital of Seoul as mentioned by @Valae Kitra in older threads. Image Credit: Composed by me, Laurel Wreath Vector | First Order Emblem | Sam-Taegeuk | Palgwae Music: Arirang Alone Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Seoul SETTING...
  16. Resurgent Narrative

    Faction The Curse of Hamunaptra

    A new outbreak of the Blackwing on one end of the planet and earthquakes with a chance of plagues on the other end. Mephout’s been hit up one way and down the other and none of it good. We’ll need to split up into two teams, one will head out toward Sundiata, the regional capital of the Sahel...
  17. Resurgent Narrative

    Evening Broadcast: 04.144.862 ABY

    [Danke Romi Jade and Natasi Fortan ]
  18. Matma Bernu

    Character Matma Bernu

    MATMA BERNU, FIRST IMPERIAL KNIGHT NAME: Matma Bernu FACTION: The First Order RANK: Novice SPECIES: Chiss HOMEWORLD: Csilla AGE: 35 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6"2 WEIGHT: 220 lbs EYES: Red HAIR: Black SKIN: Blue FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS: Combat Prowess. A lifetime of soldiering has...
  19. Fevris Derzelas

    Noxis Corporation

    Out Of Character Information Image Source: Designed by Freepik, FIMS cross by Ariel Yvarro, edited by me. Canon Link: N/a. Primary Source: N/a. Corporation Information Corporation Name: Noxis Corporation. Commonly known as: NoxaCorp. Chief Executive Officer: Doctor Fevris Derzelas...