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Approved Location Noryang

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Valessia Brentioch



  • Intent: To expand on lore on Seoul and create another city to interact with.

  • ​Image Credit: Klaus Pillon // Artstation (x)

  • Canon: Seoul (x)

  • Links: N/A

  • City Name: [SIZE=10pt]Noryang[/SIZE]

  • Classification: Metropolis

  • Location: Seoul (x)

  • Affiliation: The First Order

  • Demographics: 97% Human | 3% Other

  • Wealth: High

    Seoul, even prior to the First Order’s arrival was a high-tech, high-end and service oriented world. Economically speaking, Noryang has grown since the First Order’s banners first flew over their city. One of the first to embrace the Imperials, it has devoted much of its resources toward becoming a pearl in the ocean that is the First Order.

Stability: High

  • Noryang has only benefited from the First Order’s presence. Crime has decreased considerably and for the first time, many in Noryang feel safe. First Order policies on respecting culture and tradition [SIZE=10pt]have[/SIZE] made it easier for many in the city to transition into Seoularian Imperials proper.

Description: Noryang is a modern city built with the Seoularian culture in mind. As you come into Mundeok, you'll notice the shape of the buildings and how they mimic the old ancient temples that seem to sit between towering skyscrapers. With levels and levels of traffic, Noryang feels like several cities compacted into one. Street food, small cafes, rentable space to throw down a mat or just sleep on litter the city. This is a city that never sleeps, where handwork and honour are valued over everything else.


  • Woljii[SIZE=10pt] Productions & Studios: Also known as [/SIZE]Woljii Pop, is the premiere music studio and production company in Seoul. Responsible for some of Seoul's top acts, such as D-VA Machine, Crater 7, Daniel Kim, and Hannabeth Yun. Many of the youth dream of being here and recording their single. Woljii Pop is also a proud sponsor of Seoularian Idol which looks to expand in the brand throughout the First Order. With Avalonian Idol and Sor Yusan Idol set to begin audition processes soon. Woljii Productions is also looking at expanding into producing musicals based off old Seoularian dramas.

  • Ryesong Tower: A luxury condominium tower that is more of a status symbol than anything else. To own a condo here means you have acquired an elite social status, typically reserved for celebrities and politicians. Built as a legacy tower to Eun Rye and his wife Song, the real estate magnets made Ryesong a blend of the old with the new. With the new modern architecture on the outside and on the inside, throwbacks to the ancient ways of Seoul. Key floors that are open as a bath house, meditation gardens, and even several restaurants around the base of the tower and ancestral worship near the top.

  • Jinyang Research Firm: When the Seoularian Military needed research to be done they turned to Jinyang, and so do many others. Hospitals, pharmacies, even archaeological societies. The firm has made it, it’s mission to be able to research just about anything. Often hiring some of the best scholars it can find, and practically poaching them from either other firms, museums, or labs. To Jinyang knowledge is power, and that power can lead to a greater financial future. Sometimes accused of shady practices, Jinyang maintains that they are the best and most ethical research firm around.

  • Haengju Trading: The trading building Haengju has been on Noryang for quite [SIZE=10pt]some time[/SIZE] now, rumoured to have started shortly before the end of the 400 Years of Darkness. Where it was a simple trading house. Where vendors came to exchange their goods with one another and the people of Noryang. Haengju Trading now stands as one of the most premier stock exchange floors on all of Seoul.

  • Yushin Imperial Complex: The Yushin Imperial Complex was built for the First Order, it is here that the First Order connects and administers its policies from. The complex also houses a satellite Imperial Academy, Medical School (FIMS Operated), Engineering School (FOCIE Operated) and other schools. Along with legislative and judicial branches of Imperial Law.

  • Mundeok Spaceport & Tower: The key port in and out of Noryang, Mundeok serves as not only a major port but also as a key tower. The tower is where the local Seoularian government tends to reside as well as economic advisors, business offices for several name brand hotels, clothes and different types of Seoularian brands.

Founded by Min Sun-Shin and her wife Hyun-Ju during the 400 Years of Darkness. Noryang started as a farm and trade village and the desire to please their ancestors. The city situated along the Mayang River opened up to irrigation, and fishing as soon as it learned how. Soon temples devoted to meditation and finding inner peace began to crop around just as they learned how to rework metal and eventually durasteel. As the galaxy emerged from darkness, so did Noryang having relearned how to operate many of its older equipment. Ideas and the want of expansion took hold of those who lived in Noryang, it grew to hug the Cheongwadae Mountains and soon they looked up. Relying on her sister cities such as Jeju, Noryang grew upward and soon skyscrapers became as much of a status symbol as owning the latest model of speeder. When the First Order arrived Noryang was among the first to embrace them and their ways, and as ancient temples and ways were worked around. The city hopes the relationship with the First Order can only improve.
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