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Approved NPC Neo-Imperial Filibusters | Sularen Association

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Hand of Vengeance

NPC Narrator

  • Intent: To create a Specialized Trooper for Salient Interstellar
  • Image Credit: Here
  • Role: Specialized Troopers for the Sularen Association and it's Allies
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Unit Name: Neo-Imperial Filibuster
  • Affiliation:
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description:
    • Neo-Imperial Filibusters are employed Mercenaries at the service of Salient Intersteallar that have been hired to aid Salient Interstellar and it's Contractors to essentially conduct Minor Military Expeditions on foreign Worlds as a means to achieve a specific objective
  • Expendable
  • Experienced
  • Loyalty
  • Ruthless

Neo-Imperial Filibusters is a specialized Infantry Unit utilized by Salient Interstellar as a means of conducting Military Expeditions in foreign Worlds. The Reasoning for the Development of such a unit came in the form of Salient Interstellar's main contractor SularenCo's intent on launching a private war against a Faction that had betrayed the CEO of SularenCo , Marlon Sularen. Despite Salient Interstellar having a well organized Military Force of Loyal Ex-Imperial Oriented Soldiers , it was decided that the use of Filibusters would be better in launching large-scale operations against Sularen's Enemies.

However this project came at it's costs. Though the Neo-Imperial Filibusters are easy to replace and are expendable , they have been known to be Ruthless , capable of committing horrific atrocities as a means to achieve their goals and their Loyalty is questionable given that they are Materialistic and Money-Oriented capable of treason shall anyone offer a larger price then Salient Interstellar.
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i'm in ur codex, judgin ur subz
Codex Judge
Hand of Vengeance Hand of Vengeance

I'll be conducting this review for you. There's just two points that I have before this is ready to be stamped.

1. Affiliation
  • Salient Interstellar
Please link Salient Intersteller here.

2. Unusable Factory Submission

This is not an Open Market item. Instead, the sole affiliation is "HCLI" (which I believe refers to this HCLI). Therefore, it can only be used by that company and would require a Factory Submission Modification in order to be usable by a company other than the listed one.

Those are my thoughts. Please tag me when you have completed any edits.
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