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Approved Starship The Enforcer | Warhammer-Class Heavy Star Destroyer

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Hand of Vengeance

NPC Narrator


  • Starship Sensor Package
  • Starship Ion Engines
  • Starship Hyperdrive [hyper antimatter reactor]
  • Starship Shield Generators
  • Thermal Shield Generators
  • Particle Shield Generator
  • Starship Repulsorlift Engines
  • Starship Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Starship Communications Package
  • Starship Life Support System
  • Starship Escape Pods x100
  • Starship Inertial Dampeners
  • Starship Medical Bay
  • Starship Barracks
  • Starship Hangars
  • Holonet transeiver
  • Encryption modules
  • Tractorbeam generator
  • Stealth Ship
  • Extreme Armament
  • Interdictor Battlecruiser
  • Vulnerability to EMPs
After the horrible treachery of most of his top officers , Marlon Sularen assembled his Loyalists and quickly put together a Contingency Plan to enact Vengeance on those who had Deceived the Former Imperial Directorate. As part of this Contingency Marlon tasked each of his top lieutenants to spread the Influence of the newly formed Sularen Association while also moving forth to recruit new members but on top of all of that there was a more sinister plan being developed. Marlon had contacted Dorian Sevanar and Garm Ki-Sapan two of his most capable officers that had remained loyal to Him. Ki-Sapan had begun forming a Private Military Corporation while Sevanar seized control of Cardia using it as his new Powerbase.

In a meeting , Marlon gave his officers the plans for Operation : Retribution , a plan to get back at the Zweihander Union in order to ensure that they wound't be able to expand further more and gain new allies as a means to decimate them once and for all. As part of this Plan , Marlon had begun providing Ki-Sapan and Sevanar with new Equipment , Armies and Fleets as a means to execute this Operations. As part of the planning for Operation Retribution , Marlon had a new unique Flagship developed for Garm Ki-Sapan , The Enforcer a Battlecruiser that would serve as Salient Interstellar's new Mobile Headquarters and the centerpeice of a larger Task Force , Vengeance Squadron in which would spear head the Campaign against the Zweihander Union and put and end to their treachery once and for all.
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Listib Hibin

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Well it been sitting so I am judging it. Want to say real quick that the Shield Leeching is an excellent thing to add in and are to be feared for all the right reasons. Proton Beam Cannons also which i have ran into beforehand but this is considered slightly terrifying but doable to fight. Props to you, just hope you are not shot to death by Heavy Ion Cannons.

Hand of Vengeance Hand of Vengeance
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