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Master Nomination:Rasu Gan

Cedric Dorn

So, someone asked me a question today and i found my answer was rather lacking. This question was, "Why isn't Rasu a Mater?"

This question of course sparked a slight investigation and i looked into Rasu after realizing that i had seen her in pretty much every major thread for the Republic in the past like three months. Because of this and the amount of work she does i would like to take this opportunity to nominate @[member="Rasu Gan"] for Masterhood.

If she doesn't want this she can simply say no in this thread but i feel she more than deserves it. Not sure if i can vote since i'm staff....but my vote is


Rasu Gan

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I'm sure i missed some <_<


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Diana Moridena said:
This question was, "Why isn't Rasu a Mater?"
That answer is easy, she was promoted to knight at Ossus's conclusion. Does not mean Rasu hasn't earned it or worked hard just the timing of it seemed very very early. She has worked hard as the headmistress of the jedi academy and brought it back. Been loyal to the faction and helpful both IC and OOC.

I give a yes

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
@[member="Rasu Gan"] Trust me, I'd love to say yes if it weren't for that. But if you don't get it today, then my advice to you is to step up your game, thread more, gain more attention as someone who deserves to be Master'd, contribute more to the faction, etc. I've been in a "Not yet" position before for this kind of thing, you just need to keep working hard, and when the time is right, it'll come. Keep your head up.

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
My goodness they must be pondering all three. We must be causing quite a challenge, @[member="Marek S'hadar"] and @[member="Sochi Ru"].


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The RPJ's have voted no for the following reasons:

could do with a little more in terms of teaching-training RP.
same reasons as above
In my mind, I think that they need to work on their training, I would love to see some more training threads, to back up their skills. two threads of training does not a master make.
Whenever someone believes that @[member="Rasu Gan"] has adequately fulfilled the RPJ's requests for her to do before Master, feel free to nominate her - no matter the time span between this thread and the next.